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Psychic - What Constitutes Evidence?
IN the autumn of 1915, when the casualty lists were terribly lengthening, the Editor of the International Psychic Gazette asked a number of eminent men to send, if possible, messages of comfort to the bereaved for publication.
Psychic - Dreams
IT may be urged, quite legitimately, that some of these dream-coincidences now to be related may happen by accident. Out of the immense number of our dreams it is to be expected that some of them will represent some real fact not normally known to the dreamer.
Psychic - Clairvoyance Or Telepathy?
THE word clairvoyance has been used at times for almost any kind of supernormal perception, and it is usual to designate as normal clairvoyance the descriptions and names and messages given by a medium not in trance, though some of these are almost certainly telepathy from the dead.
Psychic - Out Of The Body Experiences
IN some of the foregoing cases spirits are perceived, so to speak, from this side. We cannot experience that side permanently until we are dead. But some people have crossed temporarily and have returned to the body to tell the tale.
Psychic - Visions Of The Dead
AFTER considering these out-of-the-body experiences, and assuming for the moment that they represent something real, it is natural to suppose that death is the same thing, save that the withdrawal becomes permanent.
Psychic - Visions Of The Dead - Spritualism And Insanity
For myself I have been amazed by the revelation of the recent spread of so-called spiritualism, and believe this spread has been largely due to the influence of writings, some of which, unfortunately, have been issued by men belonging to the world of science...
Psychic - Modern Spiritualism
SIR,—The letter of `A Doctor's Wife' on `Spiritualism and Insanity' leads me to pen a short note to you on an allied subject. Spiritualism has for long been investigated by many and exploited by not a few.
Psychic - Meeting Cases
0NE of the things I am most sure of is the fact that we are met at death by friends who have gone before. This has been proved to me by many curious pieces of evidence, some of which are described in my book, Psychical Investigations.
Psychic - Metetherial Imprints
IT was thought by F. W. H. Myers that, when a particularly stressful and emotional event occurs, some impression is made on the etherial or metetherial environment, and that this persists and can be perceived, when conditions are favourable, by people with psychical sensitiveness.
Psychic - Communication By Motor Response
THUS far we have been dealing mostly with so-called sensory automatisms of the spontaneous type ; but the experiences of non-professional sensitives are, of course, not con-fined to these. They include all the phenomena, such as automatic writing, and speech or writing in trance, which are observed in the despised race of mediums.
Psychic - A Perhaps Incredible Story
THE fact that psychical experiences are relatively uncommon is no proof that they are negligible. Eclipses are uncommon, and they cannot be produced to order; but they can be carefully observed and dated when they occur, and this process has enabled us to understand them.
Psychic - Mystical Experiences
HITHERTO we have been dealing with experiences more or less evidential, and certainly referable to the senses of the percipient, though perhaps to some extent supernormal.
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