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Ever since man appeared on the earth he has felt the necessity of scapegoats.
Dual Personalities
Every human being has two personalities: an archaic, primitive, childlike, unadapted personality, and a modern, sophisticated, adult, and, to all appearances, adapted personality.
How One Woman Became Insane
Psychoanalysts seldom have the opportunity of treating any of the "great psychoses." The patient who has lost all insight into his mental condition is generally confined in an institution and few insane asylums have analysts on their medical staff.
The Neurotic Aspects Of War
Civilization eliminates many of nature's wasteful methods and reduces to a minimum the friction between human beings. It modifies individual habits and transforms them into clan or herd habits, later into national habits. It teaches individuals a certain measure of solidarity.
Sleep, Sleeplessness And Nightmares
Our sense organs are as acutely sensitive in sleep as in the waking state, for the slightest stimulus brings about a reaction of some sort, mostly in the form of a dream.
Self-Knowledge Through Dream Study
Nietzsche spoke truly when he said that we must not seek to dodge the responsibility for our dreams, for nothing, he adds, is more completely the work of our mind.
The Love Life
It is not love in the sense of an affectionate relationship but in the sense of a physical attraction and stimulation which shall be discussed in this chapter.
Can We Sublimate Our Cravings
None of the words created by Freud has lent itself to more misinterpretation than the word sublimation. Sublimation is an unfortunate ex-pression. It is not related in its analytic meaning to sublimation as understood by chemists.
Puritanism A Dignified Neurosis
The puritan neurosis will probably pass away when the forces which support it have been fettered and made harmless and when the forces which carry out its decrees, courts and police, having been reformed, will no longer need to hide their moral and ethical inferiority under the mask of sexual austerity.
Hypnotist And Analyst
The hypnotist takes certain ready-made ideas, generally considered as ethical or practical, and, taking chances with their acceptability, tries to make the subject accept them because they are likely to be beneficial to him.
Freud The Pioneer
There is a psychoanalytic point of view which is common to the four principal exponents of the science, Freud, Jung, Adler and Kempf.
School Of Psychoanalysis - Jung
Dr. Carl G. Jung of Zurich, Switzerland, one of Freud's disciples, has developed his master's views, broadening them out in certain respects but imparting to them in other respects a great deal of vagueness.
Adler Individual Psychology
Adler does not call himself a psychoanalyst. After breaking away from the Freudian camp he designated his research work and his methods of psychiatry as Individual Psychology.
Kempf Dynamic Mechanism
Kempf states frankly his dislike of the term libido. Although that term attempts to represent graphically the energic constitution of man and his love of life, it lacks clearness, for the human mind cannot very well conceive of a process as such, unless there is some thing that proceeds.
Photopgrahic Outfit And Manipulations
As the outfit necessary for the thoroughly equipped nature photographer is of great importance, the reader must pardon what may appear to him to be an unnecessary amount of detail, and also excuse any statements that conflict with his ideas.
The Dark Room - Developing, Printing, Double Printing, Retouching, Exposures
To make a temporary and easily constructed dark room, use two thicknesses of red building-paper, supported on a rough but rigid framework. The door may be most easily and safely made by taking three thicknesses of black or red Canton flannel, or some such material, and hanging it so that the edges of the cloth overlap.
Photographing Birds And Their Nests
Photographing a nest, though not difficult except in certain peculiar cases, calls for a consider-able degree of artistic sense, for so much depends on the composition of the subject and on the lighting.
Photographing Nests Containing Young Birds
MORE interesting but far less satisfactory is this branch of bird photography. Occasionally we hap-pen to obtain really good results, but take it all in all the pictures of the young birds in their nests, especially the smaller ones, are very disappointing.
Photographing The Nest With The Sitting Bird
Now we begin to realise the marked individuality of birds and to learn how this individuality affects our work. If the bird photographer commenced this branch of the art by attempting to portray a yellow-breasted chat or a crow on her nest, he might, were he not of a very persevering nature; give up for ever any hope of success.
Photographing Nests With Old Birds And Their Young
FROM photographing the parent bird sitting peace-fully on her nest to the task of portraying the same bird standing nervously on the edge of the nest or on a near-by twig, while the young hold up their unsteady heads in anticipation of a meal.
Photographing Old Birds And Their Young
PHOTOGRAPHING bird families after they have once left their nests we count the most delightful part of bird photography, the one which has the greatest possibilities and perhaps the greatest amount of difficulties to be overcome.
Photographing Young Birds Alone, Both Wild And Tame
IN this branch of work we find the greatest possibilities of making beautiful pictures, as the subject is, or should be, under control so that we may arrange our lighting to suit ourselves, and as there is no longer the necessity for the objectionable instantaneous exposure, we can use strong contrasts in the lighting that would be impossible with a very short exposure.
Photographing The Adult Bird, Wild And Tame
Throughout this work the bird photographer must be quick to avail himself of favourable conditions and ready to overcome the endless difficulties which will at one time or another beset his path.
Photographing Wild Animals At Large
Few of the vast army of photographers realise what it is to hunt wild animals with their cameras; still fewer of the sportsmen appreciate the amount of sport which may be had when the camera takes the place of the rifle.
Photographing Wild Animals In Captivity
OF all branches of photography there is none so deceptive as the photographing of animals in the Zoos. Nothing appears so easy, and yet the difficulties are far greater than one would ever believe.
Photographing Domestic Animals
HERE we have a most delightful and thoroughly satisfactory branch of work ; the difficulties are not great and the possibilities almost unlimited. Here it is that the photographer shows whether or not he is an artist.
Photographing Reptiles
THE idea of photographing reptiles does not, as a rule, appeal very strongly to us. We think of little that is beautiful in connection with this order of animal life.
Photographing Insects
THIS is a most fascinating field for camera work, and a field that is not very often entered. The many and various difficulties to be overcome, the enormous range and diversity of subject, the intensely interesting material which may be procured with so little difficulty, all help to make this branch of photography of the greatest possible interest.
Photographing Fish And Other Aquatic Life
UNTIL quite recently fish photography was almost untrodden ground. Few had attempted it, and fewer still had succeeded.
Accessories And Their Preparation For Fish Photography
To any one who has not attempted fish photography it would seem an absolutely easy matter to beautify the aquarium by adding vegetation and stones as a background for the fish. That is exactly what I thought when I first began aquatic photography, but it did not take me very long to discover how mistaken were my ideas on the subject.
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