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Clothing - Youth And Young Manhood
The more original and daring the college chap can be in his every-day clothes the smarter he seems; and yet he is the most exact in a correct ensemble for the fraternity dance or the Prom. He then displays the discrimination of a connoisseur in dress.
Clothing At Man's Estate
A family man—an alert business man as well--was once asked, - What clothes do you think a man should have.
Clothing For Motoring, Golf, Country, And Traveling
The Norfolk jacket should appear jaunty without being freakish. Belts that come up under the arms and other grotesque effects should be avoided. The waistcoat may match the jacket or be knitted.
Clothing For Evening Wedding, Ball, Reception, Formal Dinner, Opera
Men are fond of the velvets and satins which are reminiscent of Beau Brummel. They have not as yet adopted his lace frills or satin breeches, but they enjoy house coats of black or dark brown velvet, worn without a vest and with a soft shirt and collar and dark trousers.
Clothing And Colors To Choose And Avoid
How could the effect, even as it is, be improved by the removal of some detail in the trimming, a change of color in the hat, or an addition of a color note.
Proprieties In Colors
Then, of course, there are certain proprieties in color which must be observed if one would dress in good taste. Color must be suited to the purpose of the costume—street, home, social gathering. It must be suited to the material and to the cut of the costume. The mood which the costume is supposed to reflect.
The ABC Of Colors
Did you ever consider that Color is an effect rather than a substance? Color is caused by the reflection of certain rays of light on the retina of the eye. Pure light is a form of intense vibration which reaches the earth from the sun, and pure light contains all colors.
Three Dimensions Of Color
Orange is the hottest color and blue the coldest. Those colors which are closely related to orange, such as red and yellow, are warm, and those most nearly related to blue, such as green and violet, are cool.
Color Harmony
One should never have to debate the question as to which color is supposed to be dominant in any such costume. The nid-nodding would dizzily take away from the joy in the picture and disaster might result, as it did to poor Rastus.
Color Balance
A neutralized color, such as gray, brown, russet, citron, olive, or maroon, may be combined with a small amount of a positive color, such as sage green and scarlet, russet and turquoise. The danger in these combinations is that there may be too great a contrast in value.
The Effect Of Color Upon Color
If a red square of color is placed on a piece of green, immediately both red and green become more brilliant. The simultaneous contrast of hue causes each to be enhanced in intensity. The rather drab person may use her knowledge of this principle and thus enliven her own coloring by choosing for adornment a color which is complementary but not too strong.
Color Effect Upon Size
A very large American woman went to a celebrated artist in dress. She was clothed in brilliant red, with many many diamonds. Pantingly and breathlessly, she said, Mr. Worth, what colors should I wear? That wonderful connoisseur looked her over for a brief moment and then replied, My dear madame, when the Creator fashioned the hummingbird and the butterfly, He made them of brilliant colors. But when He created the elephant He made it taupe .
Psychology Of Color
Red, of varying tones, from flesh to deep wines, may recreate an enjoyment of life in the crest-fallen. But red is a stimulating color and may be carried to extreme. How subtly an approaching enemy could be vanquished by one's greeting him-or her-in a bright red costume.
Playing With Color
Here is a lustrous vermilion satin, too insistent —too red with eagerness to please you. Take a cobweb turquoise chiffon, pose it softly over the vermilion. Is this melting tone the purple you have been longing for? But perhaps it is a certain green you seek. Try this blue chiffon. Throw over it a gossamer yellow.
The Right Colors For Every Woman
In viewing the lady's coloring, one must first decide whether or not the colors used in dress are to harmonize or to balance. If she needs to be brightened, there will be no quandary—employ contrast! If she is vivid, she may have either.
Color Summary
Pure and bright colors emphasize size, age, and imperfections of the skin. Light colors, such as pale blue, rose, apple-green, suggest gaiety and youth; the more somber and deeper tones represent dignity and maturity. Metallic effects are not kind. Sallow people should avoid all cold colors such as greens and blues.
Clothing Design
Fashionists idealize the human figure as eight heads in height, so on this scale most style drawings are made and most gowns are planned. But there are so many types of women, many beautiful ones, who do not classify in the Fashionist's ideal group, that we shall consider eight heads as only a standard of measurement, not as an immovable criterion of Beauty.
Principles Of Design
There are two kinds of design, structural and decorative. Structural design deals with basic construction. Decorative design deals with ornament and the making of the structure more impressive, as painting and carving do in a building. Clothes must embody something of each kind of design.
Overcoming Natural Deficiencies By Illusion
In a design, a gradation or gradual and unbroken movement upward or downward gives an effect of height. Sizes large at bottom and decreasing toward the top, or large at top and decreasing toward the bottom, have this tendency. When the large sizes are at the bottom we have a feeling of stability, and when the small sizes are at the top the feeling is one of lightness.
Design And The Full Meaning Of Line
What tone is to color, line is to dress. Outlines and lines of decoration are but a little thing compared with line. Line is the ensemble—yet it is more than that, it is almost a spiritual quality. It is the woman herself, her habitual pose, her manner, as much as anything. Yet it is with line that fashion plans most insistently.
Design And The Concrete Applications Of Line
The silhouette is the main essential. It is responsible for first impressions. If one can attain an attractive outline, the design can easily be filled in. The shapeliness and articulation of bone is natural beauty and fortunate is she who has it. Covering of the framework may discover good points and conceal bad ones.
Slenderizing The Stout Woman
The problem in clothing stout figures is to emphasize height and to decrease breadth, as all architectural lines of stout figures give an impression of breadth and circumference. The woman who is fat should not try to wear clothes designed for the slender.
Clothing For The Thin Woman
The opposite of things true for the stout woman are usually true for the thin woman. The woman who is thin and angular must have an acquisitiveness for gracious curves and must shun all angles. The really lanky woman must conceal all joints.
Clothing For The Medium Sized Woman
If one accepts her silhouette as the basis of her design, she must study the blessings and maledictions from all angles. Decoration should follow structural lines of the figure and give emphasis where it is required.
Accessories Of Dress
Artistry in clothes is most important, and in this era of emphasing the utilitarian, care must be taken lest we lose sight of the other. The love of adornment is a heritage from our most primitive ancestors. It is probable that Eve added a bright garland of pomegranates to her somber garment of fig leaves.
Accessories Of Dress - Hats
No article of wearing apparel has a more diplomatic mission than the hat. If you will observe the people you pass in the street or who sit opposite you in a car you will be surprized to see fifty women who are well gowned for one who is appropriately hatted.
What A Hat May Do
Once upon a time in a certain kingdom, there was a man so distinguished for his homeliness that he was looked upon as the ugliest person in the realm. According to the romancer, he was so distinctively unpleasing in form and feature that he attracted the attention of the king who, in whimsical mood, made him a royal retainer.
Your Evening Head Dress
The head-dress should always exemplify the idea of the frock. For instance, a dainty, bouffant frock of pompadour silk and lace should never be accompanied by an Oriental turban.
Accessories Of Dress - Shoes And Hose
In shoes, above all other details of costume, it is wise to be conservative, Shoes and hosiery may spoil the gown. Shoes should never give the foot a vulgar or abnormal line, but should be of that last which best suits the foot's own particular structure.
Accessories Of Dress - Gloves
It is true that shoes, gloves, and hat may match to form an interesting contrast to the dress or to balance by contrast, yet they must not violate the rule of unity in costume.
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