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Maurice Of Saxony And Adrienne Lecouvreur
There are some, however, who seem to have been born with an abnormal capacity for enduring hardship and mental anguish; so that by a sort of contradiction they find their happiness in sorrow. Such women are endowed with a remarkable degree of sensibility.
The Story Of Prince Charles Edward Stuart
THE royal families of Europe are widely known, yet not all of them are equally renowned. Thus, the house of Romanoff, although comparatively young, stands out to the mind with a sort of barbaric power, more vividly than the Austrian house of Hapsburg, which is the oldest reigning family in Europe, tracing its beginnings backward until they are lost in the Dark Ages.
The Empress Catharine And Prince Potemkin
Many have written of Catharine as a great ruler, a wise diplomat, a creature of heroic mold. Others have depicted her as a royal wanton and have gathered together a mass of vicious tales, the gossip of the palace kitchens, of the clubs, and of the barrack-rooms.
Marie Antoinette And Count Fersen
Probably in our own country and in England this will remain the historic Marie Antoinette. Whatever the impartial historian may write, he can never induce the people at large to under-stand that this queen was far from queenly, that the popular idea of her is almost wholly false, and that both in her domestic life and as the greatest lady in France she did much to bring on the terrors of that revolution which swept her to the guillotine.
The Story Of Aaron Burr
THERE will come a time when the name of Aaron Burr will be cleared from the prejudice which now surrounds it, when he will stand in the public estimation side by side with Alexander Hamilton, whom he shot in a duel in 1804, but whom in many respects he curiously resembled.
George IV And Mrs. Fitzherbert
IN the last decade of the eighteenth century England was perhaps the most brilliant nation of the world. Other countries had been humbled by the splendid armies of France and were destined to be still further humbled by the emperor who came from Corsica.
Charlotte Corday And Adam Lux
PERHAPS some readers will consider this story inconsistent with those that have preceded it. Yet, as it is little known to most readers and as it is perhaps unique in the history of romantic love, I cannot forbear relating it; for I believe that it is full of curious interest and pathetic power.
Napoleon And Marie Walewska
THERE are four women who may be said to have deeply influenced the life of Napoleon. These four are the only ones who need to be taken into account by the student of his imperial career.
The Story Of Pauline Bonaparte
IT was said of Napoleon long ago that he could govern emperors and kings, but that not even he could rule his relatives.
The Story Of Empress Marie Louise And Count Neipperg
THERE is one famous woman whom history condems while at the same time it partly hides the facts which might mitigate the harshness of the judgment that is passed upon her. This woman is Marie Louise, Empress of France, consort of the great Napoleon, and archduchess of imperial Austria.
The Wifes Of General Huston
It is told that nearly forty years after, when Houston had long led a different life and had made his home in Washington, a deputation of more than forty untamed Indians from Texas arrived there under the charge of several army officers. They chanced to meet Sam Houston.
Lola Montez And King Ludwig Of Bavaria
LOLA MONTEZ! The name suggests dark eyes and abundant hair, lithe limbs and a sinuous body, with twining hands and great eyes that gleam with a sort of ebon splendor. One thinks of Spanish beauty as one hears the name ; and in truth Lola Montez justified the mental picture.
Lady Blessington And Count D'Orsay
The young Count d'Orsay, when he came of age, found the Napoleonic era ended and France governed by Louis XVIII. The king gave Count d'Orsay a commission in the army in a regiment stationed at Valence in the southeastern part of France.
Byron And The Countess Guiccioli
Byron's childhood had been one to excite in him strong feelings of revolt, and he had inherited a profligate and passionate nature. His father was a gambler and a spendthrift. His mother was eccentric to a degree.
The Story Of Mme. Stael
EACH century, or sometimes each generation, is distinguished by some especial interest among those who are given to fancies-not to call them fads.
The Story Of Karl Marx
Its teachings may end in nothing, but only a century or more of effort and of earnest striving can make it plain whether Karl Marx was a world-mover or a martyr to a cause that was destined to be lost.
Ferdinand Lassalle And Helene Von Donniges
THE middle part of the nineteenth century is a period which has become more or less obscure to most Americans and Englishmen. At one end the thunderous campaigns of Napoleon are dying away.
The Story Of Rachel
OUTSIDE of the English-speaking peoples the nineteenth century witnessed the rise and triumphant progress of three great tragic actresses. The first two of these—Rachel Felix and Sarah -Bernhardt-were of Jewish extraction; the third, Eleanor-Duse, is Italian.
Dean Swift And The Two Esthers
THE story of Jonathan Swift and of the two women who gave their lives for love of him is familiar to every student of English literature. Swift himself, both in letters and in politics, stands out a conspicuous figure in the reigns of King William III and Queen Anne.
Percy Bysshe Shelley And Mary Godwin
A GREAT deal has been said and written in favor of early marriage; and, in a general way, early marriage may be an admirable thing. Young men and young women who have no special gift of imagination, and who have practically reached their full mental development at twenty-one or twenty-two-or earlier, even in their teens—may marry safely; because they are already what they will be.
The Story Of The Carlyles
It seems most fitting to remember Thomas Carlyle as a man of strength, of honor, and of intellect; and his wife as one who was sorely tried, but who came out of her suffering into the arms of death, purified and calm and worthy to be remembered by her husband's side.
The Story Of The Hugos
VICTOR HUGO, after all criticisms have been made, stands as a literary colossus. He had imaginative power which makes his finest passages fairly crash upon the reader's brain like blasting thunderbolts.
The Story Of George Sand
TO the student of feminine psychology there is no more curious and complex problem than the one that meets us in the life of the gifted French writer best known to the world as George Sand.
The Mystery Of Charles Dickens
PERHAPS no public man in the English-speaking world, in the last century, was so widely and intimately known as Charles Dickens.
Honore De Balzac And Evelina Hanska
If we wish to understand the mystery of Baizac's life—or, more truly, the mystery of the life of the woman whom he married-take up and read once more the pages of Séraphita, one of his poorest novels and yet a singularly illuminating story, shedding light upon a secret of the soul.
Charles Reade And Laura Seymour
THE instances of distinguished men, or of notable women, who have broken through convention in order to find a fitting mate, are very numerous. A few of these instances may, perhaps, represent what is usually called a Platonic union.
Interior Decoration - Nature And Method Of Art
WE all live in houses of one sort or another. Before these houses can be lived in they must be furnished. When furnished, whether well or ill, they constitute the environment in which we spend the great part of our lives, and as such influence us continuously and profoundly.
Interior Decoration - Fitness To Purpose
ONE who sets out to furnish a given house for the occupancy of a given family faces a three-fold problem. He must select and arrange in the house such things as suit the age, sex and temperament of the individual members, meet their needs, express their tastes and aspirations, and fit their purse.
Grammar Of Decoration
WE have seen that interior decoration is an art of selection and arrangement, working under the guidance of the faculty of taste. In practice this faculty is first employed in a comprehensive process of elimination.
Interior Decoration - Line And Form
The first difference in significance between straight and curved lines, as Raymond has pointed out, is the fact that the latter suggest the results of instinctive action, while the former suggest the results of reflective action.
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