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What Is Wine?
IN every clime, and under every sun, from the very earliest periods of time of which we have any record, wine has been considered as one of the choicest gifts of a beneficent Providence, and in the old days of Biblical antiquity it was always looked upon, in conjunction with corn and oil, as a symbol of national well-being and material prosperity.
Wine Merchants
IN the good old days when stage coach travelling was regarded as a rapid means of transit, and hot-headed gentlemen settled their disputes at so many paces, the wine-merchant's calling was a respected and dignified branch of commerce.
Doctors And Wine
Nevertheless, the average medical man has often a failing, and that a somewhat serious one. He seldom knows much about wine, for, for some unexplained reason, a knowledge of the health-giving and curative properties of genuine wines, and the special characteristics of the different varieties, is not included in the curriculum of the ordinary medical student.
Wine At Hotels And Restaurants
Hospitality is becoming less and less dispensed upon the host's own mahogany, and more and more in public places, with the result that the greatest consumption of wine now takes place, not in private houses, but in restaurants and hotels.
Wines Of France
AMONG the wine producing countries of the world the sunny and fertile land of France must undoubtedly be accorded the first place. Almost the whole region, from the Rhine to the Pyrenees, abounds in prolific vineyards.
Wines Of Germany
IT cannot be denied that some of the finest and most esteemed wines in the world owe their origin to the famous vineyards of Germany, and for this reason, and also on account of the generally high standard of excellence of its produce, the Fatherland is entitled to a very prominent place in the roll of wine-making countries.
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