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The Old Greece And The New
THERE is a Greece of yesterday and a Greece of today, and every Philhellene believes that there will be a Greece of tomorrow. A country that has emerged from so many catastrophes of history cannot be easily extinguished in life, language, literature, art, or in political aspiration.
Vido - A Greek Quarantine
How many travellers in Greece spend their first night on Greek soil in a house of their own construction? Built, too, with an axe and a needle ! Not Mycenaean, Doric, Ionic, or Corinthian in style, but historically Greek and essentially nomadic.
There are two ways of entering Greece. You may sail directly to the Piraeus, the port of Athens, and come at once under the spell of Propylaea and Parthenon. That is to enter by the front door. Or you may land at Corfu, and go from one to another of the Ionian Islands.
Corfu - Part II
But we had not come to Corfu to pay our respects to Saint Spiridion. Where were Nausicaa and the gardens of Alcinous, and the ship of the Phaeacians which the gods had turned to stone? Where was the ball which the princess had thrown into the river?
THE Greek coasting steamers are somewhat uncertain. You can never tell just when they will arrive or depart. The wilfulness of the managers and the wilfulness of the weather are factors in this uncertainty.
Far Seen Rocky Ithaca
The steamers from Brindisi to Greece stop at Corfu and Patras; but they make no account of Ithaca. It does not lie in the pathway of trade.
Thus the present outlook for Zante is not a cheerful one. But the soil is fertile, and were many of these currant vines uprooted and grains grown instead, the island, it is claimed by competent authorities, could well compete for the European market.
A Bit Of Exegesis
THERE are some words whose meaning cannot be learned from the dictionary of a foreign tongue. They must be learned from life, manners, customs, scenery, climate. This is especially true of Greece, whose literature reflects so much of its life.
The Parthenon
ATHENS is the centre of Greece, the Acropolis is the centre of Athens, and the Parthenon is the centre of the Acropolis,I do not mean measured by the surveyor's chain, but by the highest standards of human interest.
The Propylaea
The Propylaea, as its simple name implies , is a prelude, a Vorspiel, an overture in stone. It was built on the rocky slope of the Acropolis and constituted one of the grandest approaches to a temple ever reared.
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