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From India To Peru
INDIA is not a very good country for hunting antiquities. One cannot carry away a Jain temple, even if one might. The decorative sculpture of mediaeval India is not attractive ; at all events, not attractive to me.
Greek And Roman Antiquities
One of the most remarkable achievements of those earliest Egyptians of whose work we possess survivals was the discovery how to work the hardest rocks supplied to them by nature in the neighbourhood of their homes.
A Find Of Giorgiones
IN the summer of 1903 we made an extensive motoring tour throughout the length and breadth of France, and wherever we went we searched the antiquity shops with patient thoroughness.
EVERYBODY nowadays collects eighteenth-century English furniture and Elizabethan and Jacobean oak. It is not so very long ago since no one wanted either.
What is This Wine?
The Scriptures abound with wine lore, from Genesis, in which it is recorded that Noah first planted a vineyard, to the New Testament, which tells how Christ turned water into wine as his first miracle and served wine to his disciples for The Last Supper.
American Wine Traditions
To the unsophisticated wine drinker, American wine traditions are something of a confusion, because of the wide range of wine types produced in this land. There is in the United States no wine of the country corresponding to the vins du pays of which European wine-producing lands are so proud.
Wine Types
All wine is divided into three kinds, Dry, Sweet and Sparkling. Each has its own characteristics, the result of special methods of production. Each, moreover, has its distinct purposes. Each kind is made in both red and white varieties.
Dry White Wines
The most popular Dry white wines originated in France and Germany. The French types are Sauterne and Chablis. The German types are Riesling (often called Hock or Rhine) and Moselle. All are characterized by their lightness, their delicacy of flavor and bouquet, and by their light straw color or amber clarity.
Red Dry Wines
The most widely used red dry type of wine is Claret, which originated in France. In the Department of the Gironde are the Bordeaux Wine provinces, perhaps the most famous wine district in the world. The best Clarets are made mainly in four regions, Medoc, Graves, St. Emilion and Pomerol.
Sweet Wines
Muscatel is a delicately flavored sweet wine that has a distinct bouquet of the Muscat, which is a leading raisin grape in California. It is made very much as is Angelica except that the Muscat grape is used exclusively, the flavor of this grape being immediately recognized in the wine, which should have a smooth limpid quality.
Sparkling Wines
The Sparkling Wines are Champagne and Sparkling Burgundy. Champagne is pale gold in color. Sparkling Burgundy is ruby in tint. Both are party wines, popular for festive occasions. Sparkling wines are renowned as aids to digestion.
Choosing Wines
In judging wines remember that a good wine can be ruined by a poor cork. If you are buying wines by the case you should not judge the wine by the bottle you sample. You should sample several bottles to make sure that the wine is uniformly good. One bottle may have a corky taste due to a defective cork, but all of the other bottles in the case may be sound.
Storing Your Wine
Port and Sherry and other sweet wines are all better if aged in wooden casks, but dry wines after they have reached a certain age should be taken out of casks and put in bottles. Dry wines are better if bottled at the wineries.
Bottling Your Bulk Wine
All pure wines, after traveling, require rest before using. Therefore, if you secure a cask, on arrival it should be placed on its side, bung up, in a cool place for at least a week. A wooden faucet should be put in the head, preparatory to drawing the wine, which should run through the faucet without bubbling, as this brings the sediment to the body of the wine.
Stocking Your Cellar
In building up a cellar the wine buyer should remember that two or three times as much Dry wines as Sweet wines will be used in the average household, because the Dry wines are served daily as a part of the regular diet.
How To Serve Wine
Never serve a red wine with fish, unless it be red salmon, and try to avoid serving white wines with red meats, not because they are hostile to each other, but because the delicacy of the white wine is over-shadowed by the strong taste of red meat or game.
Temperatures Wine Should Be Served At
The temperatures at which the different wines should be served are important. Each wine has a distinct reaction to temperatures. The fine bouquet of certain wines is brought out best when they are cold. Others appear to better advantage when they are served at the temperature of the room or the cellar.
Serving the Wine
In opening the bottled wine, great care should be taken in cutting off the cap and in removing the cork so that the bottle is not shaken or jolted. The best plan is to use the lever corkscrew, which removes the cork without a jerk.
Decanting of Wine
Most red wines as they age throw a sediment in the bottom of the bottle. This sediment has a coarse taste and under no circumstances should it be allowed to go into the glass at the dinner table. A good practice is that of standing one or two bottles of aged wines up in the cellar so that the sediment is always at the bottom and the wine may be decanted before serving.
Glassware for Wine
Proper glassware for the serving of wine is important because it displays the color, helps to bring out the aroma and bouquet and adds materially to the satisfaction derived from wines by the wine drinker.
Wine in the Kitchen
No foreign chef would be able to cook without wine. He uses the different types in a thousand different ways. Dry red wines, for example, in the preparation of beef a la mode, sauce Bordelaise, salmi, civet of hare, red cabbage and soups and sauces.
Favorite Dishes Cooked in Wine
Lobster, Sherry. Cut lobster in half, remove meat and clean shell. Dice meat, place it in buttered pan, add chopped shallots and mushrooms diced. Simmer for two minutes, then add glass of Sherry wine, half cup of cream, a little French mustard, salt and cayenne pepper. Boil slowly for three minutes.
Notes from a Wine Drinker
If you want to serve a long drink to guests in the afternoon, a light white wine with Seltzer shot into it and a tiny piece of lemon over the rim of the glass makes a good cool beverage.
More Notes from a Wine Drinker
The illustrious Pasteur, who solved the scientific problem of fermentation and whose discoveries have enabled millions of lives to be saved, declared that wine may rightly be considered as the most wholesome and the most hygienic of drinks.
Wine-Wise Notes
The ideal temperature of a wine cellar is 58 degrees Fahrenheit. Tennis enthusiasts find Riesling and Seltzer water an excellent long drink. A dry biscuit will help to clean the palate between tasting different wines and, of course, no smoking should be indulged in either before or during the tasting.
In Praise of Wine
If you want to enjoy your food, to enjoy life, and to do the right thing by your friends, drink wine. Wine that is honest and honorable as the vintner who will sell it to you. Wine that is sound and wholesome, from the vineyards of all sunny lands, be they far or near. Wine that is suitable to the occasion. ANDRE L. SIMON.
From Birth To Graduation
I WAS born in Scituate, Rhode Island, on January 7, 1829. My parents were Andrew Aldrich Angell and Amy Aldrich Angell. They were remotely related. I am the oldest of eight children, two of whom died in infancy.
The Southern Journey
SETTING Out On my southern journey, I left home October 5, 1850, and went to Peace Dale. Tuesday evening we started for Philadelphia via New York. We spent some days in Philadelphia, where my friend had numerous relatives.
Work In Civil Engineering And Study In Europe
We arrived at Havre on December 27. When the pilot came aboard he astonished us by the announcement that by a coup d'état Louis Napoleon had taken full possession of the government, that many of the prominent statesmen were in prison, and that martial law was declared.
Professorship In Brown University And Editorship Of The Providence Journal
I WAS twenty-four years of age when I entered on the duties of my professorship. I was the youngest member of the Faculty. Most of the professors had been my teachers.
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