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From Innsbruck to Ober-Ammergau
WE didn't stop in the pretty little village of Zirl, but set out north on the great high road over the mountains, hoping to accomplish much before night came on or we were worn out with our walking.
World Travel - The Morning of the Passion Play
It seemed a shame that all these people were to see the great play, and that we were to wait until Monday or go without seeing it. Finally, I made up my mind to ask again whether there were any seats left.
Finish of the Passion Play Off to See the Castles
AT one o'clock in the afternoon the great performance was resumed, and Jack and I were again enthusiastic over the wonderful scenes we witnessed. There were some tableaux which surpassed even those of the morning.
From Munich to Rome
FROM Fussen we could go to Munich, either by rail or by foot, or partly by rail and partly afoot, and after much discussion we decided to continue on foot through the highlands to the town of Weilheim, and from there by rail to the city which was now to be our destination.
World Travel - An Audience with the Pope
He told me that he was sure the Pope would be glad to have me presented, and appointed a time for the audience. I was surprised at my success. I knew that the aged Pontiff was far from well, and that there were a great many demands upon his time.
From Rome to Paris and Home Again
I RETURNED to Paris from Rome immediately after my audience with the Pope. I would have liked to visit more of the numerous interesting places in the Eternal City, but the weather was extremely warm, and I knew that my friend would be anxiously awaiting my return to the French capital.
Planning a Trip Around the World
IT was only a year after our return from Europe that I was seized with a desire to make a trip around the world. I was living in a small suburban town, and one evening, when several of the neighborhood boys were on the front porch of my boarding-house, we began to talk about a piece of news which had appeared in a morning paper.
Away to the Orient
FEW days later I observed another bit of news in the paper which interested me exceedingly. The transport Ingalls had been upset while in the dry-dock, and had sunk in Erie Basin. She had carried several workmen down with her, and altogether there was considerable excitement over the accident.
World Travel - First Days as Jimmy Legs
I was naturally anxious to see what my fellow officials were like, so I went below and asked for Mr. Casey. I found him in a tiny stateroom near the engine-room entrance. He appeared to be about seventy years old, and a more pleasant old man I never met anywhere.
World Travel - Life in the Forecastle
There was great excitement among the passengers when at last the coast of Spain was visible, and when we passed between the Pillars of Hercules and anchored off the great Rock of Gibraltar, I breathed a prayer of thankfulness that I had accomplished one lap of the journey around the world without misadventure.
A Day and a Night in Gibraltar
THE ROCK, as the sailors called Gibraltar, didn't appear from the bay exactly as I had expected to see it. A certain insurance company has printed a great many pictures of the stronghold in its advertisements, and I sup-posed, of course, it would look like the photographs.
An Excursion Into Africa
When the eight Congressmen went ashore they discovered that it would be easy for them to make an excursion to Tangier, in Morocco, which is only about twenty miles from Gibraltar. So they chartered a small steamer for the day, and invited some of the passengers to go with them.
Through the Mediterranean
IT was eight o'clock at night when we got back to the transport in Gibraltar Bay. Timmie and Mr. Casey were hanging over the rail on watch for me, and they had all sorts of questions to ask me about the trip while I was in the mess-room getting a bite to eat.
The Historic Island of Malta
They deal in tobacco and cigars, fruit, shirts and underwear, and certain varieties of canned goods. In Malta they dealt chiefly in lace, for which the Island is famous.
From Valletta to Port Said
WE were anchored in the interesting harbor of Valletta for four days, and during that time Timmie and I went ashore together several times. One morning Timmie remained on board the transport, that Mr. Casey could go ashore, and I remained that same afternoon.
Through the Suez to Ismailia and Cairo
I had heard and read so much about the great Suez that I was rather disappointed when 1 found it not different in appearance from the Erie Canal in New York State. It was wider, of course, and deeper, but it looked like any ordinary canal, just the same.
Beautiful Cairo
THE Cairo railway station was a busy place. Two trains were arriving at the same time with ours, so there was a great crowd, and a lot of pushing and shoving.
Visits to the Pyramids
ABOUT nine o'clock the full moon made the surroundings as plain as by day, and our English friends said it was time we started for the pyramids. So when the trolley-car came along we boarded it, and were soon on our way to the object of our long journey.
The Shah of Persia
AS soon as I reached the fashionable hotel, I could see that the Shah was really staying there. In the lobby I recognized some of the attendants he had with him in Paris. They wore the same black caps which had impressed me then, and I knew there was no use making inquiries at the desk. The Shah was in Cairo and at this hotel, and I must plan a way in which we boys could see him.
Through the Red Sea to Aden
It had been so delightful in Cairo, so pleasant to go and come as I pleased, without being ordered about by several different officers. It was a real temptation for me to remain in Cairo and go from there to London, instead of continuing my trip around the world, but I knew if I yielded to this desire I would probably be sorry for it afterward.
Mid Oriental Squalor
Gibraltar and Malta dominate the Mediterranean, and Aden controls the entrance to the Red Sea and the Suez Canal. Beside this, there is an English Army of Occupation in Egypt, and all signs agree that this army will remain indefinitely.
World Travel - The Hottest Town in the World
WHEN the boys finally reached the town of Aden we found it to be a dirty, but decidedly interesting place. The people seemed to be the poorest of the poor, and considering the country in which they live, it isn't surprising that they haven't been able to accumulate a great deal of this world's goods.
In Ceylon's Sunny Isle
IT was one o'clock in the afternoon when the green shores of Ceylon first came into view from the forcastle head, and a little later we picked up the pilot who was to steer the transport into the harbor.
Pleasant Days in Colombo
DURING our first evening in Colombo harbor I managed to get a little sleep before beginning my watch at twelve o'clock, and when I was through at four in the morning, I decided to go ashore instead of going to bed again.
World Travel - The Original Garden of Eden
We couldn't be satisfied to let the afternoon pass without a visit to the famous Botanical Gardens. These gardens were first established at Colombo more than a hundred years ago, but as the climate there was not as favorable as desired, they were removed two or three times, and finally located at Kandy.
World Travel - Among the Boers in a Prison Camp
We found the Boers comfortably provided with food and shelter. They are housed in large huts constructed of wood, and having roofs of galvanized iron to keep out the rains and the rays of the tropical sun.
From Ceylon to Singapore
The churches of Ceylon increase in size every month, and the Buddhist temples are no longer frequented by any but the older natives, who refuse to listen to any new ideas.
Singapore End of the Voyage Near
We tired of riding about Singapore long before evening. There was but little to see that we hadn't already seen in Ceylon, and since the Colony is comparatively new, there were no museums of interest and no public buildings worth visiting.
World Travel - Last Days on the Transport
It was much more exciting to land in the Philippines without permission than to do so in the regular way, and I felt like some explorer who had just escaped his captives.
Manila and the Philipines
I found Manila quite as interesting to visit as a great many European cities which no tourist would think of missing, and I was at no loss to spend my time profitably during my stay there. The streets of our colonial capital are teeming with life and movement, and the Pasig River, which divides the city into two sections, is a very lively stream.
A Glimpse of the Edge of China
It was my plan to go from Manila to Hong-Kong, and see something of that city and of Canton. That would give me an idea of what China is like. Then I thought I would go over to Japan, and visit some of the more interesting places in the Chrysanthemum Kingdom before returning to San Francisco.
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