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The Chamber of Horrors Rumour
We have speculated much upon the origin of what has come to be called The Chamber of Horrors Rumour, relating to a popular delusion that Madame Tussaud's will pay a sum of money to any person who spends a night alone with the criminals assembled therein.
Mark Twain at Tussaud's
Mark Twain once visited Madame Tussaud's. He stood a long while, says his cousin, in contemplation of an especially clever piece of work, and was aroused by a sudden stab of pain in his side. Turning quickly, he found himself face to face with a dumb-founded British matron with her parasol still pointed at him.
Enemy models
To the Kaiser belongs the distinction of having been expelled from Madame Tussaud's for several months—a distinction that was shared by the late Francis Joseph, Emperor of Austria.
Tussaud's during the war
Under the stress of war many strange things revealed themselves at Tussaud's—things by no means easy to define, subtle, illusive, immaterial, difficult to comprehend and hard to describe.
Three heroes of the war
There are three figures, added during the past few momentous years, which possess the rare distinction of being models of abiding interest. Out of the many portraits placed in the Exhibition, there are few that stay there very long.
A crinoline comedy
The crinoline period known to our mothers was, curiously enough, anticipated in the days immediately preceding the French Revolution, as exemplified by the quaint Parisian coquette, Madame Sappe, with whom that egoistic old cynic, Voltaire, is palpably flirting in the Grand Hall.
Relics of Old Newgate
As soon as I learned in the winter of 1903 that the Old Bailey was to be demolished and its mementoes sold by auction, I hastened to the historic courthouse, armed with a catalogue, to tick off such articles as might be wanted for Madame Tussaud's.
Madame Tussaud's appearance and character
Forty years of Madame Tussaud's life had been chiefly spent in Paris and the latter fifty years mostly in London, so that her biography may be said to comprise a tale of two cities. She was buried in the catacombs of St. Mary's Church, Cadogan Place, Chelsea.
The Great American Holiday
Among all the holidays of the year, one stands out as preeminently American. One appeals especially to that sentiment of patriotism and national pride which glows in every loyal American heart. Independence Day—the Fourth of July — is observed in every State in the Union as our distinctive national holiday.
The Nation's Birthday
With waving flags and rolling drums, We greet the Nation's Birthday, when, In glorious majesty, it comes.
How The Fourth of July Should be Celebrated
I have been invited to present some hints as to the proper observance of our great national holiday, the Fourth of July, and the false education implied by warlike celebrations in a nation whose corner stone is peace and whose freedom is a standing protest against old-world militarism.
England and America
England and America now understand one another far better than they ever did before. In 1776 there was on one side a monarch and a small ruling caste, on the other side a people. Now our government can no longer misrepresent the nation, and across the ocean a people speaks to a people.
The Birthday of the Nation
This is that day of the year which announced to mankind the great fact of American Independence! This fresh and brilliant morning blesses our vision with another beholding of the birthday of our Nation.
The Fourth of July
Let be the herds and what the harvest brings. Give to oblivion all that's sold and bought, The count of unrememberable things.
Lift Up Your Hearts
We have seen the Federal Union, not too strongly put together in the first place, come out of a great war of sections stronger than when it went into it, its faith renewed, its credit rehabilitated, and its flag saluted with love and homage by sixty millions of God-fearing men and women.
England and the Fourth of July
For some years past I have presided at a distinctly British celebration of the Fourth of July at my brother's settlement in Southeast London, at Browning Hall, and I have always repudiated the idea that Americans should be allowed to monopolize the Fourth of July.
Some Early Independence Day Addresses
Revolutions in other countries have been affected by accident. The faculties of human reason and the rights of human nature have been the sport of chance and the prey of ambition. When indignation has burst the bands of slavery, to the destruction of one tyrant, it was only to impose the manacles of another.
Our National Anniversary
We celebrate today no idle tradition—the deeds of no fabulous race. For we tread in the scarcely obliterated footsteps of an earnest and valiant generation of men, who dared to stake life, and fortune, and sacred honor, upon a declaration of rights.
America's Natal Day
The United States is the only country with a known birthday. All the rest began, they know not when, and grew into power, they know not how. If there had been no Independence Day, England and America combined would not be so great as each actually is.
Crises of Nations
There are brief crises in which the drift of individual and national history is determined, sometimes unexpectedly. Critical moments on which great decisions hang. Days which, like a mountain in a plain, lift themselves above the dead level of common days into everlasting eminence. Our Day of Independence was such a day.
The Fourth of July In Westminster Abbey
To all true men the birthday of a nation must always be a sacred thing. For in our modern thought the nation is the making-place of man. Not by the traditions of its history, nor by the splendor of its corporate achievements, nor by the abstract excellence of its Constitution, but by its fitness to make men.
America Resents British Dictation
During the agitation of 1765, concerning the British Stamp Act, a convention of its opponents was assembled in New York City under the name of The Stamp Act Congress. Among the most conspicuous of the delegates from the Massachusetts Colony was James Otis.
Independence A Solemn Duty
The time will certainly come when the fated separation between the mother-country and these colonies must take place, whether you will or no, for it is so decreed by the very nature of things, by the progressive increase of our population, the fertility of our soil, the extent 0f 0ur territory, the industry of our countrymen, and the immensity of the ocean which separates the two countries.
An Appeal for America
The Americans, irritated by repeated injuries, and stripped of their inborn rights and dearest privileges, have resisted, and entered into associations for the preservation of their common liberties.
War Is Actually Begun
This, is no time for ceremony. The question before the house is one of awful moment to this country. For my own part, I consider it as nothing less than a question of freedom or slavery. And in proportion to the magnitude of the subject ought to be the freedom of the debate.
Emancipation From British Dependence
From pirates sent out by command of the king To murder and plunder, but never to swing From Wallace, and Graves, and Vipers and Roses, Whom, if Heaven pleases, we'll give bloody noses.
The Origin of the Declaration
Besides the semi-independent character of their political governments, there were other circumstances which tended to inspire a large part of the colonists with a strong passion for independence, and led them to resist with unusual energy the remodeling plans which England began in 1764.
The Declaration of Independence
Recall the quaint and homely city of Philadelphia, the gloom that hung over it from the terrible responsibility of the step there taken, the modest hall still standing and baptized as the Cradle of Liberty.
Cardinal Flower - Red Lobelia
By the depth and brilliancy of its incomparable hue, the shade with which Vibert delighted to illumine his rich canvases, the color of the famous hat worn by seventy ecclesiastical princes of the Roman Church, but a richer red than the bird which shares the name can boast, the cardinal flower proclaims its title to all beholders.
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