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Lincoln Makes The Old Man's Heart Glad
The boy was pardoned, not because he was good, nor even because of the petitions and tears of the father, but on account of the great love of the President's heart.
A Boy Saves His Enemy From Drowning
THE Christian Herald, through an able committee in New York City, awarded medals for acts of unusual heroism. The applicant for this honor had to come from the walks of every-day life and outside the ranks of paid or professional service, such as firemen, policemen, etc.
Faith And Works
IN the year 891 the Danes invaded the kingdom of the West Saxons, bent on conquest and the extinction of Christianity. Ethelred was king of the Saxons, and commanded one wing of his army, while his brother and successor, Alfred, commanded the other force.
God In The Constitution
In the Constitutional Convention there occurred quite a struggle over the question of the separation of Church and State. Article thirteen originally contained the declaration that the Church was to be separated from the State.
Lord Asburton And Thomas Carlyle
DR. JAMES McCOSH, before he came to this country to become the President of Princeton College, was visited at his home in Ireland by Lord Ashburton, the man who settled the line between the United States and Canada.
Missionary Address By President McKinley
THE Ecumenical Missionary Conference began its important sessions in the Carnegie Music Hall, New York City, April 21, 1900.
Unconscious Influence
God only knows what vast harvests spring out of the smallest seed of right intention or holy endeavor.
Brotherhood Of Man
LORD BEACONSFIELD more than a generation ago, wrote a novel in which he undertook to find a cure for the political evils of Europe.
Stonewall Jackson
In the great battle of life, where the spiritual foes are so numerous and their weapons so effective, moral courage is absolutely necessary to turn the assaults that threaten destruction into victories.
Napoleon's Religious Cowardice
NAPOLEON BONAPARTE was not as large a man as he was a general and ruler. His selfishness, ambition and gigantic plans of earthly conquest, left him little time for the enjoyment of religious sentiments or the performance of religious duties.
Woman's Love For Her Country
WHEN the Greeks were about to set sail in their expedition against Troy, Agamemnon offended the gods, and they declared that his army should not be successful in the undertaking until he should offer his daughter Iphigenia as a sacrifice.
Humility Of A Queen
QUEEN VICTORIA had greater reason to feel proud than any one in the world, and yet she was the humblest of women.
Sermon In A Basket Of Provisions
DR. RUSSELL, H. CONWELL, of Philadelphia, who preaches to more people every Sunday than any other minister of the globe, has a way of saving men by his practical benevolences, as well as by his sermons.
Broken Cable Did Not Discourage Him
FEW of us, as we read of it, realize what terrible struggles were necessary to make such a thing possible, or what a debt of gratitude is due Cyrus Field for having successfully laid the first Atlantic cable.
Two Irishmen Who Found Gold
TWO Irish miners came from California to Virginia City, Nevada, and hired themselves out to dig on the side of Mount Davidson.
Faithful At His Post
DURING the siege of Gibraltar, a German soldier, who was in the British service, had been wounded in the hand, and when the governor, General Elliot, who was on a tour of inspection, approached him, he did not present arms, as it was his duty to do.
Father's Advice To His Son
It would be hard for any father to give better advice to any son. No son, entering upon the activities of business life, could do better than to take the advice which Franklin's father gave to him, and which he followed so faith-fully.
Killed By His Brother
WHEN my father moved from our little log house in the country to the town, I was sent to the Sunday School and day school. At the first session of the Sunday School I attended, they had large white cards with texts in green and red letters which awed me.
God's Call To Greatness
God speaks to boys and girls, to young men and women in their early ambitions and prophecies, telling them what they may become and what He desires of them. It is fortunate for those who hear and do not fail to obey that voice.
Bible Instruction At Home
DANIEL WEBSTER pays this beautiful tribute to the Bible as an inspiration to him intellectually.
Love Of Husband For Wife
The devotion of husband to wife has been an important factor in the greatness of Great Britain, Germany, America and every other dominant nation.
True Stewardship
JOSEPH ALLEN, of Braddock, Pa., an engineer in the Edgar Thompson Steel Works, was on his way to the mill, when he passed a car loaded with quicklime.
McKinley On Washington's Religion
Nearly all of his successors in the Presidential office have been men of faith and prayer.
THE continued confiscation of Chinese territory by foreign nations, and the singular friendliness of the Emperor of China to Western ideas and institutions, produced a reaction which expressed itself in an increased bitterness toward foreigners and in the uprising of the Boxer movement.
Keen Eyes
AMONG the heroes that manned the fifty-oared ship Argo there was Lynceus, whose eyes were so keen that they saw things at a great distance and through opaque objects.
Complaints At God's Providence
THE bridge across the Hellespont had scarcely been completed before a terrible storm destroyed it. Xerxes was so enraged that he ordered three hundred lashes to be inflicted on, and a pair of fetters to be thrown into, the sea.
Ore To Be Gotten By Digging
In getting gold for the body, truth for the mind, or love for the soul, men must dig, dig, dig. In the enrichment of individual character and of the Kingdom of God, people must dig, dig, dig.
Missionary Among The Cannibals
The martyr spirit is in the world, in the missionaries who die for the savages, and in the native converts who die for their Lord.
General Lee's Letter To His Son
GENERAL ROBERT E. LEE, whose grandmother declined the hand of George Washington, married the granddaughter of Washington's wife, and thereby inherited the estate of Arlington and the White House.
Royal Sympathy
A POOR man named Rattray and his wife lived in a cottage at Cairn-nu-Craig, Scotland, not far from Balmoral Castle. The wife's mother was dying, a little distance away, and the daughter went to her bedside.
Received The Victoria Cross
THE man that can write V. C. after his name is regarded with especial affection and honor in England. It means that he has received the decoration of the Victoria Cross, which is bestowed not through influence, nor family, nor royal favor, but from merit.
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