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Interior Decoration - Color
COLOR covers everything, outlining and emphasizing shapes and making them easy to see. Its wide distribution, instant appeal, and powerful emotional effect made it a dominant element in the language of decoration.
Decoration And The Significance Of Texture
The decorator may be unaware of these meanings, as the child may be unaware of the meanings of the letters printed on his blocks; but the meanings are there nevertheless, and are quite sure to find their way into the consciousness of any one who has eyes trained to see.
Elements Of Beauty
WHEN the decorator, having mastered the grammar of his art and studied the architectural requirements of the room to be furnished and the needs and tastes of its occupants, sets out to make the room beautiful, he is immediately confronted by the puzzling question: What is beauty.
Decoration And The Law Of Contrast
WE have seen that beauty springs from unity in diversity, and that unity results from processes of comparison wherein like is placed with like—like lines, or shapes, or colors, or significances—until the multiplicity of individual units is related to a few types, and of these types one becomes dominant.
Decoration And Proportion
Proportion as it affects the distribution of tones, hues and ornament will be discussed in later chapters. No discussion of any phase of the subject can, however, be more than helpfully suggestive.
Decoration And Balance
WHEN a man stands still, his body erect, his mind tranquil and at ease, he is in balance. The two sides of his body, similarly grouped on either side of an ideal perpendicular center, are similarly affected by the force of gravity, with a resulting state of equilibrium.
Interior Decoration - Light And Shade
WE all recognize the importance of chiaroscuro in painting, of stage lighting in the drama, and even of lights and shadows in exterior architecture. Strangely enough, however, very few of us realize adequately the importance of light and shade as esthetic factors in the decoration of interiors.
Decorating And The Dominant Hue
This difficulty is especially perplexing in the matter of color, where all is relative and nothing absolute, and where every rule is subject to numberless exceptions.
Color Harmony
WE become aware of beauty in a color composition through the easy perception of likenesses among its diverse elements. In this process the mind, following its normal method of thinking from the particular to the general, passes from perception of the variety of color stimuli to apprehension of their essential unity.
Decorating And Ornament
ORNAMENT is that which adorns and embellishes. It gives variety and richness to the ornamented surfaces, and is, no less than plainness, essential to beauty in the decoration of houses.
Excellence In Design
WE have seen that in the perfectly furnished room the parts are so congruous in pro-portion and so harmonious in line and coloring that the room appears to be not a creation but a growth.
Period Decoration
IT will be apparent from the preceding chapters that the study of period decoration does not lie within the scope of this essay, which is concerned neither with individual nor epochal expression in interior decoration, but rather with the basic principles that underlie and condition all expression in that art.
Conclusion Of Principles Of Interior Decoration
But at any rate one who has followed it to the end will have gained a clear perception of the fact that the creation of a beautiful and comfortable home environment is not a matter of magic or happy accident, but rather of rational and essentially simple processes.
Earlier Stock Breeding
Whether or not early improvers of farm stock profited by the work of the horse breeders we cannot tell, but it was in the latter part of the eighteenth century that there was inaugurated a most notable improvement of British farm stock.
American Stock Breeding
In America the development of our animal husbandry has afforded a marked contrast to the course of events in other lands. Colonists from various European countries brought with them such stock as was most common to the section from which they emigrated.
Heredity And Animal Breeding
Unusually successful breeders are looked upon by persons not conversant with higher aspects of animal breeding as being possessed of some carefully guarded secrets or rules of mating that give them unusual advantages in their work.
Farm Animals - Facts Concerning Reproduction
The formation of the new animal begins with the union of the material from the male parent with a contribution from the female. Under normal conditions this union takes place within the body of the female shortly after copulation.
Farm Animals - The Germ Cells
The spermatozoa were first observed in the product of the male organs in 1677, though their function was not then known. In 1827 the ovum was found and understood to be the seat of new life, though it was not until 1843 that the necessity of the union of ovum and spermatozoa was made clear and not until thirty years later that the significance of such union was realized.
Farm Animals - The Hereditary Material
Although stock breeders have received many interesting suggestions and directions from scientists during the last few years the facts of heredity are far from being an open book even to the scientists.
Farm Animals - Origin Of The Hereditary Material
The phenomena discussed in the preceding pages give some conception of the fundamental nature of the forces to be dealt with. They suggest explanations of occurrences otherwise perplexing, but manifestly before we can undertake to formulate means to purify the hereditary material we must know something of its source.
Farm Animals - Breeding And Selection
To say that the breeding of stock is fundamentally and chiefly a matter of selection is to repeat a truism. The primitive germ cells have been seen to go through important changes that determine what part of their contents shall be reconveyed to the next generation.
Individual Excellence In Breeding Animals
Any measure of control over heredity attained by any breeder must be through the wisdom of his selection of the parents and ancestors of his stock. Care and feeding have their part and are indispensable as aids, but selection is the basis of the whole work.
Pedigrees Of Breeding Animals
Experience and science each afford abundant proof that rigidness of selection must apply no less to ancestors than to the present individual. We must judge of the hereditary material not alone by its accomplishment in a single instance but by its various sources and behavior in other instances of its existence.
Farm Animals - The Offspring During Gestation
The successive stages of development from a fertilized ovum to a fully formed body occur with striking regularity and uniformity. These changes, however, are of more immediate interest to the embryologist than to the practical student of heredity.
Development Of Young Stock
An animal's inheritance is complete at the instant of conception. Everything he is to be by virtue of his parentage and ancestry is already implanted. His food, protection or lack of it, training, and everything connected with his subsequent life make up what is spoken of as environment.
Animal Breeding And Determination Of Sex
Probably no other one thing has occasioned so much speculation regarding the wonderful processes of reproduction as has the desire to control sex. The power to do so would be temporarily at least very profitable to breeders.
Foundation And Management Of A Breeding Business
It is obvious that stock-raising cannot become an exact science. It consists of the handling of the hereditary material that does not lend itself to direct examination or to manipulation. The breeder's calling must be regarded as an art.
Inbreeding And Line Breeding
In the minds of the majority of persons who consider matters relating to breeding, the idea is firmly fixed that the practice of inbreeding is altogether objectionable.
Animal Breeding And Mendel's Law
The best farm animals of today are much better suited to present needs than the most popular types of the middle of the nineteenth century. For the most part the present types serve existing demands with greater satisfaction than was experienced by stockmen working with the best animals obtainable for the conditions of some decades ago.
Breed Relations
A breed of live stock is not of itself an end but a means to an end. That end is the yielding of a product of maximum value at a minimum cost. The founders of our existing breeds did not set out with a purpose of establishing breeds of animals.
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