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Riviera And Lago D'Orta
AMONG the many merits of the Simplon tunnel is also this, that it is reviving the interest of the travelling public in an idyllic bit of lake country, intensely Italian in character, — the Riviera and Lago d'Orta.
Over The Colma To Varallo
At this point, our excursion, away from the lakes into the forest recesses and under the vaulting branches of the chestnut belt, must cease and the return must be made, in accordance with a strict pursuance of the subject indicated by the title of this book.
Lake Lugano
AFTER the broad and expansive beauties of Lakes Maggiore and Como, Lake Lugano's merits strike one as of quite another order. This lake is the Cinderella among the sisters, untamed, unsophisticated, and unpremeditated, a wild little thing with savage, bizarre twists and turns.
Monte Generoso
THERE is something in the very name of Monte Generoso which leads us to expect great things. When we reach the summit we find it to be one of the most munificent, large-hearted, and broad-minded of our benefactors among the mountains, spreading out its welcome with panoramic gesture and inviting free inspection of its treasures in peak and plain, land and water.
Varese, Lake And City
THE Lake of Varese does not pretend to vie in beauty or interest with its big sisters, Lakes Maggiore, Lugano, or Como.
City Of Como
WHEN the Italian lakes are mentioned, the name of Como is very likely to rise first to the lips. It is a name which carries in its two short syllables a whole world of sparkle, colour, and joyousness, and an atmosphere redolent with the scent of perennial spring.
Some Como Celebrities
OF the two Plinies, whose statues have already been mentioned as adorning the façade of the Como cathedral, the elder was named Caius Plinius Secundus, and the younger, his nephew, Caius Caecilius Secundus.
Silkworms And Silk - Looms
WHOEVER skirts the shores of the Italian lakes, or follows the fringe of the Alps, where their outposts touch the Italian plain, is sure to come upon evidences of a great industry, which means much to the economic life of the peninsular kingdom.
The Costume Of Brianza
THE traveller cannot be long in Lombardy before his attention is attracted to the singularly picturesque costume of the Brianza.
Up The Lake Of Como
On this great open bay of Bellagio there are at least five favourite stopping-places, Bellagio itself, Tremezzo, Cadenabbia, Menaggio, and Varenna.
Bay Of Bellagio
THE picture of the promontory of Bellagio is so beautiful as a whole that the traveller had better stand off for awhile to admire it at a distance and at his leisure.
From Chiavenna To Lecco
The water-front of Lecco is not decidedly picturesque, nor is there much of that colour which redeems so much disorder in Italy. At the same time the toothed mountain at the back, the Resegnone, is striking, and there is a pretty little village on the opposite shore called Malgrate.
The Diligence
AT Chiavenna and thereabouts the presence of the diligence still confronts the traveller with its particular memories of leisurely travel.
Alessandro Manzoni And Antonio Stoppani
IF you look into the window of an Italian bookstore, there are two works which you will almost surely see there among the many exposed for sale. One is the famous historical romance, I Promessi Sposi, of Alessandro Manzoni.
THE portion of Bergamo known as the città, or ancient city, is a marvel of feudal-ism. It crowns a hill surrounded by monster bastions and parapets, now happily turned into pleasant walks shaded by great affluent horse-chestnut-trees.
Donizetti And The Seven Notes
Donizetti with his Lucia di Lammermoor and La Favorita may now seem antiquated to some of us. Yet in the operatic world Donizetti formed an evolutionary link between Rossini.
Lago D'Iseo And Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
THE Lake of Iseo stands more aloof and withdrawn from travel, both of the ordinary kind and of the tourist variety, than the other Italian lakes. It is still waiting in a measure to be discovered or rediscovered, as the case may be.
BRESCIA'S castle hill accords with its proud title of l'armata. It has been a city of sieges and the place of the making of arms. It was burned and sacked by the French in 1512, and bombarded in 1849 by the Austrians.
Lake Garda
In travelling from west to east, from the mountains to the sea, Lake Garda acts as a preparation for the Adriatic. Whatever theory or theories may be held to account for the origin of the other Italian lakes, Lake Garda itself gives many topographical tokens of being a remnant sea.
Little Riva is composing itself to rest, and under the glare of the moon continues to duplicate its outlines in the good lake which gives it both name and renown.
Goethe On Lake Garda
Thus Goethe's acquaintance with Lake Garda, though brief and hardly worthy of the name of sojourn, was yet full of zest, and is of special interest because it gave him his first introduction into the ways and means of Italy.
Eastern Shore Of Lake Garda
THE traveller on and about Lake Garda is constantly beset by the sight of a great tower rising from the plain somewhere between Desenzano and Peschiera and inland from the headland of Sermione.
Environs And Excursions
The hotels of Arco are especially designed for winter patronage, some of them possessing covered promenades and sunny garden terraces. There is an avenue of magnolias, a casino, a grand villa belonging to the Austrian Archduke Frederick, and a town palace of the Arco family.
Giovanni Segantini
THE name of Arco recalls the career of a man of the mountains, whose longing and endeavour taught him both to understand and then to paint the Alps and their inhabitants, as they are, in season and out of season.
Louis Cornaro Outwitted Old Age
We can live so as to avoid disease. We can live so that the various parts of the body remain healthful and youthful. We can even live so as to regain health and youthfulness after having almost wrecked the body. We can live so as to outwit old age.
Remarkable Cases Of Rejuvenation
What is old age? Is it, as generally believed, the number of seasons that have elapsed since the individual's birth? That is the wrong way to measure age, for some are old at thirty, while others are young at seventy.
Why Be Ill
One can choose between health and disease. It requires knowledge, will power, and character to remain in health. It is not difficult to be well, but many find the roads to disease so tempting that they do not make the effort to remain normal.
Life Of The Average Individual
After the infant stage is past the children suffer from many troubles, which we call diseases of childhood—such as measles, scarlet fever, summer complaints, diphtheria, adenoids, enlarged glands, and many other ills.
The Human Body
What good does it do to know the chemical composition of the body when we are unable to find pure elements to feed the body? It is most valuable knowledge, for we have also been analyzing the foods and the drinks that we consume.
Internal Cleanliness
The most prominent cause of physical disease is a gathering of waste material within the body. This is what is often called auto-intoxication. The reason for it is that the wastes are not eliminated as rapidly as they are produced.
Care Of The Lungs
The three essentials for maintaining life are air, water and food. Because the air is all about us and we do not have to make a special effort to get it, very few realize the importance of air in the scheme of life.
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