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Reflections On Old Age
The Autumn of our life has actually arrived. The scenes of our youth have fled for ever, and the feelings and hopes of that period have passed away also, or are greatly changed. When we take a retrospect of the past, several weighty reflections cannot but press upon our minds and sadden our hearts.
Christian Graces For The Aged
Be patient—life is very brief, It passes quickly by And if it proves a troubled scene Beneath a stormy sky, It is but like the shaded night That brings a morn of radiance bright.
A bridge within my heart, Known as the Bridge of Sighs, That stretches from life's sunny part To where its darkness lies.
A Little While
A little while, and every fear That o'er the perfect day Flings shadows dark and drear, Shall pass like mist away The secret tear, the anxious sigh, Shall pass into a smile Time changes to eternity, We only wait a little while.
The Fruitless Tree
Nothing but leaves, so the Saviour said, And then he blasted the fruitless tree And I ponder his curse with trembling dread, Lest just such a word he might speak of me. I have known his name from my early youth, And my outward homage his cause receives. Yet his judgment upon my life in truth might render the verdict, Nothing but leaves.
You say the years have sadder grown Beneath their weight of care and duty, That all the festive grace has flown, That wreathed and crowned their earlier beauty. You tell me Hope no more can daze Your vision with her bland delusions, Nor Fancy, versed in subtle ways, Seduce you to her gay conclusions.
Old Age Anticipated
You are now descending into the valley of declining years. That valley, we are persuaded, need not be dark if you but carry into it the lamp of true wisdom. To meet it aright requires reflection and experience. There is what may properly be called, perhaps, the art of growing old.
Living Kindness
Awake, my soul, in joyful lays, And sing thy great Redeemer's praise He justly claims a song from thee His loving-kindness, oh, how free !
A Few More Days
A few more years shall roll, A few more seasons come, And we shall be with those that rest Asleep within the tomb. Then, O my Lord, prepare My soul for that great day.
Abide With Me
Abide with me ! Fast falls the eventide, The darkness thickens ; Lord, with me abide When other helpers fail, and comforts flee, Help of the helpless, oh abide with me.
God Is My Light
God is my Light!-Never, my soul, despair In hours of thy distress ! The sun withdraws, and earth is dark and drear, My light will never cease, O days of joy with splendour beaming ! Through nights of grief, its rays are gleaming God is my Light .
The Pilgrims Retrospect
I've travelled a long and weary way, Through many a valley dim I have wept in the morning gray, And sobbed my evening hymn But 'tis the way that leads me home, No more to weep, no more to roam And like a Sabbath chime Aong the by-gone time, The voice of Him who said, Tis I, be not afraid.
Sympathy And Selfishness
Each season of life has its own peculiar tendencies and temptations. But selfishness is at all times and under all circumstances the common sin which cloth so easily beset us. In early youth we are prone to imagine that everybody and everything about us ought in some way to minister to our gratification.
The Saviour's Prayer
Pilgrim in the path of life, Fainting in the daily strife, Wishing, onging to be free From thy load of misery, Panting for the heavenly home, Where no blighting sorrows come.
The Aged Christian
The spring and summer time of life have long since pass'd away, And golden autumn, with its leaves of sadness and decay, Has come and gone, and winter shrouds each ovely scene in goom, And bids me mark across my path the shadows of the tomb.
The Voice From Galilee
I heard the voice of Jesus say. Come unto me and rest Lay down, thou weary one, lay down Thy head upon my breast. I came to Jesus as I was, Weary, and worn, and sad I found in him a resting-place, And he has made me glad.
The Father-Land
Know ye the land—on earth'twere vainly sought-To which the heart in sorrows turns its thought? Where no complaint is heard, tears never flow,—The good are blest, the weak with vigour glow? Know ye it well .
The Palm
The Palm brings forth its best fruit in old age. The best dates are said to be gathered when it has reached a hundred years. So it is with eminent Christians. The older the better, the older the more beautiful, nay, the older the more useful. And, different from worldlings, the older the happier.
God My Exceeding Joy
Early my spirit turned From earthly things away, And agonized and yearned For the eternal day Dimly I saw when but a boy, God, my exceeding joy.
A Name In The Sand
Alone I walked the ocean strand, A pearly shell was in my hand, I stooped, and wrote upon the sand My name—the year—the day As onward from the spot I passed, One lingering look behind I cast— A wave came rolling high and fast, And washed my lines away.
Still Will We Trust
Still will we trust, though earth seem dark and dreary, And the heart faint beneath his chastening rod Though rough and steep our pathway, worn and weary, Still will we trust in God .
A Prospect Of Heaven
There is a land of pure delight, Where saints immortal reign Infinite day excludes the night, And pleasures banish pain.
Counsels To The Aged
As an aged man, I would say to my felow-pilgrims who are also in this advanced stage of the journey continued upon earth. We are, it is true, subject to many peculiar infirmities, both of body and mind, to bear up under which requires much exertion, and no small share of divine assistance. But still we have some advantages not possessed by the young.
Nearer To Thee
Nearer, My God, to thee Nearer to thee ! E'en though it be a cross That raiseth me Still all my song shall be, Nearer, my God, to thee.
The Rest Is In Heaven
My rest is in heaven, my rest is not here Then why should I tremble when trials are near? Be hushed, my sad spirit, the worst that can come But shortens thy journey, and hastens thee home.
The Crown Is My Hope
My Saviour, whom absent I love, Whom, not having seen, I adore, Whose name is exalted above All gory, dominion, and pow'r,— Dissolve thou those bands that detain My soul from her portion in thee Ah ! strike off this adamant chain, And make me eternally free.
Home In View
As when some weary trav'ller gains The height of some o'erlooking hill, His heart revives, if cross the plains He eyes his home, though distant still. While he surveys the much-lov'd spot, He slights the space that lies between His past fatigues are now forgot, Because his journey's end is seen.
Evening Time
At evening time let there be light--Life's little day draws near its close Around me fall the shades of night, The night of death, the grave's repose To crown my joys, to end my woes, At evening time let there be light.
Husband To Wife On Attaining A Half Century
I remember, you remember, the days when first we met Those cheerful, pleasant hours of youth we never can forget And this our happiness was then, our happiness is now, No purer source of joy and peace is given man to know, That far above all earthly thoughts we had a common Friend.
To An Aged Unbeliever
Your life thus far has passed rapidly away. You felt surprise when you heard others speak of you as old. Perhaps even now you easily forget that you are no longer young. Gray hairs are here and there upon Ephraim, yet he knoweth it not. It seemed hard for Samson to forget the feats of former days. Even when shorn of his strength he attempted new exploits.
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