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The Character And Purpose Of Medical Missions
MEDICAL MISSIONS may be defined as that section of the missionary enterprise of the Christian Church which seeks to spread the knowledge of The glorious Gospel of the Blessed God through the healing of the sick.
The Origin And Authority Of Medical Missions
Now to no branch of Christian effort does all this more apply than to the work of Foreign Missions, in which considerations of method and selection of plans of working are essential for the successful achievement of the enterprise.
The Justification of Medical Missions
THE day has happily passed when it was necessary to present an apologetic for Medical Missions. Innumerable results in almost every field of missions have attested the value and importance of this special branch of Christian work.
The Need For Medical Missions
IT has been well said that Destitution is the greatest plea for help, and certainly if that dictum be applied to the physical necessities of non-Christian peoples, then their call for succour in time of sickness becomes clamant in our ears.
Need For Medical Missions In China
We are reminded of a Chinese proverb which aptly shows the opinion held by the Chinese with reference to their Medical profession— Medicine, fortune-telling astrology, physiognomy, are taken up as a trade or profession (for diversion) by scholars ; the last-named only is respectable.
Need For Medical Missions In India
Turning from China, we take up another of the great Mission Fields of the world, and prosecute an inquiry into the need of for Medical Missions. Here we touch British territory, and are reminded at the outset of the large and beneficient efforts put forth by the Indian Government in seeking to confer medical benefits upon the people of that great Dependency.
Need For Medical Missions In Africa
This vast land, fitly named by reason of its superstition and degradation the dark Continent, presents no exception to the rule when the needs of its sick are considered. A belief in the perpetual presence and machinations of evil spirits dominates whole regions in Africa, and leads the African to attribute to such causes most of the sickness with which he is afflicted.
Need For Medical Missions In The Land Of Islam
It does not require much examination of the conditions prevalent in countries such as Persia, Arabia, Palestine, and North Africa, during the presence of sickness, to bring home the fact that here also we are faced with tremendous need.
The Value Of Medical Missions
So I do from my heart believe that in these difficult places in some of the bigger cities in China and especially among the Mohammedans in Persia, Palestine, and Africa, the Medical Missionary, whether man or woman, is able to do a work which no other can do.
The Christian Social Value Of Medical Missions
Up till now we have been concerned with a consideration of the supreme evangelistic value of Medical Missions, and have seen that therein was to be found their crowning glory. It is equally true, however, that in the background there are numerous indirect and secondary influences, arising out of this work, which give to the subject an expansiveness of scope, a fulness of significance, and a largeness of purpose not otherwise grasped.
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