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Nothing But Leaves
Nothing but leaves, the Spirit grieves Over a wasted life Sins committed while conscience slept Promises made, but never kept Hatred, battle, and strife Nothing but leaves.
God, Our Help
Our God, our help in ages past, Our hope for years to come, Our shelter from the stormy blast, And our eternal home.
I Know That I Must Die
My God ! I know that I must die, My mortal life is passing hence On earth I neither hope nor try To find a lasting residence. Then teach me, by thy heavenly grace, With joy and peace my death to face.
As Christ Chooses
Lord, it beongs not to my care Whether I die or live To love and serve thee is my share, And this thy grace must give. If life be long, I will be glad That I may long obey If short, yet why should I be sad To soar to endless day.
The Blessed Hope
When languor and disease invade This trembling house of clay, 'Tis sweet to ook beyond our cage, And long to fly away Sweet to look inward, and attend The whispers of his love Sweet to look upward to the place Where Jesus pleads above.
Piety Exempt From The Decays Of Age
Every period of life—youth, manhood, and age—has its peculiar characteristics. Advanced years we naturally associate with infirmity, and consider them as those in which we have no pleasure.
No sickness there No weary wasting of the frame away No fearful shrinking from the midnight air, No dread of summer's bright and fervid ray.
Light At Eventide
The chequer'd day of life is past, Its varied joys, its varied cares The clear blue sky is overcast, And night a solemn aspect wears O thou whose smile makest all things bright, At evening time let there be light.
Yet will I trust ! in all my fears, Thy mercy, gracious Lord, appears, To guide me through this vale of tears, And be my strength.
All Is Well
Through the love of God our Saviour, All will be well. Free and changeless is his favour All, all is well. Precious is the bood that healed us, Perfect is the grace that sealed us, Strong the hand stretched forth to shield us, All must be well.
To The Uttermost
Mrs. M was an aged woman. For eighty-four years God had spared her, though she was an impenitent, hardened sinner. Pious parents from her birth had commended her in faith to God, and with their dying breath prayed that she might meet them in heaven.
A Little While
Beyond the smiling and the weeping I shall be soon Beyond the waking and the sleeping, Beyond the sowing and the reaping, I shall be soon. Love, rest and home ! Sweet home ! Lord, tarry not, but come .
Peculiar Duties Of The Aged
I have no doubt that you have remarked with surprise that the impression of the reality and importance of eternal things is not increased by the nearness of your approach to the end of your course. Time glides insensibly away, and it is with us in this respect as in relation to the gobe on which we reside.
I Shall Soon Be Dying
Ah ! I shall soon be dying, Time swiftly glides away But, on my Lord relying, I hail the happy day— The day when I shall enter Upon a world unknown My helpless soul I venture On Jesus Christ alone.
The Loss Of Memory
How impaired the memory becomes as we advance in years ! We are constantly forgetting the little occurrences of everyday life, and our past history sometimes appears to us like an indistinct and troubled dream.
Prayers Of An Aged Believer
WITH years oppressed, with sorrows torn, Dejected, harassed, sick, forlorn, To thee, 0 Lord, I pray;
Heavenly Realties
WHAT no human eye hath seen, What no mortal ear hath heard, What on thought hath never been In her noblest flights conferred,— This hath God prepared in store For his people evermore.
Sorrows And Consolations Of Old Age
VERY mournful are some of the Bible descriptions of old age. The days of our years are threescore years and ten ; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow ; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.
Christians View Of Eternity
I'M but a weary pilgrim here, Life's varied griefs sustaining ; The ills I feel, and those I fear, Would tempt me to complaining : But, Lord, the hopes of joys above The pains of pilgrimage remove, Or give me strength to bear them.
Dim Eve Draws On
'BEHOLD, the noonday sun of life Doth seek its western bound, And fast the length'ning shadows cast A heavier goom around ; And all the gow-worm lamps are dead That, kindling round our way, Gave fickle promises of joy; 'Abide with us, we pray.
The Infirmities Of Age
KING SOLOMON, who was a wise observer of human nature, gives us a full description of the infirmities of age, expressed in what is called a figurative manner, the substance of which is easily understood, though, from not knowing perfectly the customs or the proverbial sayings to which he alludes, we may not be able exactly to explain every part of them.
Joys To Come
WILL not that joyful be, When we walk by faith no more, When the Lord we loved before As Brother-man we see ; When he welcomes us above, When we share his smile of love, Will not that joyful be.
The Promised Strength
IT is well, in every period of the Christian life, to have a right estimate of our own strength. The advanced believer is as unable by his own power to defend himself from sin and sorrow as the youthful Christian.
Tarry With Me
TARRY with me, 0 my Saviour, For the day is passing by : See ! the shades of evening gather, And the night is drawing nigh ! Tarry with me ! tarry with me ! Pass me not unheeded by .
The Story Of Antony And Cleopatra
OF all love stories that are known to hun al. history, the love story of Antony and Cleopatra has been for nineteen centuries the most remarkable It has tasked the resources of the plastic and the graphic arts.
Abelard And Heloise
The story is, of course, the story of Allard and Heloise. It has many times been falsely told. Portions of it have been omitted, and other portions of it have been garbled. A whole literature has grown up around the subject.
Queen Elizabeth And The Earl Of Leicester
For the reason given, one may say with confidence that, while Elizabeth's light loves were fleeting, she gave a deep affection to this hand-some, bold, and brilliant Englishman and cherished him in a far different way from any of the others.
Mary Queen Of Scots And Lord Bothwell
MARY STUART and Cleopatra are the two women who have most attracted the fancy of poets, dramatists, novelists, and painters, from their own time down to the present day.
Queen Christina Of Sweden And The Marquis Monaldeschi
It is customary at almost all courts to pay less attention to the birth of a princess than to that of a prince but Gustavus displayed his chivalry toward this little daughter, whom he named Christina.
King Charles II And Nell Gwyn
ONE might classify the kings of England in many ways. John was undoubtedly the most unpopular. The impetuous yet far-seeing Henry II., with the other two great warriors, Edward I. and Edward III., and William of Orange, did most for the foundation and development of England's constitutional law.
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