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Street Car Advertising
Street-car advertising, I imagine, is more valuable for soaps, patent medicines and proprietory articles generally than for retail lines of business.
Outdoor Advertising
To the general advertiser outdoor advertising is particularly worthy of consideration. It will prove a great aid to magazine and newspaper advertising.
Advertising Does Not Increase Cost Of Goods
The mass of advertising today represents a force that accentuates every law of competition. The publicity of prices forces prices to stand on their own selling merits, and when smaller prices are advertised on the same line of goods, all selling force is taken out of higher figures.
Advertising And The Unreached Masses
The object of advertising is to influence the mind—that which to a very large degree is the result of environment and personal influences. When it does not influence it is not advertising.
The Salesman And The Ad
The good salesman aims to go through his daily duties to the greatest profit of his employer in an intelligent, courteous and sensible manner. He secures the customer's attention and holds it by the qualities above mentioned, while he shows and speaks of the goods.
Be Optimistic In Advertising
It is not necessary to lie in order to be optimistic in your advertising. All that is necesary is to be good-natured and happy in your statements, to utter nothing that may savor of disappointment, envy or anger.
Advertising A Publication
In advertising a publication with a view to obtaining subscribers, the time honored plan of sending out sample copies and offering special rates for three or six months is good.
Advertising A Patent Medicine
While it is true that pure logic is the backbone of almost all patent medicine advertising, yet some preparations rely to a great degree for advertising success upon reiteration, pure and simple.
Advertising Face Bleaches, Powders, Etc...
The desire to be beautiful is ingrained in the very soul of womankind. It is the power over man that has never failed since the days of Adam and Eve.
Advertising A Hotel
Outside of good service and fair prices the best way to build up a hotel patronage is by advertising. And when the advertising question comes up it resolves itself into telling the story about the good accommodations and moderate prices to the greatest number of people likely to take advantage of them.
Theatrical Advertising
While managers secure special rates on photography, the cost in first-class companies runs up into the thousands of dollars. Photographs of cabinet size can be had for about a hundred; the price increasing according to size.
Advertising A Circus
Mr. Whiting Allen is the circus word wonder worker -the publicity promotor—the advertising man. He has been writing show advertising for about twenty years.
Railroad And Steamship Advertising
Transportation advertising, the newspaper end of it anyway, is about the poorest advertising done. It is not that the railroads lack money to advertise or that they lack the brains to conceive advertising.
Dental Advertising
Why cannot every dentist that advertises content himself with a series of short, crisp talks as to his methods-how his gold is pure gold and not gold with alloy-how his artificial teeth are made to wear for years-how he reduces pain to a minimum by the use of the very latest and best appliances and discoveries.
Classified Advertising
There are certain features of classified advertising that some advertisers are not so clever on as are others. Mail order advertisers in particular are keen judges and good users of classified advertising.
What Percentage To Spend On Advertising
The most successful patent medicine and proprietory article advertising men are those who apparently poured their money like water into the advertising trough.
Advertising A Town Or City
The work of the Merchants' Association in advertising New York as a mercantile centre is so well known to business men all over the world that it is not necessary to dwell upon it beyond using this fact as an excellent illustration of what can be accomplished by a preconcerted effort on the part of leading citizens of any town or city.
Advertising A Resort
The presence of an up-to-date press agent every day during the season at a summer resort is an idea that time and time again has struck with force the managers of such places.
Advertising A School
The printing of advertising matter emanating from an educational fount of any kind should be scholarly, dignified, business-like and impressive.
Advertising A Bakery
Very few bakers think it worth while to advertise. In fact, most bakers never give advertising a thought, save to wonder at it with the peculiar outside view of those who know nothing whatever about the subject.
Financial Advertising
Nowadays there is a tremendous lot of financial advertising spread broadcast. It looks at you from the columns of your morning paper-it is in evidence in your favorite weekly and it is also carried by about every magazine.
Value Of Advertising Novelties
Every advertiser must at some time or another appreciate the fact that advertising novelties possess marked advertising (and consequently commercial) value.
Manufacturers Should Help Retailer Advertising
The national advertising of certain makes of shoes has given them a reputation that exists wherever advertising reaches. This means an insistent demand for these shoes and naturally retailers are obliged to supply this demand.
Advertising A Photograph Studio
The photographer who manages to show pictures of local interest in the principal show windows, hotel offices, railroad depots and public places of his town usually does the lion's share of the town's photograph business.
Advertising A Laundry
New York laundries are excellently advertised as far as wagons, windows, machinery and offices are concerned. They do little or no newspaper advertising. Occasionally some send out circulars or large postal cards.
Advertising Leather Goods And Harness
Generally, the two principal points about leather goods are, or should be, durability and appearance. When a man buys a harness he wants a good strong harness, that will stand plenty wear and tear and present an attractive appearance.
Advertising Assistance From Papers
The good headline possesses a distinct financial value. Its mercantile importance is proven by the increased business it influences as compared with the trade brought by the ordinary advertisement capped with the ordinary headline.
Advertising In Publications
For retailers the best advertising is in daily papers. The returns are prompt. They can be easily traced. Within twenty-four hours from the time a merchant inserts his advertisement in his local paper he can tell whether or not it paid.
Advertising Confectionery
There is no earthly reason why candy cannot be advertised as well as anything else, and candy retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers, are rapidly realizing this fact.
Advertising Suggestions
It takes time to make impressions. The first appearance of your ad may be scarcely noticed, the second noticed but not remembered, the third may make a slight impression, but the succeeding insertions impress by present and past appearances.
Advertising And Punctuation
Punctuation that will help advertising in being clear, crisp, concise and convincing is the punctuation most used by the good advertising writer.
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