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Ad Building
Ideas mean the basis of ad writing, of advertising, for without ideas nothing can be stated—the better the ideas the better the statements and the stronger the advertising.
Advertising - The Superstructure
Words are powerful, although but the expression of ideas. The shortest words are best. The briefest sentences are best. The ad writer finds that a clean-cut, distinct impression is best conveyed by short words and short sentences.
Advertising - The Essentials
That is why the advertiser should study the advertising space at his disposal, and in his mind's eye have a good idea of how the ad will appear in print even before he touches his ink to paper.
Advertising - The Embellishments
As words are but the vehicles of ideas, so are types the vehicles of words. As certain words are bizzare, so are certain types bizzare. As certain words are commonplace, so are certain types commonplace. Types alone wield a psychological influence, but not to the degree that ideas and words do.
Advertising - The Completion
There is a very thin line between knowing too much and knowing too little about the merchandise to be advertised. The right kind of an advertising writer by reason of his viewpoint alone is very valuable to the advertiser.
Retail Advertising
To master the science of advertising as far as possible—to express in a concise, business-like manner the merits of my offerings—to offer only goods worth talking about—to fulfill every printed promise.
Advertising - Begin The New Year
For we all wish to begin the New Year right, and have every intention of beginning the New Year right and keeping to the straight and narrow path until the year dies out; but how? So in the heading goes the word: How?
Advertising - January Markdown Sale
In many respects this big annual sale is the most important merchandise movement of the year, as it means, when success-fully carried out, the riddance of several months' accumulations of stocks and the clearing of the decks for the incoming spring stocks.
Advertising - January Sales
New York clothiers are quite lively after the holidays in the matter of advertising, and, as a consequence, in the matter of trade. Pick up the Journal, World, Sun, or any of the metropolitan dailies, and you'll be sure to find several big clothing ads, each one clamoring for recognition, as representing the best values.
Advertising - January Merchandise Movements
This is the month when the linen man scratches his head for bright ideas to help along the advertising man in exploiting that Semi-Annual Sale of Linens.
Advertising - Great Mid Winter Sale
Along in the early or middle part of February comes The Great Mid-Winter Sale. It is the last supreme effort to get rid of winter stocks, and is a sale that under some name or other is pushed yearly by almost every retail concern that advertises.
Advertising - Other Mid Winter Sales
Every one of these sales is the result of well studied plans. Nothing is snap-shot. Weeks in advance of the exploitation in print arrangements were made in the wholesale market whereby certain lines of goods could be had at certain prices.
Advertising - Mid Winter Advertising
All of the above sales fill out the month of January, and if they are well pushed and rightly written up there is no reason why they cannot make January a fairly lively month in business.
Advertising - Pushing Winter Business
The great wheel of winter business can be made to revolve rapidly upon the hub of special sales—the whole attached to the electric dynamo of good advertising.
Advertising Spring Stocks
In spring advertising information concerning the stocks, store and prices can be so run in the advertising that it relieves the mixture of facts, figures and prose poetry.
Advertising - Introducing Spring Millinery
The New Millinery blooms and blossoms with the genius of Paris, Berlin, Vienna, London and New York-giving forth ideas by the score, to be quickly absorbed by wise feminine heads upon which the new headwear will gracefully sit.
April Advertising
Taking everything into consideration the springtime advertiser's lot is not such an unhappy one, as he has something new to talk about-a wide latitude for his pen-plenty prices to put to paper—eager eyes to read his stories, and as the times generally are very good, quite a bit of money waiting to jump into his till.
Advertising - Movements In May Merchandising
But the best plan of all, after studying the ads and movements of the big metropolitan concerns, is for the retailer to consider his local conditions, and if he thinks metropolitan methods won't exactly fit in his own town, to evolve strong advertising methods of his own that will exactly suit his case.
Early Summer Advertising
This is a season of special sales. The bloom of freshness has worn off the spring and summer stocks, and following in natural sequence come price reductions with their attendant advertising.
Warm Weather Sales
For your advertising always study the seasons and weather conditions—it is simply a matter of a little forethought-and you can save and make many good dollars by so doing.
The Mid Summer Clearance Sale
Twice a year almost every retail establishment has a grand clearance sale in which all the odds and ends of a six months' accumulation of business must be swept away by the mighty brooms of little prices and good advertising.
Mid Summer Bombardment
This, the biggest department house in Omaha, never had an advertising manager. And I was the first one to come along and try to evolve a well oiled advertising department out of what appeared to me to be dismal chaos.
Warm Weather Wooing Of Business
Vary it as you will, twist in new words, bring in new phrases and sentences, but in every ad bring out the idea clear and strong that your store is a nice place to stop in because it's cool and comfortable.
Dog Day Clothing Advertising
But, after all, the real advertising is the newspaper advertising. Just now it is graceful, yet forcible with the worth of its story—light and easy, yet pointed and convincing—a reflex of the hot summer season, yet telling its tale of bargains in a straightforward and convincing manner.
Autumn Advertising
Study the ads of the principal dealers in your line. No man has a corner on good advertising. Your competitors are as likely to evolve them as you, and by keeping in touch with their advertising efforts you can gain many points likely to be of decided benefit.
Holiday Advertising
If in his daily personal intercourse with customers he is an encyclopaedia of suggestions, so should he be in his advertising; and if it properly gives the sentiments of the season and business, his Christmas advertising will prove suggestive, helpful, timely and beneficial.
After The Holiday Rush
After the holiday rush, comes what? After the hurry and hustle, the noise and excitement, the throngs incident to Christmas shopping of excited feminine-kind, and still more excited mankind, comes a period of lassitude as welcome to the over-worked employees as it is undesirable to the enterprising employer.
Keeping Retail Business Active
Nearly every retail business advertises. If it does not it will in the course of time. All signs point that way. Advertising is being more and more recognized as a legitimate and desirable business force.
Features In Retail Advertising
Each advertising manager should constantly study his audience—which mediums are best—which language is best—he should not shoot too high or too low in this respect, and his brain must constantly be devising new sales and methods to attract the public.
Making Up Largs Ads
Some advertising men are extremely fortunate in their idea of making up an ad—most not so fortunate.
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