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The Heart Of Holland
When the Dutch speak of Holland they signify the two contiguous provinces of North and South Holland that lie along the North Sea coast in the west of the Netherlands.
How We Saw Amsterdam
So we saw Amsterdam. So it should always be seen; for only so can one realize its full charm.
The Don Quixote Country
THE Knight of La Mancha would have had his hands full if he had attempted to tilt with all the windmills between Amsterdam and Koog on the Zaan.
Alkmaar's Weigh House
WE made a continuous voyage, after leaving the wind-mill country at Koog, by way of the interesting Zaan to the broad Lake of Alkmaar whereon we sailed as on the shallow waters of an inland sea.
An International Complication
THE Captain took advantage while at Alkmaar of its vicinity to Egmond aan Zee to pay a day's visit to a friend there, promising to rejoin us later when he should have his three weeks' furlough.
The Port Of Hoorn
But it was when we had finished with the sights and descended from our state equipage that we began to be really happy in Hoorn. James said his democratic shanks' mare was good enough for him in so small a place, and with these steeds we hied us without delay to the ancient Port.
An Ancient Of Days
Short as the voyage was across the Zuider Zee it seemed to bring us to a foreign shore — and to us a physical sense of northernness. We left the Port of Hoorn behind us, and presently on the left the towers of Enkuizen rose like those of a dream city from out the very waves them-selves.
A Frisian Paris
THE country changed its face on leaving the coastlands for Leeuwarden. Rich farms joined richer farms with every mile that brought us nearer to the Frisian capital.
Gouda, Utrecht, Amersfoort
WE wanted to see the other Lake Country of the Netherlands that lies southwest of Leeuwarden; we wanted to see Kampen and its gate, one of the oldest in the country, but we knew that in six weeks, at most, midsummer would be upon us and the time to enjoy the Netherlands is in the spring and June.
The Rhine Daughters
IT seemed as if we were making acquaintance with a new land on our journey from Amersfoort through eastern Utrecht and Gelderland to N˙megen.
St. John's Of Bois-Le-Duc
JAMES had intended to withhold from Ben until the day came for us to embark, the pleasing fact that we had a Rhine yacht of our own for the river journey from N˙megen to Dordrecht.
Great Head Gate
I know I was mean; but I left James to explain the situation as best he could, and hurried Lou away with me through the archway to the hotel — and another room than the one I had preempted by the Great Head Gate!
Dear old Dort! Lois exclaimed, as she leaned to catch the last glimpse of that Great Head Gate, which bears the grand inscription on its faēade: Be Thou my keeper, O God Jehovah; and Dear old Dort! - we echoed.
At The Gates Of The Sea
EAST and southeast of Dordrecht, which is on an island, stretches that intricate network of water ways called The Biesbosch, or reed-lands.
The Swimming Lion
The Lion of the Netherlands! He is a noble beast; a noble symbol of a noble land; but nowhere will you see him in such grandeur of struggle as just here, where you find him swimming for life, and struggling to keep his noble head above the engulfing waves of this ancient Zeeland, sea-land in truth !
Harking Back To Caesar
THREE weeks would not suffice for the artist, the historian, the archaeologist, the mere summer-dreamer in Middelburg.
Peace Conference At The Hague
As we passed the Hoek of Holland we watched the last line of dunes fade away and blend with the horizon. We knew at last what lay behind them — all the beauty, all the glory, all the struggle, all the toil. Brave little Land!
What Has Norway for the Traveler?
If he be of Norwegian birth, her charm needs little exposition. She is the mother-land, the background of all his early memories. Her earth and sea and sky in themselves have an indefinable, indestructible hold on his affections.
The Stereographs — How to Use Them
These stereographs are not mere pictures of Norway. They are much more than that. The two prints mounted side by side are not alike, though they seem alike to the unaided eye.
Seeing Norway
Out of Norway in old times came vigorous, fearless, powerful men, whose virile energy helped shape the civilization of Europe and America.
Christiania and her busy harbor
Here we are on the hillside, looking northwest. The Swedish frontier is forty miles distant behind us. How steeply the ground slopes away beneath those pine trees, down toward the harborside ! It is all exactly as the map led us to expect.
Leaving old home and friends
After that outgoing vessel gets fairly out into the channel she will turn a little more toward the south-west (right), and go all the afternoon steaming down among the capes and islands of the fjord.
The great market
Direction—We look a little south of east. Surroundings—The pier where we saw the ocean-liner is ahead of us and off at our right, but not in sight; city streets surround us on all sides. The palace, on its hill, is away off behind us.
Christiania's largest market
We are looking obliquely downward from the church steeple, so it will be found most effective to hold the stereoscope at such an angle that we look obliquely down on the face of the stereograph. Surroundings—Streets and house-roofs.
Karl Johan Street
This street reaches off behind us down beyond the market square which we have just visited. Notice the trolley cars and the tall electric light poles—Christiania keeps well up with the times in all these modern improvements.
Norway's fine capital city
From Karl Johan Street we had a glimpse of the northern wall of the Parliament Building at our left. Now we are at its southern side, so we find it on our right. Many an exciting session have the people's representatives held within those substantial walls.
Old Viking ship
It seems a pity that this precious vestige of old times should be stored in this easily inflammable wooden building, but its huge dimensions (103 feet long) make it impracticable to put it in the Museum proper.
The Royal Palace
It is not difficult to obtain admission to the palace. Let us get an idea of the impressive interior.
The great ball room at the Palace
This has for several generations been the traditional place for royal receptions, and now that the young King and Queen have come to Christiania, these fine old crystal chandeliers will light up many an interesting assemblage of citizens and guests.
Henrik Ibsen
The best strength of the physical frame is gone, for age and illness have wrought havoc there; but that lion-like head bears magnificent testimony to the clear mental vision, the superb audacity and the artistic master-strength that have made its owner's name celebrated all around the world.
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