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Clothes For The Theater
Where are you going to sit when you go to the theater ? — In a box? Then wear a dinner dress and evening coat—but not the elaborate costume which the Opera demands. In the pit, the same sort of clothes are worn—no elaborate head-dresses, but hair neatly coiffured.
Clothes For The Costume Ball
A costume ball can be educational as well as diverting. Every year a certain Art School has a magnificent costume ball upon which a great deal of time is spent, not only in making decorations and creating costumes, but in research work.
Clothes For The Garden Party
Since sports clothes are so popular at the beach, and bathing-suits may be worn for morning and luncheon and afternoon until tea time, occasions must be maneuvered for the dainty frilly-costume women.
Clothes For Mourning
The deepest mourning of widows should last for at least a year, and another year in gradations of lighter or half-mourning should follow. An older woman usually does not go back to colors. Mourning should never have the appearance of being extremely modish. Dignity should ever be present.
Clothes For The Wedding
For a home wedding, the dress may be as simple or elaborate as she pleases, and she may use her own preference as to whether she wears a hat.
Clothes For The Baby Christening
At a church christening, clothes such as would ordinarily be worn to church are suitable.
Clothes For Traveling
Luggage that is to be taken abroad should be marked in red with some insignia other than one's own name. Two red stars, three red triangles are examples. This insignia should also be on a card which can be handed to the porter whose duty it is to find your baggage, in a different manner than the American checking system.
Clothes For The Week-end Visit
The week-end wardrobe does not necessarily contain a multiplicity of garments. The size of the trunk does not always determine the success of its contents. Three frocks that are appropriate and attractive are more to be desired than a dozen that do not exactly fit the occasion.
Clothes For Palm Beach And Other Summary Winter Resorts
Absolute simplicity, never so studied as to appear affected, is the key-note of clothes which one takes to winter resorts. The clothes for southern wear are generally prophetic of summer fashions.
Sports Clothes
The sportswoman of to-day has several varieties from which to choose the pièce de resistance of her sports wardrobe.
Platform Clothes
Business-like clothes make a business talk convincing; picturesque gowns suit light and frivolous subjects; dignified garments suggest words of wisdom; but beauty unhesitatingly speaks its own language.
Art In Wearing Clothes
A FAMOUS designer of women's clothes once said that after years of experience he had decided that there were no really homely women in the world; that every woman had at least one quality which, if properly brought out, could be enthroned, and all other qualities be-come handmaidens to her command of charm.
Clothing And Fashion
If every woman dared to express her taste, her principles, her soul in her raiment, how full of charm society would be. Fashion would appear as her willing handmaiden, yet never supersede the woman herself.
Girls and women are dressing more sanely, because of their wider outlook on life and a deeper understanding of their responsibility, a sense that they have an important role to play in life.
Health - Standing, Walking, And Sitting
There is a distinct art in the manner of wearing one's clothes. No matter how complete and well-suited to the individual is her wardrobe, she must have poise and harmony in her manner or the good appearance is lost.
Posture And Your Corsets
Much of graceful posture depends on correct corseting. The modern girl's waist-line is normal, and she has, therefore, much more of a chance of remaining healthy and of being the mother of well, strong children.
Beauty And Bathing
Charm is more than a thing of the spirit; it is generated by a beautiful mind. All are agreed as to that ; but one can not imagine charm radiating from anybody who is not clean and wholesome. In other words, any girl or woman who wishes to develop charm, or grace, or beauty in her daily life, must begin with a healthy body.
Beauty And Elimination
To begin one's beauty treatment for the day, the first thing in the morning drink two glasses of water, and, for the sallow one, the juice of half a lemon should be added. During the day two more quarts of water should be drunk. The diet should contain little meat, but plenty of green vegetables and stewed fruit.
Beauty And Sleep
The third beauty prescription is plenty of sleep. A certain multimillionaire who had a little daughter whom he adored as King Midas loved little Marigold, once called in a famous interior decorator to furnish a sleeping room for his little girl.
Care Of The Eyes
When lying down for the afternoon rest, which every woman should have, pads of absorbent cot-ton, wet with ice-cold water and wich-hazel, and placed over the eyes will give a soothing restfulness and a brilliancy to the eyes.
Beauty And Ears
If a woman has high cheek-bones in a narrow face, she should not show her ears. A piquant touch may be given, however, by long earrings hanging from small and attractive ears.
Beauty - Mouth And Teeth
The dentist is the one who should give advice about the teeth. Certainly no one ought to neglect this greatest aid to laughter, for you know that if you can but laugh at trouble, it will quickly run away.
Beauty - Neck And Chin
Three nights a week, strap the chin. Put a heavy layer of tissue-cream under the chin and over that a piece of muslin fastened at the top of the head. Leave on over night. Be regular and persistent. The expense is little except in time, and, like Virtue, Beauty will be its own reward.
Beauty - Hair
Now that we have learned some of the ways of keeping the hair in a healthy condition, let us see what beauty miracles we can work further with the crowning glory.
Beauty - Coiffures
We're going to take it for granted that the hair has been cleansed and cared for until in quality and sheen it is all that can be desired. We will now see what can be done with it to improve Milady's appearance.
Beauty - Hands
Camphor ice rubbed in the hands nightly will keep them smooth and soft. You may make your finger-ends finer by pinching them with the tips of the thumb and front finger.
Beauty - Finger Nails
A beautiful young lady, with grace of figure, held out her hand to me, and I saw how the stubby finger nails spoiled -the most expressive of all her attractions.
Beauty - Arms
The woman who begins to grow stout finds that her upper arm is beginning to flop like a jelly-fish toward the back. She may resort to the braid-like rolling-pins for massaging, or she may exercise.
Beauty - Ankles
It is said that ill-proportioned ankles and limbs at once denote that the person is lazy and indifferent to standards of beauty. Every woman knows that one of the greatest assets to her beauty is well molded calves and slender ankles.
Beauty - Feet
Distressing feet lead to pain; pain causes bad temper, and crankiness can blight a life.
Art Of The Toilette
Primarily—relaxation! When you relax—try to rest your eyes at the same time. It is soothing to place pads of cotton, wet with ice water and wich-hazel, on them.
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