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More About The Production of Electricity by Steam Power
WANT to give you fair notice that these papers in my hands are I two evening Detroit papers. Possibly as part of the penalty for my manifold sins and offenses which I expect to serve in this world, it is my duty to read them—and I will read them late this evening—but I am not going to spring them on you.
The Partnership of Business and Science—Industry's Debt to the Latter
BUSINESS AND SCIENCE have been partners in industry since that prehistoric day when science was first recognized as a distinct manifestation of the human intellect.
Electricity - Some Ethical Aspects of Replacement Reserves
Ethics—the science or doctrine of the sources, principles, sanctions and ideals of human conduct and character.
Business Ethics
The assigned subject is Business Ethics. My library dictionary gives me an option of several definitions of business.
Electricity - Interconnections
MY FRIENDS have a habit of expecting me to see and express the humorous side, if there is a humorous side, of any subject that may be assigned to me to talk about. I have not been able to discover a humorous side to interconnections.
Electricity - Some Basic Principles
I took charge of the Detroit Edison property which was then The Edison Illuminating Company of Detroit, some thirty years ago. I was formally inducted into office on the first day of July; 1896, so, officially, I cannot yet claim thirty years' service.
A Thesis and a Question
THERE are two philosophies of life, either of which works very well. One of them is to go after what you want and to find your joy in the seeking, even if not crowned with success. That is the philosophy of youth, and inasmuch as our industry is young it is the philosophy of our industry.
An Engineer to Executives
As an engineer who by force of circumstances, or force of some As thing else equally valid, has come to be a senior executive, I am in position to appreciate the mental attitude of the engineer and likewise that of the executive.
Hinduism - The Stream Of Indian Thought
THE time has come to present India to the West: India the contemned of the world but the Beloved of the Gods. The misunderstanding of India has been so colossal that it would be absurdly comic, if it were not so tragic.
Hinduism - Hindu Religious Faiths
THE civilisation which the Hindu has built up has a type of its own, and that type has been shaped and formed by a particular ideal. The note throughout the ages that the Hindu has developed into a great harmony is spiritual culture.
Hinduism - Caste
The true ideal of caste is an extension of the Hindu family ideal, where each has his rightful place and privileges, and where the ideal of all is service for all.
Hinduism - The Four Ashramas
THE Ashrama life is the very root of the spiritual culture of the Hindu. Whatever of Idealism he has developed in his country has been very largely due to this age-long system, in which from the very early days of his civilisation he has realised all the possibilities of building up an ideal for the individual.
Hinduism - Kings And Peasants
In the life and history of Hindu civilisation the Indian peasant is a wonderful factor. He knows that God lives in every human being. He bows his head to Him. He bows his head to his king and country.
Hinduism - The Hindu Woman
India's torch is burning—burning in the bush as well as in the homes. The Hindu woman sang and is singing to-day. Sree Krishna is ideal and idol. The Jumna has become the very symbol of her life.
Hinduism - The Key Note Of Humanity
The Hindu understands this, and his systems, his schools, his cults, are only his thousand different ways of training himself to hear this call. In fact, according to the Hindu's ideal of spirituality, each individual has a school of his own wherein he is trained and trains himself.
Against Roman Architecture
I believe, and I believe deeply, in Greek, Romanesque and Gothic. I believe in the Italian Quattrocento, and the American Colonial, even in the Barocco, if you will, but I refuse to bow down before the Goddess Rome.
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