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Diamonds For Mechanical Purposes
IN addition to carbonado or carbon, there are other forms of diamond which are used largely for mechanical purposes.
Artificial Diamonds
There have been many attempts to make diamonds. The difficult problems involved have excited the desire of scientists to solve them and the great value of the gem has been an incentive to hundreds who experimented in the hope that they might learn how to turn one of the common elements of the earth into costly jewels.
Diamond Weights
The weight of diamonds today is reckoned by the "carat," a term which means different quantities of mass in different countries, though it is practically the same in those markets of the world where most of the gems are handled.
Engraved Diamonds
The third stone of the second row in the Jewish High Priest's breastplate, according to the biblical translation, was a diamond, and in common with the others had the name of a tribe of Israel engraved upon it.
How To Buy Diamonds
An experience of some years suggests, that if a dealer may sometimes say too much about his diamonds, he cannot know too much. To the consumer, an old saying may be safely paraphrased thus : Trust your jeweler and keep your powder dry.
Origin Of The Diamond
IN olden times little was known about the diamond beyond the superficial facts that it was hard, brilliant, and crystallized in. a certain definite form.
The Place Of Diamonds In Literature
And because the diamond-advertising literature of the day reeks so with the spirit of the bargain counter, and the gem flashes so commonly from the unclean hands of politics, vice and graft, the noblest product of Nature's gigantic laboratory is by association, oftentimes made vulgar.
An Expensive Farce
THE first decade of the twentieth century has brought to light the greatest diamond and the most audacious swindle in the history of diamonds.
Importations Of Diamonds Into The United States
Prior to and since the Wilson tariff, rough diamonds were nondutiable and there was and is a duty of ten per cent. on unset cut diamonds. During the Wilson tariff the duty was ten per cent. on rough, and twenty-five per cent. on cut diamonds.
The Diamond Digest
Colors, white and with tints of blue, yellow, brown, green, and pink. Also in red, green, blue, yellow, brown, and orange of decided color.
The Diamond Glossary
BAHIAS.— Brazil diamonds from the Bahia district.
The History Of The Bible
Together these many editions have brought to a high state of perfection and usefulness the great work of translating the Holy Scriptures into the English language. Thus the present age is linked with the ages of the past by the golden chain of the history of the Bible.
The Traditional View Of The Bible
From the foregoing reflections it would seem evident that there must be a better view of the Bible, more rational, natural, simple, heart-satisfying. I am absolutely sure that there is such a better view, which saves all the excellences of Scripture and frees us from all its defects; and it will be a delight to try to set it forth in succeeding chapters.
What Is Biblical Criticism?
At least a primary knowledge of the nature and service of biblical criticism is indispensable to a proper understanding of the better conception of Scripture of which we are in pursuit.
The New View Of The Old Testament
Granting the legitimacy and importance of biblical criticism as a large and fruitful branch of modern learning, we are prepared to ascertain the principal results which it has already produced.
The Pentateuch
Naturally we begin with the Pentateuch, popularly known as the five books of Moses—Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. The Jews called them, collectively, the Torah, or, as we should say, the Law.
Bible - Other Writings
In a similar way we must revise the traditional opinion of many of the other Old Testament books. Limits of space forbid a treatment of all these, and, indeed, allow only the briefest remarks concerning a few of them.
The New View Of The New Testament
Seeing that biblical criticism has given us a new and better understanding of the Old Testament, we shall be eager to learn what it has to say about the New Testament.
The Epistles Of Paul
Because it is not necessary to the main purpose of this chapter to take up all the books of the New Testament, the remaining epistles, as well as Acts and Revelation, are passed by, and the most important works in the whole Bible will now claim our attention.
The Gospels
The four gospels are said to be according to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, respectively.
Distinct Types Of Christianity
In concluding this chapter some attention must be given to another important aspect of the new view of the New Testament, consisting of the distinct types of Christianity which it discovers within its pages.
The Inspiration Of The Bible
The facts and views presented in the preceding pages compel a restatement of doctrine concerning the inspiration of the Bible.
The Divine Revelation In The Bible
The new learning regarding the Bible calls, not only for a restatement of the doctrine of inspiration, but also for a reconsideration of the kindred question of revelation.
The Moral And Religious Authority Of The Bible
In what sense and to what extent is the Bible authoritative in matters of faith and morals? This is the most vital question involved in these chapters. Indeed it is the one essential question lying at the heart of all the discussions of our time concerning the Scriptures.
The New Appreciation Of The Bible
As the old appreciation of the Bible passes away, because of the breaking down of some of the theoretical conceptions which it implied, we may reasonably expect this new appreciation to take its place in the thought and affection of en-lightened people.
The Bible And Spiritual Progress
The new appreciation of the Bible, as literature, as history, and as a revelation of life, may be profitably supplemented by a fresh consideration of its relation to human progress.
The Service Of The Bible To Our Own Time
Having glanced at the role which the Bible has played in the spiritual progress of the past, we need next to consider what service it may render to our own age.
How To Read The Bible In Its Modern Aspects
Having obtained a clear conception of the revolution which is taking place in the thought of intelligent people regarding the nature of the Bible.
Use And Abuse Of The Bible In Sunday School
Among the practical problems involved in the new views of the Bible which modern learning compels us to take none is in greater need of serious consideration than the one here propounded.
The Bible In The Public School
Has the Bible a legitimate place in the public school? This question, with its implications, is receiving increasing attention in our country at present.
The Bible In The Home
In treating of the Bible in the home we are dealing with another phase of the great problem of moral and religious education.
The Bible And Personal Culture
The new appreciation of the. Bible which has been portrayed in the preceding chapters may fitly culminate in a fresh estimate of this great literature as a means of personal culture.
The Bible And The Spread Of Western Civilization
There are three principal spheres for the influence of the Bible—the individual, the social, and the universal. At least it may promote clear thought to distinguish such spheres, although of course they overlap one another and are interdependent.
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