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The Distribution of Power by Direct Currents
IT IS part of the programme for this evening that I shall advocate the use of direct currents for long distance power transmission.
Selection Of Alternating Current Apparatus For A Central Lighting System
MY FRIEND and predecessor in the management of The Edison Illuminating Company of Detroit, Mr. C. P. Gilbert, is responsible for the presentation of this paper.
Public Lighting in Relation to Public Ownership and Operation
It is the belief of many members that the National Electric Light Association should formulate and publish a well-considered method of dealing with this business. While local conditions differ, there is no local difference in the principles which should govern electric lighting companies in their dealings with municipalities and municipalities in their dealings with electric lighting companies.
Electricity - Methods of Charging
THE WRIGHT system of charging for electric supply is not an indivisible entity. It is rather a combination of three entities, any of which may be adopted by a lighting company without necessarily entailing the adoption of the others.
Electric Residence Rates in Detroit
AT the last Convention I made a brief statement, which has appeared in the Minutes, of an experiment in the application of a differential rate to house lighting. I promised to make some statement at this meeting of the result.
Electric Residence Rates In Detroit (Part II)
At two previous conventions I have made statement of the experience of The Edison Illuminating Company, of Detroit, in the application of a differential rate to house lighting. This will presumably be the final statement.
The Position of the Engineer in Municipal Service
THE Detroit Engineering Society has always avoided any semblance of political action. We have at times discussed matters of engineering interest so closely akin to what we recognize as politics that our discussion took a distinctly political tinge.
Salt as a By Product
Not only by the adoption of economical processes of manufacture, but by the utilization of all by-products, must the manufacturer of today keep down his production cost. In some cases he has apparently the choice between economical manufacture of his chief product without a by-product, and a less economical process which leaves as residue a valuable by-product.
The Direct Current Distributing Systems of American Cities
THE INTENT of this paper is to describe the electric distribution system which is commonly in use in the central areas of the larger American cities and to state the reasons for the adoption and retention of that system.
Electricity - Rates and Costs
THE SUBJECT of this talk as announced is Rates and Costs. In a sense that is putting the cart before the horse; because costs are not consequent on rates, excepting only when the rates are by competition or by legislation so fixed that proper service is made impossible, because it costs too much.
Electricity - Regulation by Commissions
The immediate question before you, upon which I am asked to speak, is: Shall there be in this State a commission controlling public utilities.
Electricity - The Art of Rate Making
WHEN an electric light company was only a lighting company, selling light at night in competition with gas and trying hard to sell enough energy to pay for the coal used on the day run, rate making by guess was fairly safe and was likely to be equitable.
Electric Energy, Wholesale and Retail
Summing up these principles in a concise, although not complete statement, it may be said that the rate charged for any class of service must pay the cost of performing the service, plus the accruing depreciation of the equipment required for the service, plus some return—more or less—upon the investment.
The Production of Electricity by Steam Power
You are more interested in power delivered and available for your work than you are in the question of generating or producing power at the terminals of a dynamo-electric machine.
Concerning War-Time Extensions—Some Underlying Principles
Neither do I think you will challenge my second premise, to wit, that public utilities must be planned, financed and operated as continuing services; subject to slow changes in quality and character.
Electricity - Rate Forms Should Be Minimized
THIS is a talk about some phases of the art of rate making. It will not be long, and it presumes, with reason, that this audience knows so much of the technique of cost analysis and of the laws of rate making that preliminary discussion of these phases is superfluous.
Economics and the Engineer in Utility Management
YOUR presiding officer has indicated to you just what he wants you to believe he wanted me to say. In other words, he has shown the wisdom which I would have looked for in the Legal Department, rather than in the Technical Department, of setting up an alibi in advance.
Electricity - Evolution of Rate Making
FIFTY-YEARS AGO a discussion of rates for electric supply would have been impossible because there was no electric supply.
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