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Advertising Pictures, Wall Paper And Interior Decorations
Interior decorations is a term that embraces about everything that can be done in a home with curtains, tapestries, portieres, rugs, carpets, wall paper, panel effects, mantel studies, pictures, cozy corners, etc., as well as every possible arrangement of furniture.
Advertising Fish And Meat Markets
The butcher or fish dealer who carries plentiful varieties in his line, who gives prompt deliveries, who has a clean, brisk, business-like and wholesome atmosphere about his market should advertise these facts.
Introductions For Retail Advertising
This spring excels all others in its great number of dainty designs and immense assortment of silks. The world's fashion wits have exceeded all former efforts in the beautiful patterns, rich and charming colorings, as well as excellence in fabrics.
What Bright Retailers And Advertisers Look For
Some of the most successful business bringing schemes evolved are herewith presented. They have been tried by well-known advertisers and not found wanting. If your business needs a tonic, try one of these ideas.
Mail Order Advertising
At present most retailers are planning how to capture the mail order business within easy reach, and a few more ambitious than the rest are qonsidering the feasibility of covering a good slice of the country with their mail order literature.
Advertising Educational Features By Mail
Nowadays, through the mails, you can learn law, journalism, illustrating, engineering, ad writing, editing and about everything taught in schools.
Specific Talks On Mail Order Advertising
A mail order advertisement can as a rule be prepared weeks in advance. This is where it differs from the usual advertisement. And the earlier it is sent to the publication the better the chance is there for a good position.
Miscellaneous Advertising
In mail order advertising key your advertising in some way so you can tell exactly from which source you get your results.
Advertising To Women
If there is any feature greater than price from the feminine viewpoint it is style. Her garments must have style. Her home needs must have style. The wearables of every member of her household must have style in order to be satisfactory in her estimation. No advertiser can afford to overlook the feature of style.
Advertising To Men
Men are different from women in this one regard—as far as reading ads is concerned. Men hate detail—women rather like it. You cannot give a woman too many details regarding an article which she intends to buy. Quite different with the masculine member of the genus home.
Advertising Typographical Arrangement
Clean-cut presswork and artistic (yet business-like) typography should always be considered as an important percentage of business worth by every advertiser.
Advertising Illustrations And Their Uses
The illustration that does not express a distinct idea is a poor illustration. It should be clearly drawn by an artist with an abundance of ideas to be conveyed in the fewest lines possible.
Advertising Specialties
For the average ad one good idea at a time properly presented-to be followed next issue by another good idea properly put—will in the course of time make a clear, effective impression on your customer.
Individuality In Advertising
One must have the creative power in order to fill advertising or any other literature with individuality. This creative power should be cultivated, and is absolutely necessary in preparing good advertising copy.
Advertising Ruts
Ruts in advertising are very great obstacles to good advertising. A rut is death to vitality—snap and originality.
The Advertising Specialist
It is not so many years ago that the advertising specialist was an unknown quantity. Business men never thought of him. He was engaged in other lines of endeavor.
The Advertising Writer
The first-class advertising writer looks at a subject with the public's eye. He does not look at it with eye of the owner such a gaze is too full of technical detail to be interesting to any except himself and a few on the inside of his business.
The How Of Writing Advertising
The writer of advertising should study his readers. Much money is wasted by talking in a Harvard College style to a Bowery crowd, and many a Cambridge man has been disgusted with a too familiar tone.
The Advertising Solicitor
Successful advertising solicitors are rare—so rare that publications have been known to die when they lost the services of good men whom no expenditure of effort or money could replace.
Advertising - Getting To The Reader's Level
Advertising space is valuable because of the immovable, irrevocable and inevitable law of supply and demand.
Booklet Advertising
When you start to get up a booklet, start with the idea to get up a good one. It does not pay to scrimp on the paper, printing, illustrating and writing. A booklet is supposed to be kept and remembered, and to be thug kept and remembered it should be attractive in appearance and contents.
Advertising - Spend Money To Make Money
To advertise right means the expenditure of good money. It means cash paid to mediums in which to place your ads, to writers to write your ads and to artists to illustrate your ads.
Dry Goods' Economist Interview
From a typographical standpoint the ads of this store, as they appear in the daily papers, look crowded, and if judged by printers or ad writers generally, would not be accorded so high a place as the ads of some of the other big stores.
The Humors Of Advertising
Accidents will happen not only in the best-regulated families, but also in the best-regulated advertising departments and news-paper offices, and though some are extremely irritating, yet some are mirth provoking—viewed from the standpoint of the man who does the laughing.
Honesty As A Factor In Advertising
Today the list of honest advertisers are longer than ever before—for the simple reason that it is best business policy to be honest.
Profitable Advertising Interview
Advertising should be thoroughly studied. It is a hard, serious, exhausting study. Each case should receive individual attention. The conditions surrounding each case should be carefully considered.
Foreign Advertising - A Little About It
Foreign advertising must take its hat off to American advertising. Foreign advertising generally is very poor. English advertising is the best in foreign advertising, but English advertising is not a circumstance to our own American advertising.
Real Estate Advertising
The wise real estate buyer has learned (probably through bitter experience) the importance of sound title. Do not forget in your real estate advertising to state the fact that the title is clear and sound.
Advertising Action
Advertising is a reflex of the business world—the business world is full of action—it is a warfare for dollars and cents, and advertising, to accurately mirror business, should have plenty of action about it.
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