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Local And Company Managers
THEORETICALLY, the local or resident manager of a theater booking touring attractions, is just a general manager on a lower plane; practically, he often has no greater status than that of a janitor, denied all initiative, and hence performing his duties in a sullen, perfunctory manner.
Play Is Advertised And Tickets Are Sold
PRESS agent, as a term, always seems to connote a theatrical connection, although there are press agents of federal and civil governments, of electoral candidates, of insurrections, of trade unions, of educational institutions, of industries of all kinds, of even the press itself, not to enumerate hundreds of other activities wherein advertising is considered profitable.
Press Agent Efficiency
The true definition of a press agent, theatrical or otherwise, is just another definition of efficiency or of a sense of duty, from the respective viewpoints of employer and promoter.
General Press Representatives
THE person in charge of the general publicity work is the general press representative.
Paid Advertising
As I arrive at this meeting of the ways in our adventure, I am disposed to leave several pages blank and skip the chapter. For, in the world of the theater, there is no subject more truly sordid than that of paid advertising.
Play Publicity
As so much theatrical publicity is contrived for news-paper publication, it is pertinent to inquire into organization of a newspaper; and this, although to many press agent and editorial minds, news of the theater belongs in the dramatic department.
Company Advance Agents
THE press agent who travels on the road ahead of a touring attraction, is not greatly different from the agent in town, although he is more closely allied with the actual business of the theater. Hence he commonly refers to him-self as the business manager.
Theater Treasures
WHILE there are many instances of a person seeking to purchase a theater ticket, treated by the box office man as though he or she came to rob the management, the tendency has been to recognize the box office as the first direct meeting-ground of producer and public.
Ticket Speculators
THIS account of the ticket speculator is begun from the premise that he is a necessary evil, created by the theater patron and existing for his convenience.
The Theater Is Opened To Audiences
ONE may say that a theater is designed to present a given attraction before an audience under the most advantageous conditions.
Seats And General Accomodation
PROBABLY not one person in a thousand who attend the theater is aware that theater seats vary in width. Yet there sometimes is as much as two inches difference between two chairs in the same section of the house.
Lines Of Sight And Acoustics
FROM the theatergoer's standpoint the best seat is that from which he may see and hear well. One may not see well if line of sight is obstructed by bobbing heads or posts.
A FEW years ago American theater managers had so much trouble with musicians' unions that some abolished their orchestras altogether, and reverted to a form of the old three knocks made by the prompter on his desk to demand attention for the rise of the curtain.
Audiences, Organized And Otherwise
That is the sentiment of an intelligent producer when thinking of an audience that must be constituted by the whole public. With a portion of the public he may hope for better things.
The Speaking Oak
PELIAS usurped the kingdom of Iolchos, and Jason, the young prince to whom it rightfully belonged, went to claim it. Pelias promised him that if he would secure the Golden Fleece he should have his crown.
A Professional Burglar Converted
I am a professional burglar. My partner and I are here in Newark `cracking' houses. I saw the lights in your church and I heard the singing.
General Harrison And His Little Daughter
GENERAL HARRISON, though reserved in his disposition and dignified in his bearing, though engaged in the contemplation of great themes, though he was justly proud of his ancestry and his promotion, was, within his heart, as simple as a child. His devotion to his little daughter, four years old, was pathetic.
Lincoln - The Lawyer, Acts As A Pastor
Captain, what do you think of Lincoln's religion? There is evidence which satisfies me that he was a thoroughly religious man, and a Christian.
The Knight Of The Red Cross
SPENSER in his Facrie Queene, gives a vivid description of the conflict between Holiness and Truth on one side and Satan on the other. A horrible dragon which represents Satan, devastates the territory of a king and queen, who take refuge in a brazen tower through fear of him.
Washington's Early Prophecy
WHEN a boy fifteen years of age, George Washington wrote this marvelous prophecy of himself - I will command the troop of my colony, win everybody's regard, inherit a large fortune, will be called to command the army of the country, will be the first soldier of my time, will be called to rule over a nation I shall help to create.
Welcome Leprosy Out Of Love For Her Husband
AMONG the many instances of heroism which have been recorded, few have been more noble than those of Catholic priests and Protestant missionaries who have turned their backs upon everything dear in life, and life itself, to minister to the physical and spiritual wants of those confined in the leper settlements.
Little Sins
THE white ant is a destructive little creature, eating most kinds of vegetable growth, and boring his way into wood and cutting it to pieces. A gentleman in one of the cities of France gave a dinner, and while the guests were at the table the floor gave away, and table, dishes, food, guests, furniture, and everything in the room fell into the cellar below.
Grover Cleveland's Tribute To William McKinley
All our people loved their dead President. His kindly nature and lovable traits of character, and his amiable consideration for all about him, will long live in the minds and hearts of his countrymen.
The Power Of A Bad Book
The reading of that book was the first step away from God and heaven, and my course has been downward ever since, till I have come to the blackest crime and am now compelled to face the most disgraceful death.
The Mountain Hind Receives The Stroke
AT the Grecian arms might be successful against Troy, Iphigenia, at the command of the gods, offered herself as a sacrifice upon the altar of her country.
Gates Ajar
THE people of Bloomington, Illinois, turned out in a body to attend the funeral services of Litta, the celebrated songstress, who was a native of that place. The body was taken to the First Methodist Church.
The Inventor of The Electric Telegraph
PROFESSOR SAMUEL MORSE, the brilliant young painter, sculptor, and scholar, became deeply interested in experiments with electro-magnetism.
Severus And His Two Bad Sons
TRAVELERS in the north of England, here and there come upon stones which are the ruins of the wall Severus, the Emperor of Rome, built.
A Flagman Crushed To Death, Rescuing A Child
AS I was waiting for a train at the Pennsylvania railroad depot at Pittsburg, Pa., I saw here and there groups of people in the street and went over to them to find what had happened. The flagman at the corner of Eleventh street and Liberty avenue had just been killed.
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