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The Quebec Studio Club
Some ten years ago a number of young ladies formed the Quebec Studio Club. They were just then beginning to understand their limitation but were fired by their love of painting to trust that in organization and mutual help they might in time aspire to rank among the guild of artists.
Quebec's Winter Garden
To the enterprise, skill and business capacity of one man, is due the successful establishing of a winter garden at Beauport that not only supplies mushrooms and vegetables to Quebec all through the winter season, but helps to supply the market of Montreal with those out of season delicacies.
One of the First Industries Established in Quebec
Brewing was one of the first industries established in Quebec under the old French regime. In 1672 the Intendant Talon built a brewery at the Palais. On the site of this ancient establishment the late J. K. Boswell founded the brewing concern that is continued to this day by his sons under the title of Boswell Bros.
Quebec - Fur, Fin and Feather
The Government has wisely prohibited the killing or capture of the beaver for a period of years. It is in consequence increasing rapidly in many sections, notably within the limits of the Laurentide Park.
Quebec - Ten Days' Caribou Hunt
I made answer that in another week's time I was off for a ten days trip into the Laurentides on a hunt after Caribou, and he was heartily welcome to join me, but, said I, at the end of my letter, can you walk on snowshoes?
Quebec - The Drawing of the Yarn
The old angler picked up the fire stick, pried the half burned logs together, added a four feet cut from a dry chicot, and as the fire blazed tip fiercely, he dropped into his own seat.
Honorary Grand Chief of Huron Tribe
I am much gratified at reading, in one of our city papers, that in the list of attractions for the coming week your name appears next to that of an exalted personage as likely to receive an honor not of infrequent occurrence in the past in our sport-loving community.
The Fur Trade of Quebec
Holt, Renfrew & Co., of Quebec are among the noted firms on this continent who have carried fur manufacturing to its highest pitch of perfection, and enjoy a reputation for unusually fine workmanship, and for carrying one of the most complete stock of furs.
Where Military and Sporting Rifles are Made
The claim of superiority for the Ross rifle as a military weapon is that it is 1 1/2 lbs lighter than the Lee-Enfield. The bolt action is simple, requiring but one motion to unload, and a forward one to recharge.
A Letter to Sportsmen
Dr Frank M. Johnson of Boston, the author of that superb work Forest, Lake and Stream, was a delegate from Massachusetts to the Convention of the N. A. Fish and Game Protection Association that was held in Quebec in February last.
Quebec - At the Mekinac
Visitors to the Coast of Labrador often hear strange stories concerning some of the people settled there, and on one of my official trips I found a case which may interest you. I will make the story as short as possible.
Simple Color Analysis
WHILE it is the purpose of this book to cover the various practical methods available for making photographs in natural colors, with as little theory as possible, it does seem wise that we should at the beginning include a simple analysis of color in photography.
Making Color Separation Negatives
IN AS MUCH as this book is written for the professional or advanced photographer, we assume that he already has a rigid studio or view-type camera with an equally rigid stand. These will be sufficient to start with for still life subjects.
Autotype Trichrome Carbro
THIS is a method of making natural color prints on paper by means of superimposed red, blue and yellow pigment images which are formed by chemical reaction from the silver images of black and white bromide prints which have been made from separation negatives.
Belcolor Printing Film
FOR making contact transparencies from separation plates, Belcolor undoubtedly offers the simplest and most practical method. Calling for no special workroom condition or expert technique, it can be used successfully without the practice necessary in other processes.
Chromatone Process
THIS process, introduced in 1935 by the Defender Photo Supply Company, Inc., is a method of using a collodion stripping paper manufactured by the Defender Company and tricolor toners developed by Francis H. Snyder and Henry W. Rimbach of New York City.
Reliefs And Imbibition For Color Prints And Transparencies
THE use of gelatin relief positives, dyed for transparencies or as carriers to transfer dye in proper proportion to paper for color prints, comes under the heading of imbibition, as they absorb or imbibe the color into which the positive is placed.
Duxochrome And Colrstil Color Printing Films
There have been a number of improvements in Colorstil which are explained in the leaflet supplied with each package. This material comes prepared in standard packages, with all materials necessary for making four 8 by 10 color prints.
Dye Mordanting
IN addition to making colored transparencies by the I gelatin Wash-Off Relief processes, it is possible to mordant or chemically prepare the emulsion of the positive so that it will absorb and retain the color of the dye more or less according to the amount of silver deposit of the transparency.
Screen Color Transparencies
THESE are methods of making by one exposure 1 a negative which, when developed, can be reversed into a colored positive.
THE Dufaycolor process falls into the general classification of an additive process, inasmuch as it utilizes the combination of the three additive primary colors, red, green and blue, in a geometric pattern or mosaic of regular design known as the screen or reseau.
Multi-Layer Color Processes
Kodachrome film comes in two types: Regular, for use primarily with daylight. If this type is used with Photoflood a Kodachrome Filter for Photoflood is used.
Finlay Process
THE Finlay Color Process was named after Mr. Clare Finlay, to whose pioneer work in color photography all students owe a great deal.
Motion Pictures In Color
IT was not the specific purpose of the author to cover the field of motion pictures in color in this book, but at the request of the publisher we are including a review of the various methods of making motion pictures in color.
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