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Care Of The Skin
The skin may appear as merely a covering, or a protection to the underlying structure. This is an important function, but the skin has several functions of even greater importance. It helps to regulate the heat of the body, which is absolutely essential to health.
Care Of The Colon
Because constipation is one of the disorders that causes premature aging, and often aids in producing death, it is necessary to know the truth about it, that it may be prevented, or if it is already present, that it can be overcome.
Care Of The Blood
The blood is the foundation of the body. It may seem queer to talk of a liquid foundation, but a human body is more than two-thirds water. The blood is composed of the air we breathe, the fluids we drink, and the foods we eat.
Work And Health
Work is not a curse. It is one of our greatest blessings. Like all good things in life, work should not be overdone. All excess is bad. But where work kills one, worry kills at least one hundred.
Sleep And Rejuvenation
Sound sleep is dependent on relaxation of mind and body. Those who live the day over after going to bed do not go to sleep quickly or easily. This habit should be overcome. Do business at the business place, during business hours.
Dress And Health
The clothing problem, like the poor, is always with us. It is complicated by the fashions, which are one of the moving, compelling forces of society. As Abraham Lincoln remarked, If you don't believe in the sway of fashion just go to meeting with your wife's hat on.
Moderate Excercise
Under present conditions there is a tendency for many to be physically inactive. As a consequence the circulation becomes sluggish. The surface circulation and the flow of blood to the extremities grow inadequate. This means premature aging. One purpose of exercise is to maintain the circulation of the blood.
It is possible for children to be moderately fat and healthy, but no adult can remain fat and healthy, for fat destroys health. When fatness reaches the point of obesity, it becomes a disease. It destroys youth, good looks and health. It shortens life. Life insurance companies find that those who are fat die young.
Food And Health
Many who write about foods are strong advocates of vegetarianism. And people can be vegetarians and have sound, healthy, powerful bodies. Meat is not an essential food to man.
Fundamentals Of Correct Eating
If we properly prepare, combine, and eat our foods, the digestive organs and the blood will do the rest, changing the foods into compounds needed by the system, and carrying these compounds to the parts of the body that require them.
Food Selection
In selecting foods, see to it that every day a goodly amount of raw food is included in the bill of fare. The ideal raw foods are fruits and the salad vegetables.
Food Classification And Food Values
Everybody should know what purpose the foods serve in the body, so as to make intelligent selection. It is impossible to classify foods rigidly because all the natural foods contain various compounds that entitle them to a place in different tables.
Cooking For Health
It is not usual to take space in a book of this kind for the subject of cooking. But good cooking is one of the fundamentals of health, for it is the preparation of the material basis of life. Ask a builder if his bricks and mortar should be well made. Then ask yourself if the ingredients that make up your body ought to be well prepared.
Cooking For Health - Meat Cooking
The meats to be boiled should never be soaked in cold water, for even cold water removes a part of the nutriment. The boiling coagulates the outside of the meat, which helps to keep the natural juices within. If the meat is boiled a long time at high temperature, it becomes tough throughout and hard to digest.
Cooking For Health - Fish Cooking
Fish should not be fried. It is good broiled or baked or steamed. Fish soups are relished by some, but most of us do not care for them.
Cooking For Health - Cooking Eggs
Omelette and scrambled eggs: Prepared in various ways. Beat eggs and add boiling water ; or add water and milk ; or add milk ; or add cream and milk. Put into hot pan that has been lightly greased.
Cooking For Health - Cooking Legumes
Bean soup: Clean and wash the beans and soak them overnight. Cook them in the water in which they were soaked, and let them boil until tender. Use soft water for cooking all legumes, or add a little baking soda to soaking water.
Cooking For Health - Cooking Tubers
Potatoes should not be cooked in grease, for that makes them difficult to digest. Nor should they be peeled and cooked in water, for that deprives them of much food value. Nor should they be peeled and soaked in cold water, for a large part of the food value and some of the natural salts are then left in the water.
Cooking For Health - Vegetable Salads
Vegetable salads should be made of the raw salad vegetables, which help to keep the blood alkaline, and prevent acid fermentation in the digestive tract.
Cooking For Health - Vegetable, Fruit And Nut Salads
Raw fruits may be combined with vegetables to make delicious salads. These are fine in summer. When nuts are added, the salad be-comes very nourishing. Any number of salads may be made, and we shall give a few samples to show how.
Cooking For Health - Dairy Products
Thorough cleanliness should always be observed in handling dairy products. When milk is boiled it is not as good as the uncooked milk, for it becomes more difficult to digest, and it loses its delicate balance, spoiling some of the natural salts.
Cooking For Health - Nuts
Nuts are a clean, concentrated food. When well masticated and rightly eaten they are easy to digest, but when swallowed in big pieces they can hardly be digested.
Cooking For Health - Peanuts
Peanuts are a valuable food, and they are growing in popularity. They cost far less as a source of protein and fats than do meats, Peanuts are not nuts. They are legumes and somewhat difficult to digest.
How Much To Eat
It would be a pleasure to be able to tell the exact amount of food needed. But the food required on the Fourth of July is much less than what is necessary on December twenty-fifth, when the weather is colder.
Drinks And Drinking
Nature invented the best drink: its name is water. It is the great and only health beverage.
Power Of The Mind
During the Victorian Era the tendency among scientists was very materialistic. Physical and chemical actions were given as the real causes of vital phenomena. The laboratory was elevated to the position of high judge.
Self Preservation
We are looking for success, health, prolonged usefulness and youthfulness, which are constructive, positive states. Let us look for the normal, the natural, the truth as applied to man, and practice it ; then we shall have the privilege of living long and well—of outwitting old age.
Play Brokers
A competent play broker becomes an integral factor in a dramatist's scheme of things as soon as he evidences his ability to place a play in the right quarters.
Play Readers
GETTING a play to a manager for reading is not merely a matter of detail, but a matter of temperament. It involves, however, something of getting the manuscript in proper physical shape for submitting—which may mean no more than having it legible and neat.
Accepting Plays
Mr. Hopkins is at loss to understand how managers can leave their plays to hired readers; they should themselves go through all the material that comes, he thinks, for there lie the needles in the dramatic haystack.
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