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Bend The Head Or Strike The Beam
Over the paths of social life and avenues of the business world, there are beams, scattered here and there all along the way, approaching which, people who hold their heads very high, must either stoop or get a thump.
The Choice Of Hercules
THE original Choice of Hercules has been lost, but the substance of it has been preserved by Xenophon in his Memorabilia of Socrates. Hercules was puzzled as to what path he should take in entering life.
Victorian Age
ON January 22, 1901, Queen Victoria died. She was considered in and out of the nation as the best and most successful ruler England ever had.
Foundation Of The Y.M.C.A.
ABOUT sixty years ago, a young man went from Somersetshire to London, to learn the dry-goods business. He entered as a clerk in the store of George Hitchcock, one of the leading business houses of the great capital.
Goneril And Regan, Undutiful Daughters
WHEN King Lear divided his kingdom between his two daughters, it was with the express provision that he should make his home with each, by the month, alternately, and that he should be allowed to retain with him a hundred attendants.
Cordelia, The Dutiful Daughter
WHEN Cordelia, the third daughter of King Lear, learned how wicked her sisters had been in driving their gray-headed father away from their homes, and in setting him crazy with their ingratitude, she was filled with indignation, and she determined to go to his rescue, to nurse him and restore him to his kingdom.
Christ's Comfort In Afflication
This is the first time I have had the courage to speak in any kind of meeting since our great affliction, some months ago. My children and I, as was our custom, gathered about the piano on Sunday evening, and sang religious hymns.
A Stripe Or A Coffin
CUSHING was only twenty-two years of age, and a lieutenant in the United States Navy, when, in 1864, he won for himself rank, and enduring fame in naval history, by an almost unparalleled act of heroism.
The Fatal Tiger's Cage
ALBERT NEILSON. a lad of sixteen years, was employed to clean the cages of the animals of Bostock's Zoological exhibition in the Cyclorama Building at Indianapolis.
An Atheist Save By The Death Of His Wife
It often happens that the visit of death to a family awakens the survivors from their spiritual slumber ; raises them from their spiritual death.
Roses And Reformation
The vision of God seen in the roses, enjoyable and beneficial as it is, is only partial; is only a hint of the clearer vision of him in the face of his Son, and in his blood, which the crimson petals typify.
What A Crippled Girl Did For Christ
IN reading the notice of a Mary Ashton memorial service in the State Street Methodist Church of Trenton, N. J., I addressed a letter to the pastor, Rev. Frank P. Parkin, D.D., requesting some particulars of the occasion, or of the life of the one in whose memory the meeting was held.
Proper Preparation For Church Service
There are many church members today who might read the instructions of the old king to great advantage. One reason why so much gospel-seed goes to waste is, because so many come into the sanctuary with the soil of the heart so poorly prepared for its reception.
Statue Of A Dog
THE visitor to Edinburgh, will there be shown a handsome drinking fountain made of Peterhead granite, and surmounted by a bronze statue of a dog. This monument was erected by Lady Burdett-Coutts, to perpetuate the memory of a Scotch terrier, whose constancy to his dead master is believed to be without a parallel.
The Letter "V" Above The Student's Door
HERE was a young student who entered Amherst College determined to put in his time to best advantage and achieve the highest excellence.
Psychology Of Clothes
UNDOUBTEDLY there are a few geniuses, a few positive characters who are able to rise above their environment, who are able to impress the ones with whom they come in contact in spite of their clothes.
Clothing And The ABC Of Success
By the time the lisping voices of babyhood are struggling through the intricacies of their A B C's, the child has begun to learn also that this strangely interesting new world is going to expect or exact something from it in return for the privilege of giving it life.
Clothing Type Is Variable
A woman may decide that she will be athletic and unconventional for the season. Her clothes, her manner, even her voice, then, are keyed to this out-of-door, somewhat swaggery pose.
Clothing - From Birth To Six
Hand-made garments seem the appropriate raiment for the little one who is soon to enshrine herself in the hearts of all the related, the near-related, and the non-related ones over whom she will rule—a pink-toed monarch of all she surveys.
Clothing And The Modern Mother
A conversation with a real mother of two girls —Peggy-Love, ten months of age, and Sylvia-Ann, six years old, ran about as follows...
Clothing - From Six To Twelve
The little outfits which children wear to school are quite in keeping with their shining morning faces.
Clothing From Twelve To Twenty
How very important we feel when we first enter our teens. If the time is autumn, nothing can bring prouder delight than an outfit which will satisfy all the clothing needs of one's busy young life.
College Girl And Her Wardrobe
The following list of occasions for which clothing is needed has been suggested by the Dean of Women of one of our universities.
Debutante And The Bride
In sports apparel, the Débutante follows her own sweet will. She may be original or follow the leader. It is a matter that her own piquant personality decides.
Lingerie Of The Bride
The lure in lingerie appeals to the most sane person. In yielding to this lure the bride may be quite lavish without having any after-qualms of conscience. She has a wide selection in material to choose from.
Bride And Her Trousseau
The bride whose life is to be more simple should have one costume that is exactly suited for each occasion which forms her round of activities. This will probably mean an attractive morning dress and a little finer one for afternoons.
Clothing For The Mother To Be
There never were clothes so suited to maternity as those of to-day. Most of these garments are made in one piece, supported by the shoulder and scientifically correct for the woman who is enciente.
Clothing For The Mid-Age Of Life
As a woman approaches forty she has had her vision and knows whether or not her dream will come true. If her mind has kept pace with the years and is now a storehouse of inspiring thought, she is at the most interesting time of her life.
Clothing For The Twilight Years
Grow Young ! The old order changeth. There is a certain delightful freedom to do as one pleases which comes with the silver birthday anniversary. There are many ways to grow young.
Clothing For The Young Boy
CLOTHES have no sex distinction during the first year of a child's life. He is simply a "baby." But from the time the baby becomes a lad and begins to show his independence by standing and walking, there should be a masculine quality in his apparel.
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