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Breeders' Association
The aim of the various associations of breeders is to do by combined effort what unorganized individuals could only do with difficulty if at all. The value of combined effort first became manifest when trade became general in highly bred animals.
Horse Breeding
The faithful horse has been the subject of a great many unfulfilled prophecies. At different times his friends have thought the time of his passing had come but the factors that seemed to threaten his existence really enlarged his field.
Cattle Breeding
Improved cattle were brought from Europe to America in the latter part of the eighteenth century. There have been periods of depression when scant progress was made, yet on the whole advancement has been steady and any one of the leading breeds could continue to go forward without further importation.
Sheep Breeding
Sheep breeding presents difficulties and offers rewards not met with in other classes of stock. One of the very considerable rewards is the pleasure of having overcome the difficulties. The peculiar need of controlling conditions in order to make sheep-raising a success grows out of the fact that the environment of farm sheep is highly artificial.
Swine Breeding
The swine-raising industry has reached a development in America greater than anywhere else in the world. Other countries have effected improvement in their bacon-producing swine, but the world's lard supply comes from the cornbelt.
Prolongation Of Life
WHAT may be the nature of our occupations and interests in the next world, we know not, but that the night cometh when no man can work, and that death cometh to us all, and stoppeth all the words and works we love so well, is a desperately solemn fact.
On The Value And Digestibility Of Foods
All these things we must study and observe each man for himself, and we must not let our likes and our appetites influence and sway the conclusions of our knowledge and of our personal experience.
Prolongation Of Health
AFTER the attainment of maturity, the human body in health remains almost at the same level, as far as physical changes are concerned, for many years. This period of comparative perfection should last for forty years or more.
Treatment And Prevention Of Premature Senility
I think we may safely say that the natural term of life, since David wrote, has been much prolonged. The term to ordinary healthy folk should be nearer ninety years than seventy, and the extra years should not be years of labor and sorrow; and yet what a number fail to reach even the old goal.
Chronic Bronchitis And Bronchial Asthma
IN this chapter I propose to discuss the origin and treatment of that form of chronic bronchitis, often connected with asthma, that so cripples and shortens the lives of elderly people.
Decorative Value Of Flowers
People vary much in their ability to produce interesting cut flower arrangements. Some have a marked natural ability to arrange flowers so that almost immediately the effect pleases. Others labor long, arranging and re-arranging the material, and the final results bring little enthusiasm from those they have tried to please.
Flowers And Plants For Decorative Purposes
The chief attractive feature of any decorative work with flowers is freshness of material. Withered flowers are most depressing. That they may better retain their freshness, flowers should be gathered in the cool hours of the day when the tissue is filled with moisture.
Vases For Cut Flowers And Potted Plants
The proper selection of receptacles for cut flowers is very important. It must be remembered that the aim in flower arrangement is for decorative effects. Receptacles and containers are necessary for practical purposes, but they should by no means be conspicuous.
Japanese Flower Arrangement
Miss Mary Averill has written an interesting and instructive book on Japanese Flower Arrangement and students interested in the application of the principles of this type of arrangement in the placing of flowers in American homes will find the book of much value.
Design As A Factor In Flower Arrangement; Tones, Measures And Shape
For years flowering material has been used as an element in design by pen and ink artists, or those working with crayons, water colors or oils. Few artists working with flowers have realized that there are definite rules for making their designs interesting.
Design As A Factor In Flower Arrangement; Composition And Color
It will be interesting to note that when there is an abundance of flowering material in the garden, there are certain color combinations which are discordant. Each species in itself may be attractive or when combined with certain hues or tones, the whole falls into accord, and the result is pleasing.
Design As A Factor In Flower Arrangement; Color Harmonies
In all floral decorations it is easier to arrange material if but one species is used; monotony, however, is avoided and the composition is more interesting if combinations of two or more species are made.
Church, Hall Or Reception Room Decorations
When a decoration is completed it should bring to the designer such a sense of satisfaction that he will not desire to change a line, move a palm or a group of flowers. There should be no discordant note in the harmony of the entire arrangement.
Table Decorations
It is not easy to select just the right foliage and flowers to use together. Some have that happy faculty and it is the secret of much of their success in floral decorations.
Flowers For Personal Adornment
In making the boutonnière the flowers should be placed closely together and a fine wire, No. 22, used for securing them. Very little foliage should be used, but a Rose leaf may back the petals of the bud, or a tiny bit of Maidenhair fern may back the Sweet Peas.
Baskets Or Hampers Of Plant Material And Sprays Of Cut Flowers
Within the last few years there has been quite a change in the demand for baskets of plant material. Until quite recently baskets of cut flowers only were called for. Now people realize that it is quite possible to have living plants, in an attractive receptacle, which will retain their freshness much longer than will cut flowers.
Wreaths And Other Designs
The uniformly round, flat wreath is the type which formerly was most used. It was bordered with Smilax or other green and filled with Roses, Carnations or a variety of flowers. The material, all short-stemmed, was wired and arranged in a very formal way.
Lakes Of Azure
THE Italian lakes express perennial youth and freshness, joyousness and peace. They partake of the Alps and of the South Sea Islands. They recall Switzerland and Samoa. Their mornings sparkle with the glint of glaciers, their noons recall those of Venice or Naples, and their evenings lie hushed under the shadows of great mountains.
Making Of The Lakes
THE great subalpine lakes surround the Alps like a necklace of jewels. They literally depend upon and from the mountains, and the threads by which they are attached are silver torrents and glittering streams coursing down from on high.
SEEN from Pallanza, Lake Maggiore lies shimmering and smiling southward, down to the lowlands near Arona, and stretches east and west in its most complacent mood and widest expanse to Laveno and Feriolo.
The Boromean Islands
THESE islands constitute a challenge from the tropics thrown with full force into the very faces of the stern, arctic Alps. It is not possible to stay at Pallanza, or the other lakeside resorts of lower Lago Maggiore, without desiring to pay a visit to those won-der islands that beckon so constantly from the blue gulf.
Lower Lago Maggiore
LAGO MAGGIORE can be approached from many sides, and so there is at all times a pleasant crisscross of tourists upon its waters.
Upper Lago Maggiore
THE Romans called Lago Maggiore by the beautiful name of Lacus Verbanus, a name suggestive of vernal freshness, even though etymologists may not grant the linguistic inference. This superb sheet of water is about thirty-seven miles long, and varies from one and a half to three miles in width.
Garibaldi, Mazzini, And Cavour
THE three patriots who contributed by their labours more than any other Italians toward the independence and unification of Italy were all associated, during a portion of their lives at least, with the region of the Italian lakes.
Monte Motterone
Monte Motterone and Sasso del Ferro are the giant sign and finger posts of lower Lago Maggiore, pointing from their exalted tops in every direction to the marvels of this region.
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