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Original Nucleus Of Personality
The whole of the facts of our lives consist of what we experience. These three words express a unity ; but with a trinity of meaning or reference.
Self Identity Of An Unfolding Personality
CHANGE is implied in the unfolding of personality from stage to stage. If, therefore, we are to speak of the same self throughout, it must be a self that maintains its identity in spite of this continuous change.
Man's Instinctive Tendencies - Motor Tendencies
Yet there is a direct connection between the study of instinct upon which we now enter and the preliminary study which has preceded. Immediately that we define instinct, we find that its special feature is that it is a native tendency, wholly unlearned.
Instinctive Tendencies With An Intellectual Reference
IT is all-important from the standpoint alike of child-study and of educational procedure to ascertain the range of the child's native spontaneity.
Instinctive Tendencies Which Have A Marked Accompaniment Of Feeling
WE come now to the third of the groups of instinctive tendencies, those in which there is a strongly marked accompaniment of feeling.
Blending Of Instinct With Experience
THE unfolding of personality may be viewed from three main standpoints. We may speak, as we have been doing, of man's original tendencies, ways in which he is equipped by sheer nature to maintain adjustments to his environment that are essential to self-preservation.
Continuity Of The Mental Life
Alike in the pursuit of knowledge, in imitation, in the forming of habits, instinctive tendencies are always blending with new experience, helping to make each experience what it is.
Self Determination
They were that the scholar persists, and that he cares. A third characteristic, equally presupposed in the educational process, is that the scholar is possessed of a certain capacity of self-determination.
Play Of The Subconscious
We have normally a vague, and sometimes an acute, consciousness of something more than the historical self of experience—that is, the sum and the integration of all our states of consciousness from the first conscious stirring of life within the organism to the present time.
Intuitional And Supra-Rational Elements In Experience
It is easy to see the necessity of the limitations which hedge in our experience. By hedging it in they not only mark it off as ours ; they make it ours. Experience is necessarily selective.
Psychology - A Resume
And, finally, a cursory view has been taken of the wider resourcefulness of the self whether in our sub-conscious life or in supra-rational intuition.
A Sound Heart
In the great battle of life, no matter how much a man may be cut or shot to pieces by the weapons of misfortune, he will be a royal hero if he will only keep his heart sound.
A Blind Man Who Saw
That blind man yonder is the contractor, it might be a good thing to speak to him about it.
Uncertainty Of Life
If a man be ready a sudden death is no calamity, it is only a chariot with horses of swifter feet, or angels with swifter wing to convey him to his palace and his throne.
Professor Morse As A Christian
PROFESSOR SAMUEL MORSE was as faithful and efficient as a Christian as he was conspicuous as an inventor. His success in life under great difficulties was another illustration of the fact that the children of ministers usually turn out well.
She wanted to buy an estate on Loch Laggan, but Prince Albert persuaded her to wait and look at Balmoral with him.
Buried Talent
SAMUEL McMICHAN, of Closeburn, Dumfriesshire, was ploughing recently in the field, and, resting his team for a moment, he looked back over the furrow and noticed a crooked place in it.
Science And Life
THOMAS A. EDISON has been so intensely human; has been so thoroughly engrossed with the investigation of natural facts, that some people have thought he was not a believer in God.
Young Man Saves A Hundred And Twenty Lives
ON the night of June 30, 1900, there raged that terrific fire at the Hamburg-American Line docks at Hoboken, N. J., which destroyed three ships and many precious lives.
A Tin Roof For A Bed; The Blue Sky Quilt
In all the cities of our country there are faithful men and women who hear the same voice that spoke to Dr. Barnardo, and are caring for the little waifs.
General Harrison's Affections
I WENT at one time to Washington to request President Harrison to appoint a friend to an important office.
A Poor Man Rich - And A Rich Man Poor
THERE was a very old man, who had been intelligent, honest. industrious, and faithful to his religious duties, whose reason was shaken a little from its throne. He had an innocent and harmless kind of mania, he labored under the delusion that he was exceedingly wealthy, that he owned most of the property of the State in which he lived.
Fable Of The Eagle And The Cat
During the conversation the host lamented the fact that the fable, as a form of expression, had gone out of date ; that the birds and the beasts, and other creatures had said all that they knew, and were not likely to replenish their stock of learning.
Brave Chinese Boy
THE besieged in Pekin sent a number of natives with messages to Tien-Tsin, almost all of whom were detected and killed.
Water Supply At Ladysmith
Christ is the water of Life, which refreshes thirsty souls and saves from death, and he who furnishes to famishing mortals this water shall have the notice and favor of the Divine Ruler, and shall be rewarded, not by a medal, which will be tarnished by the touch of time, but with a crown of life.
Danger Of Letting The Light Go Out
It is the safe thing to keep the light of Christ's love burning in the heart, for if it shall burn low or go out, the wild beasts of evil passion will pounce upon and destroy the soul.
Victoria Teaches A Sunday School Class
SOME twenty years ago Queen Victoria conducted a Bible class in Buckingham Palace. When the court is staying in London, there are many servants in the palace, and, as a considerable number of these are married and have children, her Majesty formed a Bible class for the especial benefit of the little ones.
Ben Franklin As A Boy
THE boy, Ben Franklin, as he went away from home to make his living, took a boat at Burlington, New Jersey, and worked his passage by rowing all night to Philadelphia.
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