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Heads Of Departments
The department heads are the real power in all mercantile establishments. They buy, sell and conduct their several departments with the same care and consideration they would use if they owned their own stores.
Clothing Advertising
This is the cardinal virtue of advertising literature. When it is not spontaneous it is labored and artificial—therefore ineffective-when it is not natural it is mechanical and unattractive.
More About Clothing Advertising
Never try to advertise clothing without cuts. Some advertisers get along without cuts, and they appear to do it successfully, but I cannot help thinking that they would do it more successfully if they used cuts.
Advertising A New Store
This talk, I fancy, will appeal not only to those who contemplate opening a new store, but to others who have just completed improvements-added a new wing or given their store a new front or something like that—to which they wish to give prominence through publicity's column.
Fixing Bad Sales
If a department is sick, discover why, then apply remedies. There are several reasons why a department may suffer from poor business. Here are some of them...
Business Always Vigorous
Anyone can see that constant, intelligent thought and activity are necessary in keeping a business and its advertising up to date.
Advertising Women's Wearables
Swing the three features in your advertising; swing them in with a grace that shows your pen is influenced by the style; swing them in with a conviction that shows your pen is influenced by the service; swing them in with a force that shows your pen is influenced by the low price.
Suit And Cloak Advertising
April and May are two banner spring months for the suit and cloak manager. September and October are the two months to introduce the fall and winter styles. They are the months when the sun shines, and if he is wise he makes and rakes the hay.
Prices In Retail Advertising
In all retail advertising it is very necessary to give prices. They speak right to the pocketbook, and whatever speaks to that adjunct of any member of the great human family will get a hearing.
Furniture Advertising
The best furniture advertising done anywhere today is that done by The Paine Furniture Co. of Boston.
Advertising Home Furnishings
In advertising these goods use home arguments. Show how the home is made happier because neater, lighter, better furnished and more inviting by reason of the household needs bought at so and sop's establishment.
Full Descriptions Of Items
When you are listening to or reading a magazine story, a novel, a poem, or even an ad, you like to get the whole detail.
How To Start A Sale
How Should the Sale be Started?—Do not jump at it Give some thought to it. Very few sales are gotten up in such a hurry that a day or two cannot be given to the consideration of such points as special cuts to be made, special spaces to be contracted for, special notices to the written up and strong, business bringing advertising prepared.
Shoe Advertising
The spring and summer styles of footwear are now in every shoe store from ocean to ocean, and thousands of retailers are giving huge chunks of thought as to how the shoe advertising can best be done.
Window Displays
Simplicity—concentration—force! Such are the show window qualities that attract. Complexity—over-display—frippery! Such are the show window qualities that distract.
Inside Store Displays
He who is wise gets up an inside display to accentuate the window display, which in turn emphasizes the display in the newspapers. The three displays make a winning trio!
Keeping Ahead Of Competition
So get ahead of all your would-be rivals by keeping a step or two ahead of them in the march of good storekeeping, and thus keep a step or two ahead of that once monster of hideous mien: Competition.
Hardware Advertising
These cool days and chilly nights impress upon the house-wife's mind the virtues of good stoves, ranges, furnaces and radiators, as well as the right sort of ironware, agateware, tin-ware and other wares that wear in such a manner as to be a lasting advertisement for the hardware merchant who supplied them.
Jewelry And Optical Advertising
The retail jeweler who has never tried local advertising hardly knows how to begin. Let him do as the most experienced advertisers are doing, viz.: Go in regularly with a three or four inch ad.
Advertising Books
Once upon a time the advertising man of a moderate-sized retail store thus gave the three essentials that the man who would advertise books should possess...
Advertising A Drug Store
Where is the American drug store without its soda fountain? I have seen a few—in remote corners of the South and West-but in really civilized communities no—never!
Advertising A Grocery
Manufacturers, wholesalers, importers and commission men are very liberal in supplying the grocer with signs, lithographs, wall-hangers, counter eye-catchers, etc. The wise grocer uses these advertising signs with taste and judgment.
Advertising Cigars, Pipes, And Smokers Articles
Very few tobacconists can afford a local newspaper campaign of advertising. The local newspaper covers the whole town or city and its environments, while the cigar store draws trade from its immediate locality.
Advertising Pianos, Music And Musical Instruments
The manufacturer of pianos, should be a good national advertiser in order to keep the name of his products in the public mind. His advertising will greatly assist the retail advertising done by his agents and such retailers as handle his pianos.
Advertising A Tailoring Business
The appearance of the shop has much to do with the business done. The assortment of fabrics and patterns in stock, as well as the variety of styles that can be made up, influence trade.
Advertising A Dressmaking Establishment
A dressmaker may do excellent work, yet if her abilities are not known she stands an excellent chance of going into bankruptcy.
Advertising A Stationery And Newspaper Store
Stationers who appeal to men and women of discrimination and intellegence can pick up some valuable hints from the manner in which the Edward J. Merriam Co., New York, advertise the latest styles in writing paper.
Hat And Cap Advertising
In the advertising of headwear the advertising must be done in season. Each season's styles must be properly advertised during the right period. Spring, summer, autumn and winter have shapes peculiar to each season.
Advertising Infants And Children's Wearables
Sunday is a good time to advertise infants' garments for very obvious reasons. The mother's purse is usually at its fullest on Sunday—the overflow from the father's Saturday night pay envelope.
Advertising Furs And Fur Garments
Profits on the sale of furs and fur garments are excellent, but they must be made in the proper seasons. A cold snap will set the sale of furs bounding upwards, and a warm or wet season will truly throw a wet blanket over the season's business.
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