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Accessories Of Dress - Kerchiefs
Gingham bordered linen, brilliant foulard, and pongee handkerchiefs seem to belong with the suit, shoes, hat, and gloves of a business and morning outfit. They are very good, too, with sport clothes.
Accessories Of Dress - Neckwear
These are a few suggestions showing what can be done with neckwear. Any one who has imagination and deft fingers can accomplish wonders.
Accessories Of Dress - Scarfs
Another scarf of chiffon fastened at the shoulders and waists and falling softly at the back has the suggestion of angel's wings.
Accessories Of Dress - Shawls
Treasure chests have given up their loot of the shawls of Queen Victoria's time in delicate Persian and Chinese designs or embroidered antique squares. The modern shawls of net are gay with Beauvais embroidery.
Accessories Of Dress - Umbrellas And Parasols
In selecting an umbrella for service, which is of course the first intent of this accessory, one should give first thought to the wearing quality of the covering. Usually a mixture of silk and linen gives a longer and stronger proof of the umbrella's ability to shed water.
Accessories Of Dress - Jewelry
Many women who are sensitively artistic in their dress and can financially afford it have their jewels especially designed, so that in form and effect they will enhance the line of costume and give individual grace to the woman.
Birth Stones
Many women have a superstitious idea that if they wear their birth stone good fortune will always attend them. Let us hope so. The stones for the different months on the American system are...
Accessories Of Dress - Fans
The fad of carrying fans has put into women's hands an alluring weapon. Grace of wrist and of movement has a new opportunity of displaying its charm.
Accessories Of Dress - Perfumes
Perfume may add a touch of fragrance to a body which is sweet and clean and healthy, but it should never be used for the purpose of concealing another odor. It will defeat sooner or later the wearer's intent.
Accessories Of Dress - Artificial Flowers
A gardenia in the buttonhole of a dark tailored suit, a pink rose with closely tucked green leaves in the somber seal collar of a sealskin cape, an or-chid set in silver at the waist of a French-blue evening dress, all these lovely harmonies will certainly bring joy to the wearer.
What You Should Know Of Fabrics
ONE MAY look at fabrics in two ways : Some insist on the close-up or careful examination of materials to ascertain with assurance their real value. For the woman who must dress on a limited income, this observation is most important; in good fabric she finds an efficient means of economy.
Clothing Fabrics - Linens
To those who love immaculateness, no fabric has a greater appeal than linen. It is crisp, cool, and fine-looking. One who wears linen breathes an atmosphere of calmness and efficiency.
Clothing Fabrics - Silk
Silk is no longer considered a luxury, but a necessity. There is no fabric that brings more grace to a woman's figure than silk, and the women of America are very fond of it, especially for their lingerie.
Clothing Fabrics - Silk Terms
Artificial Silk: Cellulose, wood waste, pulp, and gelatine, chemically treated, make a material which has the appearance of silk and often wears fairly well—but lacks elasticity or strength when wet.
Clothing Fabrics - Tests For Silk
In testing for silk and cotton, a sample is boiled in caustic potash—which should be kept away from hands and clothing. The animal fiber will dissolve, leaving the cotton.
Clothing Fabrics - Fabrics Of Wool
The wool is sorted according to length of fiber, possibly into eight assortments. Just as raw silk contains gum which must be boiled out, so wool contains a greasy matter, called yolk. Yolk keeps the wool from matting except at the ends.
Clothing Fabrics - Worsteds
Some better known worsteds are basket cloth, Bedford cord, challis, cheviot, coatings, cravenette, crêpe, etamine, flannel, gabardine, grenadine, nun's veiling, Panama, pinstripes, plaid, poplin, serge, shepherd's plaid, skirtings, suiting, tricotine, Poiret twille, piquetine, voile, and whipcord.
Clothing Fabrics - Woolens
For woolens, the processes of carding, drawing-in, burling, and mending are carried on as for worsteds ; but making raw wool into carded yarns for woolens in which fibers cross or are mixed requires fewer processes than the carding and additional combing or gillings required for worsteds.
Clothing Fabrics - Cotton
The United States produces about three-fourths of all the cotton in the world. Egypt is somewhat of a rival in this industry, but her product is used largely in hosiery, underwear, and the other fancy knit goods.
How Fabrics Get Their Names
Fabrics are almost invariably named for the cities in which they were originally manufactured. Every age, as well as the four quarters of the globe, are represented. Some of the exceptions, however, are...
What To Choose In Laces And Furs
OLD LACE brings to one's mind associations of many things that are tender, romantic, and beautiful. The word itself has a gentle sound, suggestive of delicate fingers, soft throats, and the beloved women long since dead who created and wore the fairy-like fabric.
Hand Made Laces
In hand-made lace, the two principal classes are needle-point and bobbin, or pillow lace. The latter name is unfortunate because hand-made lace of all kinds is supported on a pillow, no matter if the maker uses her needle, plies the bobbins, or simply knots the thread with her fingers.
Machine Made Lace
What inventors have accomplished in the respect of machinery for lace-making is truly marvelous. It was the application of the celebrated Jacquard attachment to lace machines that made possible the duplication of practically every pattern of lace made by hand.
The Best Known Varieties Of Laces
As we have shown, the names of laces have had various sources. While many of them are called by the name of the locality in which they were originally produced, as Chantilly, Honiton, Brussels, Armenian, the implements used in the manufacture have also given general names to laces...
Ways Of Using Lace
So you see that no matter how fashions may come or how they go, that which makes us beautiful is bound to remain forever. And of nothing else is it quite so true as of lace.
How To Select Your Furs
Unless one is certain of her own knowledge of furs, she should patronize only that shop whose reputation is one of reliability and whose guarantee is always to stand behind all goods sold..
Clothes For Various Occasions
ALTHO costumes change from year to year, there are, notwithstanding, certain traditional bases or conventions established by long custom on which one can make plans with safety.
Clothes For The Afternoon
The business woman has little use for afternoon clothes, but the woman of leisure has a most enviable time selecting hers. Business clothes and evening clothes come under the censorship of men — but for afternoon, women dress for women.
Clothes For The Evening
Women are very fond of crêpe silk for their dinner and theater gowns—especially black enlivened by a rhinestone hip ornament. Tulle, chiffon, and the softest of other materials are used by women who care little for the more regal brocades and velvets.
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