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Handling And Photographing The Fish
Fish, having nothing in common with us, as have the birds and animals, are difficult to handle because we do not understand them and their ways, for we have no standard by which to judge them.
Photographing Trees, Flowers, Ferns, Leaves, And Grasses
IN the foregoing chapters on photographing fish, birds, and other animal life, it will have been noticed that one of the things most necessary for the complete outfit is a plentiful supply of patience.
Photographing Cut Flowers, Leaves And Fruits
WITH cut flowers the greatest difficulty is in keeping the flower from wilting. How delicate flowers are can only be realised by those who undertake to photograph them. This is especially true of the wild flowers.
Photographing Fungi
HERE we come to the easiest kind of photography — easy and at the same time most satisfactory. Many of the fungi are not only beautiful in colour, but their forms and markings are very striking and show to full advantage in a photograph.
Science And Education
Priestley's reputation as a man of science rests upon his numerous and important contributions to the chemistry of gaseous bodies. And to form a just estimate of the value of his work we must reflect what chemistry was in the first half of the eighteenth century.
Educational Value Of Natural History Sciences
THE subject to which I have to beg your attention during the ensuing hour is The Relation of Physiological Science to other branches of Knowledge.
Liberal Education - Where To Find It
THE business which the South London Working Men's College has undertaken is a great work; indeed, I might say, that Education, with which that college proposes to grapple, is the greatest work of all those which lie ready to a man's hand just at present.
Scientific Education
THE introduction of scientific training into the general education of the country is a topic upon which I could not have spoken, without some more or less apologetic introduction, a few years ago.
Science And Culture
For us children of the nineteenth century, however, the establishment of a college under the conditions of Sir Josiah Mason's Trust, has a significance apart from any which it could have possessed a hundred years ago.
Science And Art - Relation To Education
WHEN a man is honored by such a request as that which reached me from the authorities of your institution some time ago, I think the first thing that occurs to him is that which occurred to those who were bidden to the feast in the Gospel—to begin to make an excuse; and probably all the excuses suggested on that famous occasion crop up in his mind one after the other, including his having married a wife, as reasons for not doing what he is asked to do.
Universities - Actual And Ideal
ELECTED by the suffrages of your four Nations Rector of the ancient University of which you are scholars, I take the earliest opportunity which has presented itself since my restoration to health, of delivering the Address which, by long custom, is expected of the holder of my office.
Address On University Education
THE actual work of the University founded in this city by the well-considered munificence of Johns Hopkins commences to-morrow, and among the many marks of confidence and goodwill which have been bestowed upon me in the United States, there is none which I value more highly than that conferred by the authorities of the University when they invited me to deliver an address on such an occasion.
On The Study Of Biology
IT IS my duty tonight to speak about the study of Biology, and while it may be that there are many of my audience who are quite familiar with that study, yet as a lecturer of some standing, it would, I know by experience, be very bad policy on my part to suppose such to be extensively the case.
Elementary Instruction In Physiology
THE chief ground upon which I venture to recommend that the teaching of elementary physiology should form an essential part of any organized course of instruction in matters pertaining to domestic economy, is, that a knowledge of even the elements of this subject supplies those conceptions of the constitution and mode of action of the living body, and of the nature of health and disease, which prepare the mind to receive instruction from sanitary science.
On Medical Education
I presume that the great majority of those whom I address propose to devote themselves to the profession of medicine; and I do not doubt, from the evidences of ability which have been given today, that I have before me a number of men who will rise to eminence in that profession, and who will exert a great and deserved influence upon its future.
The State And The Medical Profession
AT INTERVALS during the last quarter of a century committees of the Houses of the Legislature and specially appointed commissions have occupied themselves with the affairs of the medical profession.
Biological Sciences And Medicine
THE GREAT body of theoretical and practical knowledge which has been accumulated by the labors of some eighty generations, since the dawn of scientific thought in Europe, has no collective English name to which an objection may not be raised; and I use the term medicine as that which is least likely to be misunderstood; though, as every one knows, the name is commonly applied, in a narrower sense, to one of the chief divisions of the totality of medical science.
School Boards - What They Can Do
AN ELECTIONEERING manifesto would be out of place in the pages of this Review; but any suspicion that may arise in the mind of the reader that the following pages partake of that nature will be dispelled, if he reflect that they cannot be published until after the day on which the ratepayers of the metropolis will have decided which candidates for seats upon the Metropolitan School Board they will take, and which they will leave.
Technical Education
Technical education, in the sense in which the term is ordinarily used, and in which I am now employing it, means that sort of education which is specially adapted to the needs of men whose business in life it is to pursue some kind of handicraft; it is, in fact, a fine Greco-Latin equivalent for what in good vernacular English would be called the teaching of handicrafts.
The Promotion Of Technical Education
MR. MAYOR AND GENTLEMEN-It must be a matter of sincere satisfaction to those who, like myself, have for many years past been convinced of the vital importance of technical education to this country to see that that subject is now being taken up by some of the most important of our manufacturing towns.
Organization For Mental Efficiency
MAN'S response to situations in the day's work is the measure of his efficiency. When the response results in behavior which satisfies the immediate, pressing demands and, in addition, adapts itself to change, growth, and progress, efficiency is perfect.
Thinking And Acting
The next step is the organization of effective mental habits, and foremost among these, perhaps, is the subtle process called thinking. Suppose we pause a moment to correct a rather wide-spread error.
Habit In Preparation For Efficiency
As was pointed out long ago by various writers, habits are the result of changes in matter. It is because of this that we sometimes speak of the habits of plants. Indeed, one may go much further and refer to the habits of non-living matter.
The Psychology Of Learning
LEARNING in its widest sense is profiting from experience. Education is sometimes said to consist of habit formation, but we have seen that habits mean repetition, and that only those acts should be repeated which can best be performed when automatized.
Fatigue And Its Psychology
The causes of fatigue are chemical conditions resulting from changes within the organism. Certain substances essential to the activity of the protoplasm have been consumed in this activity, and waste products have accumulated.
Curiosities Of Memory
The first problem in connection with memory, therefore, is to learn how to make use of facts. Memory of so much information as can be used will then take care of itself, for facts that are applied are retained.
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