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Art And The Spirit
If there be anything which, very often, the higher arts are distinctly not, it is the expression of the spirit of their age.
Subconscious Action In Art
What is it to be affected by the zeit geist, the spirit of the times, of which we so often hear? What is it to be the spokesman of one's age? What is it to be able, in the particular individualizations of art, to express the universal?
Art Technique
In the degree in which he comes to take an interest in his work, he will begin to perceive the fascination that there may be in the study of form as form; and no man ever became an artist or able to appreciate art in any department, until he had begun to perceive this.
Sky Scrapers
No one can deny that it is representative. The trouble is that it does not represent what is agreeable or inspiring. It represents, alas, New York. It represents the commercial spirit entirely overtopping the aesthetic and sanitary in general.
Painting And Art
We may be sure that any theory true as applied to one art is in analogy to that which is true of every other art of the same class; and I, for one, refuse to take from the art of painting its right to be classed among the other higher arts.
Personal And Sympathetic Effects Of Art
Now we come upon two apparently anomalous facts. One might suppose that representation, exerting, as it does, an indirect influence, would reveal less of an artist's character, and would also appeal less to the sympathies of others, than would presentation, exerting, as it does, a direct influence.
Portrait Art
The portrait and the bust, which reproduce the forms of nature most perfectly, are not necessarily entitled to the highest rank; and when they are entitled to it, like the works of Titian or Velasquez, they rank thus not merely on account of the accuracy of their imitation.
Practice And Study Of Art
In any study of art, however, it must always be borne in mind that to reach a philosophical result is not the sole or the chief aim.
Philosophical Treatment Of Art In America
Owing to a lack of breadth and balance characterizing the practical limitations of American culture, a man here who tries to treat art philosophically finds his way blocked at the very threshold of his undertaking by two almost insurmountable obstacles.
Oration And Oratory
An experienced public speaker, unless in a time of unusual excitement, begins his address with his body at rest, with his tones uttered deliberately, with the pitch of his voice one that is natural to conversation, and with the range of his thoughts not raised much above the level of those of his hearers.
Opera - Its Effects Not All Those Of Art
What operatic company is successful in our own country in case it contain no preeminent solo-singer?
Observation And Art
To whatever art we look, in the degree in which a work rises toward the highest rank, it continues to train our powers of observation.
Nature And Art
But again, are the effects that come from nature trace-able to the forms in themselves, or to causes behind the forms? Hardly to the forms in themselves, because, practically considered, as has been shown, neither music, poetry, painting, sculpture, nor architecture involves an exact imitation of forms.
Music As Art
There are certain principles essential to the very existence of every other higher art, as at present developed, which are traceable to music alone; and no aesthetic influence tends so decidedly as that which it exerts to keep alive, in any department of culture, either a realization in theory or an actualizing in experience of such effects as those of law, thoroughness, accuracy, practise, drill, pleasure in work, or personality in presentation.
Morality And Art
The novel, the drama, the painting, the statue,—all re-port, with more or less interpretative additions, that which keen observers have been able to perceive, and to reproduce. The legitimate effect of their work is to enlarge the experience of others who have not had the same opportunity.
Imitation In Art
Why cannot and why should not a work of art be equally successful in imitation and in expression, in execution and in purpose ?—there is no reason except that the most of us are narrow in our aims and sympathies, and prefer to have our art as contracted and one-sided as ourselves.
Imagination And Art
What is it but the imagination, the faculty which has to do with the imaging of one thing in or by another? In an art-product, forms are grouped together because imagination perceives that they are alike or allied, in other words that they compare, either exactly or very nearly.
Harmony In Music
We must begin by ascertaining exactly what harmony is, and this not in its general but in its technical sense. An answer to the question can be found in no better way than by recalling the discoveries of the scientists as a result of analyzing harmony as it appears in music, the art to the effects of which the term was first applied technically.
Harmony Of Color
Color-waves are exceedingly small... According to Le Conte in his Sight, there are in the center of the retina, in a space not larger than one tenth of an inch square, no less than a million cones that a wave can influence...
Genius And Geniuses
What is genius? The term is derived—through the Latin word genus, meaning something characterized by the source of its begetting or production, therefore a family, race, or, in this sense, kind—from the word genere, meaning to beget or produce.
Art And Form
To determine aright the relations that should exist between form and spirit is to solve the most important, perhaps, of human problems. Ideally, of course, the one should be a perfect expression of the other; but, in this world, nothing is ideal or perfect; and in nothing is the fact more clearly exemplified than in the frequent failure of a form to represent that which, apparently, it exists for the sole purpose of representing.
Figurative Language
He (the poet) will be impelled to use figures whenever, for any reason, he feels that plain language will not serve his purpose. Two circumstances, inclusive, in a broad way, of many others, will justify him, as we can see, in having this feeling...
Fads In Art
Let any one glance at the illustrations in the new' English magazine, The Yellow Book; and then in humiliation read over the names of hitherto reputable authors who have been beguiled into allowing their writings to be printed between the covers of a periodical started for the purpose of making such illustrations popular.
Art And Expression
How does a man express to sight what is passing in his mind? Undoubtedly by his postures and the gestures of his hands, feet, head, and countenance, and by these as we see him when standing alone not only, but when surrounded by other persons and things.
The Literary And Art
Suppose that, for the reason which Lessing gave when he said that it should present only that which could be perceived at one time, or for any other reason, the picture is not able to interpret itself.
A lyric represents a movement imparted to the thoughts, but, unlike the condition in a melody, the thoughts of the lyric appear in definite form.
Literary Obscurity
The conclusions that have been reached thus far concur in serving to prove that poetry as an art must have form, the very sounds of the single and consecutive words of which must represent the phases and movements, physical, intellectual, or emotional, of which they are supposed to be significant.
Proportion In Art
The term proportion, when used in a non-technical sense, signifies frequently little more than measurement. When we say that a house has the proportions of a palace, or a growing boy the proportions of a man, we mean merely that the one is as large as the other, or has the same general measurements.
Representative Effects Of Color When Mixed
Now let us consider the mixed as distinguished from the pure colors. Going back, for a moment, co mixed tones, the first of them that was mentioned was the aspirate.
Effects Of Pitch In Music And Poetry
In accordance with the principle of correspondence, the conditions of pitch high or low, or its movements in directions upward or downward in the musical scale...
Significance In Painting
The world in general judges of subjects by the possibilities of significance in them. There are both greater opportunity and necessity for manifesting thought and emotion in connection with a landscape than with a dish of fruit or a vase of flowers; and in connection with human figures than with landscapes.
Sincerity In Art
The term sincerity indicates one's conception that the artist has employed material which really is what it seems to be,-wood, if it seem wood; stone, if it seem stone; iron, if it seem iron.
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