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Watches - Conversions And Alterations In Movements
A pocket chronometer that has become badly damaged in the escapement will often cost many pounds to restore, and still be no better and not so strong as if converted to a lever at a quarter of the cost.
Watches - Conversions And Alterations In Movements
A pocket chronometer that has become badly damaged in the escapement will often cost many pounds to restore, and still be no better and not so strong as if converted to a lever at a quarter of the cost.
Marine Chronometers
MARINE chronometers require very careful handling. Take the movement, together with the inner brass box, out of its gymballing. To take the movement out of the box, unscrew the bezel and turn the box upside down, receiving the movement in the hand.
Repeating Watches, Etc.
REPEATING watches strike the hour, quarter, 'etc., last indicated by the hands, upon pressing the pendant or pulling a slide.
Chronographs, Calendars, Etc.
These are merely centre seconds watches with a slide at the side of the case, operating a lever on the pillar plate. The lever has an upright thin brass wire, which comes into contact with the balance rim or the roller edge and stops the watch.
Real Estate Business
Indicate the origin of the real estate business as such. What functions are performed by the real estate dealer? Why is it advantageous to have a source of information regarding real estate affairs.
Real Estate Office Orgranization
What are the purposes of office organization in general? What departments does the ordinary real estate office have? What is the advantage of specialization by departments? What does the executive gain by careful departmentalization of his office.
Rent, Leasing, And Property Management
Name the parts of a lease. Why are the terms of a lease nearly all in favor of the landlord? What advantage does the landlord have as a landlord in case of dispossess proceedings? What are dispossess proceedings.
Real Estate And Insurance
It has been said that insurance is but a gamble. What answer can be given to this statement? Why does insurance play such an important part in the granting of credit? Why does insurance serve to prevent fires! What are the main provisions of an insurance policy.
Real Estate Selling
The real estate salesman contributes to his community by increasing home ownership and encouraging higher utilization of real estate.
Advertising And Real Estate
What is the difference between publicity advertising and the advertising of specific offerings? What is the chief advantage of publicity advertising? Does advertising actually sell real estate.
Valuation Of Real Estate
What general economic law does the value of real estate follow? What are the factors that determine the supply of land? What relationship is there between the cost of bringing land into use and the supply of land.
Building Operations
Who takes the initiative in the building of the largest number of private dwellings? Why can the real estate dealer render special service in building? What equipment should he have.
Financing Real Estate Transactions
What are the sources of finance for the real estate dealer? Indicate something of the difficulties of using each of these sources. In what essential has the mortgage changed in modern times? What are the principal features of a mortgage.
Real Estate And Legal Considerations
Why is the employment of an attorney necessary for the real estate dealer? What points must be agreed on by both the buyer and the seller before a transaction can be considered complete? What point is most essential in considering the prorating of taxes, insurance, and water rates.
Subdividing And City Planning
What points of view are common in real estate practice regarding the purpose of city planning? Indicate the wastes that arise from untimely subdividing. Is it desirable to have vacant lots within the area of a city.
Taxation Of Real Estate
What part of the tax burden of government is carried by real estate? In what instances is it impossible for owners to shift taxes on real estate? What kinds of taxes are raised chiefly from real estate.
Real Estate Profession And Its Relationship To The State
What situation formerly existed in the real estate business that brought about a need for state supervision? Why is the real estate man able especially to work social injury? What parallel is there between the action of the state in supervising banks and real estate dealers.
Professional Relationships
Indicate the changes that have come over competition in business during the last two or three decades. What are the arguments in favor of cooperation as opposed to cutthroat competition? Which policy results in more business for the real estate dealer.
Requisites To Success In Real Estate Practice
How can I be successful? This question has been asked by every beginner in every business and profession, but a categorical answer has never been given. It will not be given here, for success is too elusive to be achieved or lost in accordance with any easy preconceived rules.
Romanesque Architecture In Europe - Influences
On the decline of the Roman Empire, the Romanesque style grew up in those countries of Western Europe which had been under the rule of Rome, and geographical position determined many of the peculiarities of the style in each country.
Romanesque Architecture In Europe - Architectural Character
The term Romanesque may be said to include the phases of European architecture which were based on Roman art from the departure of the Romans up to the end of the twelfth century.
Romanesque Architecture In Europe - Examples
Examples of various buildings, such as cathedrals, churches, and castles, are given under their respective countries ; but as the monastic system was responsible for a new departure, necessitated by the requirements of monkish communities, a sketch of a typical Benedictine monastery is given to convey an idea of the monastic establishments which sprang up during the period in different European countries.
Romanesque Architecture In Europe - Comparative Analysis
The Roman basilica had been the model for Early Christian churches, the plan of which was subject to new developments during this period. The addition of transepts and the prolongation of the sanctuary or chancel made the church a well-defined cross on plan, as at S. Michele, Pavia.
Italian Romanesque - Influences
The central region lies between Florence, commanding the passage of the Arno, on the north ; Pisa, the maritime power on the west ; and Naples, the naval port on the south ; while the Imperial City, rich in ancient pagan monuments and Early Christian churches, here exercised a paramount influence on architecture.
Italian Romanesque - Architectural Character
The Romanesque Period in Italy may be taken to date approximately from the eighth to the twelfth century.
Italian Romanesque - Examples
Pisa Cathedral (A.D. 106392) (pp. 257, 258 B) with Baptistery, Campanile, and Campo Santo, together form one of the most famous building groups of the world.
Italian Romanesque - Comparative Analysis
In Central Italy church plans adhered substantially to those of basilicas, and naves were divided from aisles by antique columns. The choir was occasionally raised above a crypt reached by steps from the nave.
Italian Gothic - Architectural Character
The general character of Gothic architecture in Europe has already been dealt with. The style in Italy dates approximately from A.D. 1200-1450, but the influence of Roman tradition remained so strong that the conspicuous verticality of northern Gothic is generally neutralised in Italy by horizontal cornices and string courses.
Italian Gothic - Examples
Milan Cathedral (A.D. 13851485), erected by the first Duke of Milan, is, with the exception of Seville, the largest Mediaeval cathedral, and is somewhat German in character, as many of the fifty architects employed on it were from north of the Alps.
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