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Authors and Publishers
It is certainly the case today that authors who can produce wares possessing commercial value, find little difficulty in securing for them such value. Publishers are always on the look-out for real material.
Publishing Arrangements
When the author and the publisher have agreed between them that a work is to be published, it remains to be decided under which of the several publishing arrangements the publication shall be undertaken.
Securing Copyright
0ne of the questions frequently asked by an author in connection with his first work is What steps must I take to secure my copyright? For the purpose of supplying this information, the text of the United States Copyright Laws, as included in the Revised Statutes, is here given.
Editors and the Periodical Press
Next to a publisher, there is no person who has so evil a reputation among literary aspirants as an editor. It is for his general imbecility, however, rather than for any moral turpitude that he is pilloried.
If a work is published at the expense of the author, the cost of all advertising, except that of printing the title in the publisher's lists, is charged to him, and only such outlay is incurred as he may have authorized.
The Making of Books
The type is set up by the compositor in what is called a composing-stick, this being held in the left hand, while the right hand dexterously takes the type from the case, and arranges the letters in accordance with the copy.
Books - Corrections of Copy
It is very difficult to make an author comprehend how much time is required to effect changes in proof which to him may appear but trifling. For instance, a word or two eliminated from the proof, unless outer words are substituted of the same length, will require the overrunning of the entire paragraph corrected.
Letter Press Printing
By this method which is designated letter-press printing, it is customary to print three or four forms at a time (a form comprising the number of pages on one side of a sheet), and not to wait until the whole book is set.
Printing Presses
For ordinary book work in this country, the press generally in use among printers is the Adams. In this press (see cut), the bed upon which the form of type or plates is placed has no horizontal motion in printing, the impression being taken upon the entire sheet at one upward movement of the bed and form.
Book Binding
The back of the book is now again glued, a piece of muslin, about an inch wider than the back of the book, fastened to it, a piece of very stout paper covers this, and the book is then ready to be put into the cover or case.
Illustrations for the Printing Business
Illustrations made by photo-engraving can, like wood-cuts, be printed at the same time as the text of a book, a material advantage.
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