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Budgeting The Beauty Time
It is a good idea to budget your beauty time.
Finese In Buying Clothes
FOR MOST women, buying is a fascinating game; but of course, the real sport of the game is not spending money but in getting real value in one's purchases.
Clothing When The Budget Is Limited
There are certain pretty safe rules to follow when the dress allowance is limited. The first and most important, perhaps, is to choose one color—that which is most becoming to you as your keynote —in all your purchases.
Clothing On The College Girl's Budget
In preparing the apportionment of the college girl's clothing budget, as for every budget, the first question should be, for what occasions do I need clothes.
Observe Care In Your Buying
We should have fewer regrets in our selection of clothes if more time were spent in their purchase as well as in the planning.
Shopping Manners
When buying ready-to-wear clothing, keep in mind that a beautiful design does not just happen, but may be the result of years of study.
Rules For Home Sewing
Whether one creates a beautiful gown for the sheer joy of beholding her own workmanship, or whether she strives to effect a practical economy in so doing, some simple yet fundamental laws of cutting, fitting, and constructing must be observed by the artist as well as by the amateur.
Childrens Clothing
Embroidery—using only the simplest stitches, be-cause children outgrow their clothes so quickly that the time spent in embroidering them is therefore wasted.
House Dress
Last but not least, we come to the uniform of the homekeeper, whose day is never measured by the eight hours of other workers. The house dress is one which can be very easily made at home, and it is, of course, for the home woman.
Buying Your Hosiery
Various kinds of threads are used in the manufacture of hosiery, such as thread silk, spun silk, fiber silk, lisle, cotton, and wool. As in any other material or fabric, we find superior and inferior grades in each.
Buying Your Shoes
Bronze shoes are made from leather and are colored with a dye which gives a metallic luster. Because this leather is affected by water and rubbing, it is not practical for every-day wear.
Buying Your Gloves
Gloves are made from leather, fabric, and silk. The leathers used are kid, lambskin, mocha, Arabian sheep, cape, sheepskin, goatskin, chamois.
Taking Care Of Your Clothes
It is very simple, of course, to have one's tailor or cleaning establishment so skilfully press, steam, or dry clean our coats, suits, and gowns that they are transformed to almost original newness, but equally important are routine details in their daily care.
Taking Care Of Your Gloves
In gloves, more than any other article of apparel, a stitch in time saves nine, and often many more.
Stain Removers
Wine stains can be removed when fresh by dry salt; after they are dry, use boiling water.
Pressing And Cleaning Clothing
No garment looks its best or gives its wearer the most satisfaction when wrinkled or out of shape. To prolong the life of all woolen garments, such as suits, coats, and dresses, sponge and press often enough to keep them looking neat and fresh.
Cleansing The Various Fabrics
Woolen material—Woolen materials may be cleaned with gasoline, salt, corn-meal, or flour, or with gasoline and soap. Keep away from the fire, preferably out of doors, if gasoline is used.
Dimming The Shine Of Fabrics
Serge, tricotine, and other twisted-thread fabrics become shiny from the friction of wearing. A garment may not be worn out, but because of its shine will be discarded.
Mending And Darning
Patching is sometimes necessary, and every good home-keeper should know how to do it. An over-hand patch is used where there is little strain, and it is desirable to have the patch show as little as possible, as, for example, on dresses, outside garments, etc.
Remodeling Your Clothes
Before remodeling a garment, decide whether the finished garment will give sufficient service and satisfaction to be worth the time and energy which have to be expended in the work.
Germany - Brunswick To Goslar Via Hildsheim
The country in Germany, as in most of Europe, still illustrates feudal days, in that the peasants' houses are gathered in villages while their farms lie round about the village or, occasionally, at quite a distance.
Germany - Goslar, The Harz And Nordhausen
GOSLAR was reached in time for lunch; entering the town we were at once attracted by the huge Paulsthurm, a survivor of the hundred and eighty-two towers of the ancient fortifications.
Germany - Nordhausen To Leipsic Via Halle
Our road led via Biehlen and Görsbach to Rossla, where we passed about two miles north of Kyffhäuser mountain at the foot of which lies Sittendorf—the home of Rip Van Winkle's prototype, Peter Klaus.
Germany - Leipzig (Leipsic)
LEIPZIG, the fifth city of Germany, is of mixed Germanic and Slavonic origin tempered by Saxon civilization, and its very name is de-rived from the Slav Lipzi or Lipzk, meaning town of the lime trees.
Germany - Leipsic To Dresden Via Meissen
ABOUT eleven o'clock on Saturday, June 27th, we left Leipzig and headed for Dresden via Meissen. Driving out of town on the continuation of Dresdener Strasse, we passed many a queer little private garden so typical of large German cities.
Germany - Weimar - Via Chemnitz, Gera, Jena
ON Monday morning our journey was resumed. Necessary purchases delayed our departure till after ten-thirty, but we managed to reach Chemnitz, forty-five miles away, in ample time for lunch.
Germany - Eisenach - Via Erfurt And Gotha
IT is interesting to note that our path led from the very place where German literature first recovered from its depression, directly into a region replete with memories of one cause of this depression —Luther and the Reformation.
Germany - Eisenach To Frankfurt
WE lunched early and left Eisenach about one o'clock, having decided to make Frankfort in one stretch. Roads and scenery proved all that could be desired. Proceeding via Vacha and Hünfeld to Fulda, thence through Neuhof, Schlüchtern, Salmünster, Gelnhausen and Hanau, we found mountainous country and the usual succession of pretty villages and interesting towns.
Germany - Frankfurt To Bingen - Down The Rhine To Coblenz
There being no road downstream, from Mainz, on the left side of the river, Bobbie went on to Bingen. Midway lay Nieder-Ingelheim, an insignificant village, the site of Charlemagne, palace.
Germany - Coblenz To Treves - Via The Moselle
We whizzed through Kinderbeuren, Wittlich, Hetzerath and Föhren. The roads were excellent and, where they wound up long, steep grades, gave us many a fine view of the broad German land.
Germany - Treves (Trier) And The Road To Metz
From the standpoint of authenticated history the actual age of Treves has not yet been determined. Julius Caesar, in his conquest of Gaul, overthrew the tribes of Treveri, but he made no mention of any special town.
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