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Language, Artistic, Needs Cultivating
The earliest sounds made by a babe are instinctive, by which is meant, that they are allied in nature to expressions of instinct, due, even in a rational being, to the operation less of conscious rationality than of natural forces vitalizing all sentient existence.
Landscape Gardening
Applying these ideas to landscape-gardening, it is simply a fact recognized by all, that any given plot may be so graded and laid out that hills and valleys, lawns and lakes, avenues and flower-beds, shall appear to be the results of nature as much as of artifice.
Inspiration In Art
The transcendentalists of New England who, fifty years ago, were exercising the most pronounced of any effect upon the art and literature of our country were constantly con-founding artistic inspiration with religious inspiration.
Individuality And Art
It is the individuality of the effect characterizing the new product that gives it artistic soul and life. In what consists the difference between the artists living in Rome to-day and the artisans who do their chiselling for them?
Art - Imitation Vs. Representation
For the very reason that it is an imitation, in the sense of being a literal presentation, of every outline on which the light at the time when it was taken happened to fall, it does not awaken in us the kind or degree of imaginative interest or of sympathy that we feel in paintings or statues.
Personality And Art
At first thought, the principle previously stated, namely, that the art-product is successful in the degree in which the artist represents his surroundings in such ways as to manifest his own personality.
Perspective Vs. Proportion
Perspective, to which several chapters are devoted, has to do with the methods of arranging real outlines and with them, of course, measurements, so as to have them pro-duce a certain desired visual result, whereas proportion has to do with the measurements as they appear in the result after perspective has produced it.
Pitch - An Element In Music And Poetry
As most of us know, science has ascertained that all musical sounds result from regularly recurring vibrations caused by cords, pipes, reeds, or other agencies. About thirty-three of these vibrations per second produce the lowest tone used in music, and about three thousand nine hundred and sixty, the highest.
Poetic Form
In the phase of consciousness represented in poetry, the man thinks of certain scenes in the external world because they are suggested, not by anything that he is actually, at the time, perceiving there, but by his own recollections of them as they exist in thought.
Poetry As An Art
Poetry is acknowledged to be an art, ranking, like music, with the fine arts,—painting, sculpture, and architecture. It is acknowledged, also, that the peculiar characteristic of all these arts is that they have what is termed form (from the Latin forma, an external appearance).
Artists Love Of Their Own Work
The story of Pygmalion who fell in love with his own statue of Galatea is merely an artistic embodiment of the conception of the naturally emotive susceptibility of the true artist.
Beautiful Vs. The Artistic
The artistic may result from any isolated proof of craftsmanship. Not so with the beautiful. It is general in its effects, and these transcend those of the craftsman.
Beauty And Art
Our standards of beauty, concerning which the reader may consult Chapters X. to XIV. of "Art in Theory," are derived primarily from certain forms of nature, which, because attractive and charming in themselves, cause men to like to look at them and to think about them.
Character - Classic Vs. Romantic
Whatever increases intelligence tends to increase intellectual power, and the influence of schoolmen learned in the classics was at first only beneficial.
Classification - As The Source Of Art Composition
Men generally—and possibly we may find the same true of artists—before they can master the materials about them, must do what is expressed in the old saying, classify and conquer.
Color In Art And Decoration
Within the last half-century, the art of painting has been almost revolutionized; and here again we have to attribute the result to a change in the method of producing effects in color.
Art Comparison
Art-composition involves an elaboration and often an extensive combination of them. How can they be elaborated and combined in such a way as to cause them to continue to represent the same conceptions that they represented before art had begun its work upon them?
Composition In Art
How is a song or a symphony that is expressive of any given feeling composed? Always thus: A certain duration, force, pitch, or quality of voice, varied two or three times, is recognized to be a natural form of expression for a certain state of mind,-satisfaction, grief, ecstasy, fright, as the case may be.
Contrast As An Art Method
When the modern artist, like the Greek, selects for representation a certain part of nature, he does so because he has contrasted it, and wishes others to contrast it, with the whole of nature.
Art Criticism
One is tempted by it toward the easy task of a destructive critic in general, and to the easier task of destroying their reputations in particular.
Culture And Art
Art, in all its phases, is merely a compend of lifelong studies in nature and in human conditions, reported by those with exceptional powers of perception, insight, and inference. If men are to become wise, they must have experience.
Dramatic Art
Just as a magnifying glass modifies all the points of interest in an object to which it is applied, so it seems permissible at times for imaginative art to do—in case, like the glass, it does not change the relative proportions of the parts to one another and to the whole.
Eliptic - Lanceolate Shape As Used In Art
This space has the shape termed by botanists elliptic lanceolate,—an ellipse pointed; and of all outlines wholly curved, those of an upright ellipse fit into it most nearly.
About Elocution
A man who knows just where to pause and emphasize in order to produce the best elocutionary effects, will know also how to arrange his words the most effectively when writing.
Emotion And Art
But when, as in the greater artists, such phases of emotion are the rule and not the exception; when they are constant, when the man by nature is subjected to them and habitually views things in an artistic light, and that, too, although not greatly influenced by external causes, then the experience must be attributed mainly to temperament. Idem, XIII.
Religion And Art
It would be a mistake to suppose, however, that art, because different from religion, is antagonistic to it. The truth is just the contrary.
Rhythm And Art
Art did not originate rhythm nor the satisfaction derivable from it. Long before the times of the first artists, men had had practical experience of its pleasures.
Science And Art
Many scientists have a subtle, even a pronounced disbelief, in that arrangement of nature in accordance with which matter and mind, knowledge and surmisal, always move forward on parallel planes with the mind and its surmisal some distance ahead.
Sculpture And Art
One fact always affords a strong argument in support of the theory that Greek sculpture was produced mainly by an application of mathematical principles, and this is the conventional character of the face of the statue.
Selection In Art Work
We judge of others by ourselves. We judge of their art by the art which is possible to ourselves. While great art requires great breadth of view and distance of aim, the majority of men are not great.
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