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A Mexican Paradise
Go to Cuernavaca, said an American friend, as I sat by a diminutive oil stove in his office in Mexico City one morning, discussing the cold weather which had lasted through the first weeks of November.
Mexico - The City Of The Angels
THE difference between the American and his neighbor the Mexican is strikingly illustrated in the names and history of their respective cities.
A Mexican Carlsbad
WHEN a European is suffering from liver or kindred ailments, he betakes himself, if he has the means, to Carlsbad or some other popular and expensive health resort. The Mexican also has his little maladies, and likewise a cure to which he hies, and it is known as Tehuacan.
The Valley Of Oaxaca
Oaxaca played a very important part in the revolutionary wars and in 1865 was taken by the French army under General Bazaine. The garrison was then commanded by General Diaz, who was captured, but afterwards escaped.
Mexico - Luxurious Life At A Gold-Mine
ALTHOUGH Mexico is the greatest silver-producing country in the world and is also rich in gold and other minerals, the average tourist sees very little of the great mining industry.
Christmas At Los Reyes
To spend Christmas in the wilds of the Mexican Sierras would seem attractive to any one in search of novel experiences. And it was thus that the idea impressed me when I accepted an invitation to accompany my friends at Zavaleta on a holiday-making trip of twenty miles across the mountains.
Prehistoric Mexico
THE more one travels in Mexico the more does one become impressed with the fact that it is a country of old races of ancient civilizations and a wonderful past. Scattered all over the land are the ruins of cities, palaces, temples and fortresses, the architecture and extent of which are amazing to even the present age.
Life In An Old Mexican Town
INFLUENZA epidemic in Mexico. Thus read the heading of a special article which appeared in one of the American-Mexican newspapers during my stay in Oaxaca.
In The Crater Of Popocatepetl
As almost every tourist who gazes upon Mont Blanc is seized with the ambition to make an ascent, so there are few travellers who can behold Popocatepetl without feeling an overwhelming desire to scale this king of Mexican mountains.
Guadalajara The Wonderful
This beautiful city with the perplexing name has a population of over a hundred thousand, is three hundred and eighty miles northwest of Mexico City and is not far from the Pacific coast.
Mexico - The Silver City
FROM the days of the Spanish Conquest, Mexico has taken the lead as a silver-producing country; it is preeminently the land of silver, and it has furnished fully one-third of the world's supply of this precious metal.
Mexico - The Titian At Tzintzuntzan
THE charm of Mexico is the variety of its scenery — the majestic snow-capped mountains; the rolling prairies; tropical forests jewelled with gorgeous orchids amidst which flutter spangled blue butterflies; rivers embowered in the densest shade; fields yellowing to harvest; and the steaming, miasmic marsh lands waving with green sugar-cane.
The Isthmus Of Tehuantepec
WHEN President Diaz, in 1905, formally opened the Tehuantepec National Railway, he gave official recognition to one of the most wonderful enterprises that the world has witnessed in-recent years.
Tarpon Fishing At Tampico
The fisheries at Tampico are the finest in the Gulf of Mexico, presenting admirable opportunities for the establishment of canning factories to supply the Mexican market, which now depends on Europe and the United States.
In Northern Mexico
THAT part of Mexico which extends southward for three or four hundred miles from the border of the United States has very little resemblance to the semi-tropical regions still farther south or to the hot lands along the coast.
Aberdeen To The Shetlands
Departure from Aberdeen—Voyage—The Shetlands—A Livelyy Passenger—Cabin Councils—Arrival at Lerwick—A Peep at the Town—Walk to Voe—The Lonely Muirs—The Cows-The Ponies—Pony Life in the Coal Mines—The sheep—Wool Manufactures—Improved Stock in the Shetlands-Back to Kirkwall.
The Orkneys To Thurso
Orkney Nicknames—Shapinsey-Defence of Hellersay—Orkney Panorama—Mr. Balfour's Shorthorns and Shetland Ponies—The Legend of "Spunky "-Orkney Sheep Crosses—Sheep Marks—Devon and West Highland Bulls—" Fishing Pork " —Orkney Garrons—The Fortescue Harriers—Swanbinster —Postal Difficulties—A Sea-sick Horse-The Message from the Ice—The Hoy Farmer Consoled.
Thruso To Helmsdale
The late Sir John Sinclair—Caithness Sheep Farming—St. Mary's Mass—Georgemas Tryst—Shorthorn Crosses—Barrogill Castle—Barrock Plantations—Shorthorn and Galloway Crosses—Bringing-up of Calves and Yearlings—Sir George Dunbar's Leicester Flock—Mail Journey along the Coast—A Night Ride on Horseback.
Helmsdale To Meikle Ferry
A Walk down Kildonan—The Cheviot Flocks of Old—Foxes on the Gibbet—Mr. Hadwin's Stags' Heads—Gideon Rutherfurd—Kildonan Churchyard—Sutherlandshire Flockmasters —Shows in the County—Sheep Farming—Heather Burning—Sporting in Sutherland—Strath Brora—The Dunrobin Herd —The Museum and Kennels—The Dunrobin Dairy—Climbing Ben Vraggie—The Meikle Ferry.
Tain To Inverness
The Black Dog of Tain—A Jockey Club Wanderer on Morich Mhor—Ross-shire Tod-hunters—The Crofters—Flocks in Easter Ross—From Tain to Dingwall—Coul Cottage—The Black Isle—Belmaduthy—The Muir of Ord—The Caledonian Boots—Highland Society's Shows—Inverness Character Fair —Hugh Snowie's—Stags' Heads-Laggan Cottage—Nairnshire—Lord Cawdor's Old Scotch Flock—Kildrummie and Lochdhu—The late Hill Head Herd—The Witches' Heath.
Forres To Fochabers
The haunts of St. John—Morayshire Sellers—" Horned Beasts" —Lack of Breeders—Feeding Stock—Mutton for London—Sheep Farming—Morayshire Feeders—The Forres Fat Show —Altyre Stock—The Balnaferry Herd—From Forres to Elgin -Pluscarden Abbey Bargains-Wester Alves and Ardgay—The Story of the Buchan Hero—Elgin—The Spey Fisheries --The late Duke of Richmond—Gordon Castle-Its Breed of Setters—Its Flocks and Shorthorn Herds.
Fochabers To Sittyton
A ride from Fochabers to Aberdeen—Back to Orbliston—A Shooting box—The Mulben Herd—The Pig Trade of Banffshire—The Portsoy Cartsire Stud—Clydesdales-Banffshire Shorthorns Beginnings—The Rettie Herd-Mr. Rannie's Leicester Flock—The Montbletton Herd—The late Mr. Grant Duff—His Catalogue Notes—The Forglen Breed of Cows—Mr. Lumsden's Herefords—Hereford Crosses—The KinnelIar Herd—The Sittyton Herd—Udny and Jamie Fleeman.
Sittyton To Aberdeen
The Aberdeen Fat Cup—Mr. Stewart's Cracks—The Tarty Herd—Mr. Martin's Show Beasts—Aberdeenshire Feeders—Early Days of Feeding—The Original Horned Doddies—Aberdeen Meat Supplies—The Cattle and Dead Meat Trade with the South—The M'Combie Family—Easter Skene-A Day at Tillyfour.
Aberdeen To Stonehaven
The Royal departure from Balmoral—Up the Deeside—Kincardineshire Sheep-feeders--The Portlethen Herd—The last of Fox Maule—Colour Conception—The late Mr. Boswell of Kingcausie—His Highland Society Essay—From Bourtree Bush to Stonehaven—The late Captain Barclay—The Old Days of the Defiance.
Stonehaven To Cortachy
The Weathercocks of Stonehaven—The Sea Coast Road and the Mearns—Stock of the District—Bulls at Fernyflatt—Yorkshire Calf Trade—Angus Commentaries—The Kinnaird Valley—Old Montrose—Black Herds—The Kinnaird Castle Steading—Druid and Cupbearer—The Great Forfarshire Covers—Cullow Fair—Cortachy Castle—Highland Crosses —Laying down Permanent Pasture without a Crop—The Cortachy Herd and Dairy.
Cortachy To Perth
Mr. Watson of Keillor—His Show-yard Career—Old Grannie—The Polled Herd BOOK—Experience of Southdowns—A Judge of Distance—Mr. Bowie's Herd—Dr. Murray of Carnoustie--The Story of The Cure—Major Douglas—Salmon Fishing on the Fife Coast—Speedie v. Seals—The Shark and her Whelps—Cock and Hen Salmon—The Carse of Gowrie—Rossie Priory—" The Scottish Henwife."
Perth To Dunkeld
The late Lord Lynedoch—Net Fishing at the Lynn of Campsie —Mr. Speedie's Ice House—Salmon Prices—The Scone Steading—Mr. Paton's Gun Shop—The Caledonian Hunt Club at Perth-The Club Rules—Its different Places of Meeting—Forty-five Years of Racing.
Dunkeld To Blair Athole
The Athole Larches—The late Duke of Athole—His Love of Otter Hunting—The Athole Forest—The Dunkeld Ayrshires —Milk Statistics—The Duchess Dowager's Farm at St. Colme's—Pitlochry—The Castle and Burial-place at Blair Athole—The West Highland Herd.
Perth To Keir
The Strathallan Castle Herd—Walk to Rob Roy's Grave—Fern Thatching-The Braes of Balquhidder—Points of West Highland Cattle—Blackfaced Sheep-M`Claren's Cow—Recollections of Deanston-Keir-The Steading—Clydesdales, Shorthorns, and Garden.
Keir To Fife Kennels
Alloa—Mr. Mitchell's Herd—To Keavil—The Keavil Herd—A word with Mr. Easton—The Old Fife Breed of Cows—Fifeshire Feeders--Old Days of the Fife Hunt—A Visit to the Kennels.
Alloa To Skye
The Wood of Caledon Bulls—The Duke of Montrose's Herd—Sail to Skye—Products of Portree—Ride to Duntulm—Cattle and Sheep in Skye—Skye Terriers—A Pig Hunt—Symptoms of Falkirk—The Poltalloch Herd.
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