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Mr. Tussaud first enters his father's studio
Mr. Tussaud first enters his father's studio—Reverie—Madame Tussaud's uncle forsakes the medical profession for art Madame's birth and parentage—A Prince's promise.
Curtius leaves Berne for Paris
Curtius leaves Berne for Paris—The Hôtel d'Aligre—The Court of Louis XV—Madame arrives in Paris.
Life-size figures
Life-size figures—Museum at the Palais Royal—Exhibition on the Boulevard du Temple—Benjamin Franklin—Voltaire.
Madame Tussaud goes to Versailles
Madame Elizabeth of France—Madame Tussaud goes to Versailles—Foulon—Three notable groups—Caverne des Grands Voleurs.
Eve of the French Revolution
Eve of the French Revolution—Necker and the Duke of Orléans—Louis XVI's fatal mistakes—His dismissal of the people's favourites.
Madame Tussaud recalled from Versailles
Madame Tussaud recalled from Versailles—The 12th of July, 1789—Busts taken from Curtius's Exhibition—A Garde Française slain in the mêlée.
Madame's terrible experiences
Heads of the Revolution—Madame's terrible experiences—The guillotine in pawn—Madame acquires the knife, lunette, and chopper.
Madame marries
Madame dines with the Terrorists Marat and Robespierre, models' their figures, and subsequently takes casts of their heads—She visits Charlotte Corday in prison—Death of Curtius--Madame marries—Napoleon sits for his model.
Madame Tussaud leaves France for England
Madame Tussaud leaves France for England, never to return—Early days in London—On tour—Some notable figures—Shipwreck in the Irish Channel.
Narrow escape of the Exhibition
The Bristol riots—Narrow escape of the Exhibition—A brave black servant—Arrival at Blackheath.
An old placard
An old placard—Princess Augusta's testimonial—Great success at Gray's Inn Road—Madame initiates promenade concerts—Bygone tableaux.
Tussaud's mummy
Placard (continued)-The old Exhibition—Celebrities of the day—Tussaud's mummy—Poetic eulogism—Removal to Baker Street—The Iron Duke's rejoinder—Madame de Malibran.
How the Waterloo carriage was acquired
How the Waterloo carriage was acquired—A chance conversation on London Bridge—The strange adventures of an Emperor's equipage--Affidavit of Napoleon's coachman.
Napoleon's Waterloo carriage
Napoleon's Waterloo carriage—Description of its exterior.
Description of the Waterloo carriage
Description of the Waterloo carriage (continued)—Its interior and peculiar contrivances—Brought to England and exhibited at the London Museum.
The St. Helena carriage
The St. Helena carriage-Napoleon alarms the ladies—Certificates of authenticity.
Father Mathew sits for his model
Father Mathew sits for his model—Tsar Nicholas I. takes a fancy to Voltaire's chair—A replica sent to him—The Rev. Peter Mc-Kenzie's exorcism.
Landseer and the Count d'Orsay visit the Exhibition
Landseer and the Count d'Orsay visit the Exhibition—A fright—Norfolk farmer's account of Queen Victoria's visit.
Wellington visits the effigy of the dead Napoleon
Wellington 'visits the effigy of the dead Napoleon, and sits to Sir George Hayter for historic picture—Paintings from models—Is the photograph taken from life, or—?
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