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Legends of the Madonna - Five or Six Figures
The addition of Joseph, as a fifth figure, completes the domestic group. The introduction of the aged Zacharias renders, however, yet more full and complete, the circle of human life and human affection. We have, then, infancy, youth, maturity, and age, difference of sex and various degrees of relationship, combined into one harmonious whole.
Legends of the Madonna - The Family of the Virgin Together
In a composition by Parmigiano, Christ is standing at his mother's knee, Elizabeth presents St. John the Baptist, the other little St. John kneels on a cushion. Behind the Virgin are St. Joachim and St. Anna, and behind Elizabeth, Zebedee and Mary Salome, the parents of St. John the Evangelist. In the centre, Joseph looks on with folded hands.
Legends of the Madonna - The Carpenter's Shop
It is distinctly related, that Joseph brought up his foster Son as a carpenter, and that Jesus exercised the craft of his reputed father. In the Church pictures we do not often meet with this touching and familiar aspect of the life of our Saviour.
Legends of the Madonna - Infant Christ Learning to Read
As if to render the circle of maternal duties, and thereby the maternal example, more complete, there are prints of Mary leading her Son to school. I have seen one in which he carries his horn-book in his hand.
Legends of the Madonna - Dispute in the Temple
The subject which we call the dispute in the Temple, or Christ among the Doctors, is a scene of great importance in the life of the Redeemer. His appearance in the midst of the doctors, at twelve years old, when he sat hearing them and asking them questions, and all who heard him were astonished at his understanding and his answers, has been interpreted as the first manifestation of his high character as teacher of men, as one come to throw a new light on the prophecies.
Legends of the Madonna - The Death of Joseph
Between the journey to Jerusalem and the public appearance of Jesus, chronologers place the death of Joseph, but the exact date is not ascertained. Some place it in the eighteenth year of the life of our Saviour, and others in his twenty-seventh year, when, as they assert, Joseph was one hundred and eleven years old.
Legends of the Madonna - The Marriage at Cana in Galilee
After his temptation and baptism, the first manifestation of the divine mission and miraculous power of Jesus was at the wedding feast at Cana in Galilee. And those who had devoted themselves to the especial glorification of the Virgin-mother did not forget that it was at her request this first miracle was accomplished.
Legends of the Madonna - The Ministry of Christ
After the marriage at Cana in Galilee, which may be regarded as the commencement of the miraculous mission of our Lord, we do not hear anything of his Mother, the Virgin, till the time approached when he was to close his ministry by his death.
Legends of the Madonna - Lo Spasimo
In the Passion of our Lord, taken in connection with the life of the Virgin-mother, there are three scenes in which she is associated with the action as an important, if not a principal, personage.
Legends of the Madonna - The Crucifixion
This great subject belongs more particularly to the Life of Christ. It is, I observe, always omitted in a series of the Life of the Virgin, unless it be the Rosary, in which the Vigil of the Virgin by the Cross is the fifth and greatest of the Seven Sorrows.
Legends of the Madonna - The Descent from the Cross
The Descent From The Cross and the Deposition are two separate themes. In the first, according to the antique formula, the Virgin should stand. For here, as in the Crucifixion, she must be associated with the principal action, and not, by the excess of her grief, disabled from taking her part in it.
Legends of the Madonna - The Deposition
The Deposition is properly that moment which succeeds the DESCENT from the Cross. When the dead form of Christ is deposed or laid upon the ground, resting on the lap of his Mother, and lamented by St. John, the Magdalene, and others.
Legends of the Madonna - The Entombment
We find that the associations left in the minds of the people by the expeditions of the crusaders and the pilgrimages to the Holy Sepulchre rendered the Deposition and the Entombment particularly popular and impressive as subjects of Art, even down to a late period.
Legends of the Madonna - The Apparition of Christ
The enthusiastic and increasing veneration for the Madonna, the large place she filled in the religious teaching of the ecclesiastics and the religious sentiments of the people, are nowhere more apparent, nor more strikingly exhibited, than in the manner in which she was associated with the scenes which followed the Passion.
Legends of the Madonna - The Ascension
The Ascension, though one of the Glorious Mysteries, was also accounted as the seventh and last of the sorrows of the Virgin, for she was then left alone on earth. All the old legends represent her as present on this occasion.
Legends of the Madonna - The Descent of the Holy Ghost
The Descent of the Holy Ghost is a strictly scriptural subject. I have heard it said that the introduction of Mary was not authorized by the scripture narrative.
Legends of the Madonna - The Death and Assumption of the Virgin
Of all the representations consecrated to the glory of the Virgin, none have been more popular, more multiplied through every form of Art, and more admirably treated, than her death and apotheosis.
The Legend of the Death and Assumption of the Virgin Mary
This legend of the Death and Assumption of the Virgin has afforded to the artists seven distinct scenes. 1. The Angel, bearing the palm, announces to Mary her approaching Death. The announcing angel is usually supposed to be Gabriel, but it is properly Michael, the angel of death.
The Angel Announcing to Mary Her Approaching Death
The Angel Announcing to Mary Her Approaching Death has been rarely treated. In general, Mary is seated or standing, and the angel kneels before her, bearing the starry palm brought from Paradise. In the frescoes at Orvieto, and in the bas-relief of Orcagna, on the beautiful shrine in Or San Michele, at Florence, the angel comes flying downwards with the palm.
The Death of the Virgin Mary
The Death of the Virgin is styled in Byzantine and old Italian Art the Sleep of the Virgin, Il Sonno della Madonna. For it was an old superstition, subsequently rejected as heretical, that she did not really die after the manner of common mortals, only fell asleep till her resurrection.
The Apostles Carry the Body of the Virgin to the Tomb
This is a very uncommon subject. There is a most beautiful example by Taddeo Bartolo (Siena, Palazzo Pubblico) full of profound religious feeling. There is a small engraving by Bonasone, in a series of the Life of the Virgin, apparently after Parmigiano.
Legends of the Madonna - The Entomement
In the early pictures there is little distinction between this subject and the death of the Virgin. If the figure of Christ stand over the recumbent form, holding in his arms the emancipated soul, then it is the Transito the death or sleep. But when a sarcophagus is in the centre of the picture, it may be determined that it is the Entombment of the Virgin after her death.
Legends of the Madonna - The Assumption of the Madonnas
The old painters distinguished between the Assumption of the soul and the Assumption of the body of the Virgin. In the first instance, at the moment the soul is separated from her body, Christ receives it into his keeping, standing in person either beside her death-bed or above it.
The Coronation of the Virgin Mary
The Coronation of the Virgin follows the Assumption. In some instances this final consummation of her glorious destiny supersedes, or rather includes, her ascension into heaven.
A False Start
THE passion for collecting must correspond with some deep-seated instinct in man. Children of tender age often fall under its sway, and it is the last passion that still masters the very old.
The Hunt In Milan
THE incident of the Venetian picture was but byplay in our real quest, which was, to search for and find a Foppa. Those twenty francs of Morelli's had simply got to be won. So after the loss of less time than my narrative may perhaps suggest, I settled down seriously to pursue a steady and relentless search.
Finding Of A Foppa
I HEADED each of the preceding chapters in turn, How I Found a Foppa, and have had to change it, for still the actual adventure eludes my pen ; but I vow this time that the story shall be gotten rid of before this third chapter closes, even if I have to stretch it out to a hundred pages.
More Finds In Milan
But with the night came sanity, and on our way to Cavenaghi's studio next day we stopped and just picked up the treasure. The dealer, for luck, threw in a majolica alberello, probably worth as much since as what we paid for both.
Here And There In Italy
A FEW years passed before another opportunity came for devoting any considerable time to the hunt for works of art in Italy.
The Hunt In Egypt
Now that shiploads of luxurious tourists annually hasten to Egypt to escape a Northern winter, and find amusement in the ordinary round of entertainments which is provided everywhere on the same pattern for modern wealthy idlers, a good deal of the glamour of the East has departed from Cairo.
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