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The Outward Voyage
It is five days steam to St. Vincent, in the Cape Verde Islands. The passengers shake down, grouping themselves according to national or professional affinities.
Montevideo and Buenos Aires Part 1
There is an epidemic of Italian architecture in Buenos Aires. Everywhere the eye rests on astragals and florets, amid terrible complications of interlaced lines.
Montevideo and Bueno Aires Part 2
My remark as to the European aspect of Buenos Aires at first sight must be taken as referring merely to its outdoor life. I do not speak of the business quarter, which is the same in all countries.
Foreign Colonists in Argentina
I have not sought to conceal the fact that the largest number of immigrants make the mistake of stopping at Buenos Aires, whose population is thus increased out of all proportion with the development of Argentine territory.
Argentine Education, Hospitals, and Asylums
It is not in vain that so many young Argentinos have made their way to the universities of France, Italy, and Germany. As soon as I set foot in the hospitals here I had an impression that I was in the full stream of European science.
Argentine Types, Manners, and Morals
I have not spoken of shopping, which is the main occupation of the fair sex in North America, for the reason that at Buenos Aires I saw none.
Argentine Politics
In matters of government the Argentinos are neither better nor worse off than any people of Europe where freedom of speech has begun its work.
Pampas Life
The Pampas are not the Argentine. They form, however, so predominant a part that they have shaped the man and the race by imposing on them their organisation of agricultural labour and the development of their natural resources.
Farming and Sport
The Argentino, like the Yankee, is more and more inclined to do overnight the work that might be put off to the morrow. At all events, absenteeism is unknown on the estancia, for this would spell ruin at short notice.
Rosario and Tucuman
Without hesitation I headed for Tucuman, with a brief halt at Rosario, the second city of the Argentine Republic.
Uruguay and Uruguayans
Uruguay, once the Oriental Band of the Argentine, lies between that Republic and Brazil, forming thus a buffer State which, in the event of war between Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires.
Rio de Janeiro
Whatever happens, two features in the Brazilian character will to my thinking remain predominant. They are democratic idealism and a consequent innate taste for French culture.
Brazilian Society and Scenery
Brazilian society is very different from that of the Argentine, its elements being more distinct and more complex, while equally European in trend, and with the same immutably American base.
Brazilian Coffee
If you want to inspect the Brazilian coffee plantations you have only to look around you. I can show you the coffee-plant, a shrub between three and five yards in height, which, for foliage and manner of growth, bears a strong resemblance to box.
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