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Germany - Metz And Its Battlefields
METZ, the Romans' Divodurum, was—before their day—a seat of the Gallic tribe of Mediomatrici and this word, contracted into Mettis, formed the origin of the present name.
France - Rheims - Via Verdun, Clermont, And Suippes
FRANCE—la belle France—at last ! How different everything seems almost as soon as the border is crossed.
France - Amiens - Via Soissons, Coucy-Le-Chateau, And Noyon
SHORTLY after nine in the morning we left Rheims, on the Paris road. Despite Mater, wistful glances at the sign Paris the car soon swung right, and followed the Vesle val-ley toward Fismes, a town dating back to Roman times.
France - Amiens To Boulogne Sur Mer
BOBBIE drove us via Picquigny Abbeville. There is a shorter road to Montreuil but, as there was ample time to catch the three o'clock boat from Boulogne, the best-looking road was chosen.
Heart Of Holland
DO you know that you and I may enjoy our sightseeing abroad just as much and in just the same way as though we were millionaires? The crux of the matter has long been due to a change in the art of travel.
Amsterdam - Afoot, And From A Motorboat
AMSTERDAM, Venice of the North, old-time mistress of the northern seas and empress of colonies stretched clear across the worldhere she lay before us.
Holland - Broek, Monnikendam, Volendam, Marken - By Steam Yacht
By half-past nine, a pause in the shower induced us to risk a wetting and undertake a boat trip to Volendam and Marken. Though the weather threatened to be variable, we hoped to appropriate enough sunshine to last during our landings.
Holland - Haarlem, Leiden, Utrecht, Naarden, And Central Holland - By Motorcar
Our chauffeur, unlike the proverbial Dutchman, proved quite loquacious; his English was not the clearest, but close attention on our part and unabashed confidence on his made the conversation fairly intelligible. It was decidedly interesting.
Holland - Motor Talk - Goodbye, Dear Holland
OUR hired automobile was an unqualified success. It cost seventy-five florins (thirty dollars) for the trip; with the car at its normal capacity of six passengers this amounted to five dollars apiece.
A New View Of Germany And A Stop Over At Osnabruck
WERE we to believe implicitly all we read, to assimilate it without the proverbial grain of salt, what a strange idea we should get of people and their ways. Newspapers and periodicals have, for years, given us a diverting caricature of Germany.
The Second City Of Germany - Hamburg
THE imperial city of Hamburg is a monument of modern commercial prosperity. Though des-tined from the first to become a great sea-port, owing to her location at the mouth of the Elbe, that water highway for middle Europe, she experienced many trying vicissitudes.
Germany - Hamburg To Brunswick
LEAVING our hotel in Hamburg at nine a. m., we crossed the great bridge over the Elbe to the island of Wilhelmsburg, which lies between the Norder and the Slider Elbe, and is protected against floods by dikes.
Germany - Brunswick
But when she points her finger at Brunswick the most unmindful displays a certain amount of interest; granting you are indifferent to the fact that Henry the Lion (whose history is inseparable from that of the city and duchy of Brunswick) is one of the forebears of the present reigning house of England, still another test awaits you.
A Potpourri Of Beauty Helps
A bleach for the skin may be necessary to counteract sunburn, tan, or chapped skin which follows a drive in the wind. With a small bottle of peroxid, mix an equal amount of glycerin and a few drops of benzoin.
General Grant Find A Lost Child
The great men have the tenderest hearts. General Grant was great in carrying the poor lost girl in his arms, and in pressing the little Confederate child to his heart, as well as in leading the army of his nation.
Christian Herald Gospel Hall
Thus, from the representatives of three religions and from the workers from many lands, THE CHRISTIAN HERALD GOSPEL HALL, of Bapatla received hearty congratulations and good wishes for its future usefulness.
Graven On The Tablet Of The Heart
SOME friends of Rev. Dr. Theodore L. Cuyler of Brooklyn proposed to erect a statue in his honor in Cuyler Park, corner of Fulton street and Greene avenue, Brooklyn ; to which he objected, in the following note...
Friendship Of Lee And Jackson
MILITARY commanders in all times and countries, have usually entertained feelings of envy and jealousy toward their rivals. An exception to this rule is seen in the singular harmony between Generals Lee and Stonewall Jackson.
The Ministry Of Song
What a power there is in music, in Christian song. How natural and how beautiful it is for a Christian soul, as death approaches, to desire to be near to God, and to look out with expectation and joy to the land that is fairer than day.
Heroic Deed Rewarded
FRANKLIN B. AINSWORTH is a farmer living at Afton, N. Y. He has had to work hard to keep soul and body together. Twenty-five years ago he was driving his old buggy along the road, when he heard the shrieks of a man drowning in the river.
King Alfred And The Last Loaf Of Bread
It is a safe thing to give one-half of the last loaf of bread to the poor, trusting to a kind, heavenly Father, who has other loaves ready for his obedient children.
A SHORT time ago, a religious newspaper offered a valuable prize to the person who had the longest unbroken Sunday School record. The offer included all the territory of the United States and Canada. Samuel Winterton, of Keyport, N. J., got the prize.
Stonewall Jackson's Faith In Divine Providence
STONEWALL JACKSON was always noted for his personal piety. He was a strict Presbyterian and a rigid Calvinist of the extreme old type, believing that he would not die until his time should come, and that when his time should come he would die.
The Corporal And The Scorpion
In the great battle of life, when the serpents of Moral Evil threaten destruction, it would be well if men would be as calm and brave as Corporal Joe Byrnes was when the scorpion crawled upon his body.
Giants With Six Arms Had But One Heart
THE Argonauts landed upon a certain island, and the king, Cizycus, gave them a banquet, but they noticed that the king's face was sad, and, asking the reason, the king told them that there was a race of giants inhabiting a neighboring mountain, who pillaged his country, killed many of his subjects, and greatly disturbed his peace of mind.
Song - Ninety And Nine
Few hymns have brought more souls to Christ than Sankey's Ninety and Nine.
Great Stone Face
The most beautiful face the world has ever seen stands out in bold relief from Mount Calvary, and those who become like him are ideal men and women.
Every Man Has His Place
Every person has his place in the kingdom of God, in practical church work. The failure to recognize this individual adaptation to spiritual work, results in a lack of efficiency and of true success.
President Roosevelt On The Bible
What a splendid specimen of Christian manhood President Roosevelt has proven himself to be! It speaks well for the Republic, that our rulers are so pronounced in their faith in the Bible and profession of the Christian religion.
Undying Friendship
DIANA, who caused a mountain hind to receive the knife that was meant for Iphigenia, seized her miraculously from the altar, and, carrying her to the land of the Taurians, appointed her priestess of the temple.
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