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Memory And Its Improvement
WE have been speaking of certain special and unusual cases of recall of past experience. They are significant for the psychology of memory, but for the affairs of every-day life the practical question is, How may one's own memory be made efficient?
Psychology Of Testimony And Rumor
Finally, knowledge of the inadequacy of observation and memory, and conviction of the possibility of error by oneself are the best guarantees of truthful reports. The most positive witnesses and narrators of conversation are to be regarded with suspicion because of their very assurance of accuracy.
Psychology - Our Varying Selves
Howells has graphically described these varying selves in the same person through the observation of one of his characters in April Hopes. Mrs. Brinkley was speaking of the Pasmer family but with special reference to Alice Pasmer.
Starting Out In The World
My favorite position was that of Chairman of the Missionary Committee. When a very small boy, I delighted to read of the heroes of the mission fields, and at school, geography was the study I liked best of all.
First Traveling Experiences
I HADN'T been many days in Chicago when I began to feel homesick. I found it rather lonesome when I returned to my litttle lodging in the evening and found none there to greet me, and it was very different from the home life to which I had been accustomed.
Travel Experiences in New York
I knew nothing of New York, and when I spied a policeman I asked him for information. I explained that I would like to find a cheap boarding-place where I could stop for a few days, but the gentleman in uniform wasn't of any assistance.
World Travel - Working My Passage
When I entered the pantry, I found a large pile of dirty plates and cups and saucers waiting to be washed, and I began work without delay. I prepared the hot water in the sink, put in plenty of soft soap, and soon the pile was fast disappearing.
London Days and Doings
I STOOD on the dock where I had landed and looked about me. There, on my right hand, was the famous old Tower of London, grim and terrible in appearance, just as I had expected to find it.
London - An Interview with Mr. Gladstone
It occurred to me that the editors of some of the London papers might be interested in hearing about my travels, and that perhaps they would accept from me some articles describing my experiences.
London - An Audience with Queen Victoria
WHILE I was in London, I discovered that it would be very difficult for an obscure American boy, without influential friends, to gain the favor of a private audience with Queen Victoria.
A Tour Through England and Scotland
AS the end of my stay in England drew near, I hurried about, trying to see as much as possible of the country. Though I spent most of my time in the great metropolis, I felt that I couldn't be satisfied to start for the Continent without having seen something of the English country as well.
From London Through Belgium to Brussels
I HAD arranged to travel from London to Ostend upon a cargo-boat, because the fare was only four shillings, or one dollar, and this was much cheaper than the rate via Dover and the express steamers.
Adventure in the Royal Palace at Brussels
WHEN I arrived in Brussels from Ghent, I found myself in a city which was very different from the others I had seen in Belgium. The capital has lost the primitive style which so many of the other towns retain, and has become a second Paris.
Through Belgium and Holland to Germany
WITH my knapsack again on my back, and my sturdy staff in my hand, I set off in the early morning in the direction of Antwerp. I was sorry to leave the gay little Belgian capital, where I had enjoyed such pleasant times, and I promised myself that I would return there on my next visit to Europe, whenever that might be.
Along the River Rhine
COLOGNE is a large city—the largest in Rhenish Prussia. The expulsion of the Jews and other events in the fifteenth century, when it was almost unexampled in prosperity, caused it to decline ; but now its numerous shops and busy thoroughfares indicate that it is once more in a flourishing condition.
World Travel - Two Monarchs at Close Range
I USED to meet a great many Americans as I went from town to town along the Rhine, and one day I met a party of New York people, who told me they were on their way to Hamburg, where the German Emperor and King Humbert of Italy were to hold a grand review of the troops.
World Travel - A Fairyland of Lovely Scenery
AFTER leaving Germany, my next objective point was Switzerland, the land of snow-capped mountains and lovely lakes. I would have liked to visit Leipsic, Dresden, and others of the great German towns, but my supply of money was rapidly diminishing as the days passed, and I thought it wise to continue on my way to Paris, where I felt sure there would be some money awaiting me from the American newspapers.
Adventures Among the Alp
THERE were times when I found the Swiss peasantry inclined to be gruff and surly in manner, but as a rule they were simple, hospitable folk, who treated me with kindness, and charged me but little for my food and lodging.
Through Western Switzerland Into France
ONE of the most pleasurable incidents of my stay in Switzerland was my voyage down Lake Thun to Berne, the capital city. On both sides of this lovely lake are picturesque villages, and hillsides dotted here and there with chalets, villas and gardens, backed by the snowy giants of the Oberland.
Experiences in Paris
OCTOBER was nearly over when I arrived in Paris, the city to which I had looked forward with such pleasant anticipations. The trees on the boulevards were shedding their leaves, and the air was cool and refreshing.
With President Faure at the Elysée Palace
I had visited the principal points of interest in Paris, and as November was far advanced, and the weather was getting uncomfortably cool, I felt that I should go to London as quickly as possible, because there was much that I wanted to do there before returning to America.
Through Rural France
THERE was a season of pleasant weather toward the last of November, and on my way to Dieppe, where I was to take the boat to England, I spent some delightful days in the French country, walking from place to place, and enjoying these final pedestrian experiences of my European tour.
Last Days in London
IT had been my intention to go again to the little inn and see my friends there, when I returned to London from Paris, but after thinking the matter over I decided that it would be better, perhaps, for me to place myself in a position where I could be more independent.
World Travel - Home Again
IT was ten o'clock of a Friday night when the vessel on which I was a passenger came in sight of Sandy Hook lighthouse, and when I saw the revolving light, and knew that it stood upon American soil, I could have cried for joy.
The Second Trip Abroad
WHEN I had been at home a few days, visiting with my old friends, I decided that it was time for me to return to New York. It was hard to go; mother was miserable at the thought of my going so far from home again, though she was glad that I saw a career opening up for me in the city. She knew I would never again be satisfied in the town where I had been reared.
In Merrie England Once Again
The vessel made a good voyage, and a week from the day we left New York we entered the Mersey at Liverpool. The steamer moved slowly upstream until she reached the landing-stage, and then it was only a short time until we could see the cabin passengers disembarking.
The King of Sweden at a Sailors' Mission
THERE was one European monarch in 1900 whom I had long been anxious to meet at close range, and I was delighted when I learned, after our arrival in London, that. he was to visit England. King Oscar II., the fourth monarch of the Bernadotte dynasty to wear the twin crowns of the United Kingdom of Sweden and Norway, is famous the world over.
At the Great Paris Exposition
We crossed from London to Paris one Friday night. We had been fearful that the Channel would be rough, and that we might succumb to seasickness, but for once the water was really smooth, and we were able to sleep all the way across.
World Travel - Off for the Passion Play
It didn't take us long to plan where we would go. The one thing in Europe outside the Exposition which we were most anxious to see, was the famous Passion Play at Ober-Ammergau, and I told Jack that we would arrange so as to get there one Sunday while we were gone.
World Travel - Tyrolean Days
There were many things about Basle which were interesting to us. We had never before seen such houses as were some of those in the old, back streets of this city, and certainly we had never seen a cleaner, or more generally attractive little place.
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