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Architecture Influenced By Forms Of Art
When our race, with no models to direct them, first began to build houses and temples, the external forms of each were determined by the design for which it was constructed,—a design suggested, as reflection will show that it must have been, by the modes of attaining in nature ends like those of support, protection, and shelter.
Architecture - Modern Can Be Original
Our own age has made an advance upon all preceding ones in two regards which should have, and already have had, some influence upon our architecture. These are the development of our mineral resources and of the facilities of transportation.
Architecture - Representative Of Through
A building, in just as true a sense as a poem, a symphony, a picture, or a statue, is the embodied expression of an idea. In architecture, this idea is a plan. It is sown, so to speak, in a particular locality; and there straightway it springs into walls, branches into wings, leaves into doors and windows, flowers into capstones and roofs, and sometimes filaments into spires.
Architecture - Why Styles Should Not Be Mixed
The true reason, therefore, for not introducing the forms of Greek, Romanesque, and Gothic architecture into the same building, is that, as a rule, such a course is fatal to unity of effect.
Architecture - Art Philosophy
As applied to architecture, it is evident that, aside from the effects of form, which in certain cases may entirely counterbalance those of color, the colder the color, the more massive, as a rule, will appear not only the building itself but also the grounds about it.
Art And Beauty
Of course the word art may be broadly ascribed to any-thing that is made, especially by way of imitation; and, therefore, the term artistic may properly designate any product of this kind. But the word has also a more limited meaning.
Art As Mental And Spiritual
Art is a form produced by a man, and a man is not yet a spirit. He may have spiritual instincts tending, in a vague way, toward a recognition and production of the beautiful.
Art In Theory
In the introductory volume, Art in Theory, an attempt was made to derive a true conception of the requirements of art from a study of certain facts and opinions concerning it acknowledged by all, or held by writers of authority.
Art - Connecting Science And Religion
The moment that thought transcends the sphere possible to knowledge, it gets out of the sphere of science. But, when it gets out of this, what sphere, so long as it continues to advance rationally, does it enter?
Art Philosophy
Nature made human, or nature re-made by the human mind, is, of course, a very broad definition of art—one that scarcely begins to suggest all that is needed for a full under-standing of the subject.
Artists Vs. Artisans
It is wellnigh universally recognized that the poet is not a reporter, nor the painter a photographer, nor any artist at all entitled to the name, a mere copyist. For this reason it is felt that while, in the main, he is a careful observer of outward appearances, he, too, as well as the workman in so-called useful art, must have ability to penetrate in some way to something underlying these; that pathos in ballads, part of the effect of the waves as a whole.
Association, As An Art Method
Association and comparison, however, as has been pointed out in former essays of this series, are in all cases very closely allied, and sometimes are practically inseparable.
Color, As Perceived By The Eye
Where (i. e., through the bacillar layer) the optic nerve enters the retina, the eye is blind. This seems to prove that the bacillary layer is necessary to sight. But this layer contains the rods and cones.
Comparison As The Foremost Art Method
Every one knows that comparison is the very first result of any exercise of the imagination. And he knows also that imagination is the source of all art-production.
Comparison In Architecture
Study will show that at the time of the Gothic and the Renaissance revivals, the manifestation in buildings of the principle of putting large numbers of like dimensions with like, again came to be considered necessary. It is considered so in all great architecture.
Ornament In Architecture
All appropriate ornamentation, as brought out in Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture as Representative Arts, is the result of an adaptation of means to ends.
Originality In Architecture
The forms of Greek, Gothic, Moorish, Romanesque, or Renaissance art have no more exhausted the possibilities of architecture than analogous developments in poetry, painting, or music.
Originality And Eccentricity
Every schoolboy, musing on the genius of his recitation room, believes originality, and this in the sense, too, of eccentricity, to be not alone the essential but almost the only requisite for success in art.
Human Figure Art
As applied to the human figure, and to the expression, through every part of it, of some special phase of significance, it is apparent that certain legitimate deductions from this principle are often ignored.
Words - Their Meanings By Association And Comparison
We shall find it possible to class all combinations of words under two heads, corresponding to those under which we have already grouped single words.
Words - Meanings Determined By Representation
In forming words by comparison, as by association, terms applicable literally to material conceptions alone come to refer after a time to those that are immaterial.
Vibratory Theory - Mind As Well As Matter
Effects causing rhythm and proportion, which are consciously measured by the mind, and those causing harmony of sound and color, which are not consciously measured,—these effects having been discovered by science to be the same in principle, it is argued that all aesthetic effects are the same in principle.
Voice And Voice Building
Voice-building is the only known way in which to give an uncultivated rustic the tones of a gentleman, or of training growing lungs to draw blood into every part of them, and, through doing this, into every part of the brain.
Verse, Melody And Harmony
The poetic effects, corresponding to the rising and falling of the voice, especially as used in the inflections, will now be examined. There is a sense in which these movements of the voice enter into the pronunciation of every syllable containing more than one letter-sound.
Verse - An Element Of Artistic Unity
What is verse? A little reflection will reveal that every known phase of it is a method of causing the flow of the words as they present themselves in time, to be interrupted sufficiently and with sufficient regularity to convey an impression like that produced when like objects appear side by side in space.
Ugliness In Art
The truth seems to be that ugliness, simply because it is repulsive, is not legitimate in art except so far as, by way of contrast, as in the case of shadows which throw that which they surround into brighter relief, the ugliness enhances the beauty to which it is kept in manifest subordination.
Unity In Art And Form
Harmony of effects among different elements of significance in form as they appeal to recollection, association, or suggestion, is due mainly to perceiving that the objects made to go together are such as we are accustomed to think of as going together.
Taste In Art
Mention, perhaps, should be made of taste, a term in common use, indicative of that within the mind enabling one to recognize an artistic effect, and to judge in some way of its quality.
Art Appealing To The Sympathies
Plays and novels that make us spend hours with people such as we never meet, or meet only to avoid; and statues and pictures equally objectionable, do not represent for us real life as we know it, and cannot appeal, therefore, to our sympathies as art should.
Standards Of Art Criticism
Judgments formed according to this method either exalt imitation in production into artistic excellence, as well as imitation in opinion into critical acumen; or else, because there seems some defect in such conceptions, they confound in their search for the opposite of imitation the indications of mere eccentricity with those of genuine originality.
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