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Frederic Chopin
When one considers the amount of it, the beauty, originality and glory of it, one must acknowledge Frederic Chopin as one of the greatest piano geniuses of all time.
Hector Berlioz
The music of Berlioz is conceived on large lines, in broad masses of tone color, with new harmonies and imposing effects. He won a noble place in art through many trials and hardships.
Franz Liszt
Franz Liszt, in his day the king of pianists, a composer whose compositions still glow and burn with the fire he breathed into them ; Liszt the diplomat, courtier, man of the world—always a conqueror!
Giueseppe Verdi
Verdi was one of the noblest of men as well as one of the greatest of musical composers. He passed away in Milan, January 27, 1901, at the age of eighty-eight.
Richard Wagner
ONE of the most gigantic musical geniuses the world has yet known was Richard Wagner. Words have been exhausted to tell of his achievements; books without number have been written about him.
Cesar Franck
Whatever we learn of César Franck endears him to all who would know and appreciate the beautiful character which shines through his art. He was always kind, loving, tender, and these qualities are felt in the music he composed.
Johannes Brahms
For instance it is impossible to compare Wagner and Brahms; the former could not have written the German Requiem or the four Symphonies any more than Brahms could have composed Tristan.
Edward Grieg
From every point of view Grieg is one of the most original geniuses in the musical world of the present or past. His songs are a mine of melody, surpassed in wealth only by Schubert, and that only because there are more of Schubert's.
Peter Ilyitch Tschaikowsky
Once heard it will always be remembered. For we can never forget the deeply human and touching message which is brought to us through the music of Peter Ilyitch Tschaikowsky.
Edward Macdowell
EDWARD MACDOWELL has been acclaimed America's greatest composer. If we try to substitute another name in its place, one of equal potency cannot be found.
Claude Achille Debussy
While at work in Paris, young Debussy made an occasional side trip to another country. In 1879 he visited Russia, where he learned to know the music of that land, yet undreamed of by the western artists.
Coronation Week
Sure enough, many familiar landmarks had entirely vanished behind rows and rows of wooden seats put up to enable the thousands of visitors to see the great royal processions of Coronation week.
Oban, Staffa, And Iona
All things considered, Oban is a delightful place to which to return after a long day's jaunt.
In The Western Highlands
AND he was away so long, fighting in foreign wars, that his wife thought, of course, he was dead. First she built this beautiful big Kilchurn Castle with a keep five whole stories high, and then finally she decided to marry.
The Misty Isle Of Skye
Soon after passing pretty Dunollie Castle, they had steamed once again into Tobermory Bay, where the Duke of Argyll has some divers at work searching for sunken treasure, which he believes may have been there since the wreck of one of the great vessels of the Spanish Armada.
Skye Legends And Castles
And so, first of all, they heard how there was an old ruin in Skye, called Dunscaich Castle, and how it had been built long ages ago in the days of Fingal, the giant, by a great chief, named Cuchullin, for whom the famous Cuchullin or Coolin hills have been called.
Inverness And Cawdor Castle
So you've two Americans with you today, the factor (or overseer )of the Cawdor Castle estate was saying to Mrs. Pitt, as he readjusted the blush rosebud in his buttonhole.
Ben Nevis, Perth, And Thrums
In 1883 an observatory was founded on the top of Ben Nevis, but this has now been deserted because of lack of funds and perhaps, too, because of the hardships which were endured by the men in charge.
St. Andrews, Lochleven Castle, And Dunfermline
PROMPTLY at nine-forty-four o'clock on a misty morning, the number thirteen was displayed, and a man inside the little green box called out Philip's and John's names. At St. Andrews golf links one must await one's turn.
The First Day In Edinburgh
Mrs. Pitt and Barbara were already in the carriage when Philip, John, and Betty came down; they drove along Princes Street, up across the Mound, and, turning into the High Street, they stopped at St. Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh's Westminster Abbey.
Old Time And New At Edinburgh Castle
All equally ragged and insistent, an army of small boys lay in wait for Mrs. Pitt and the others as they walked across the wide Esplanade in front of the castle. These children, who swarm about famous buildings and in the various closes, are a perfect pest in Edinburgh streets.
Landmarks Of Old Edinburgh
Accordingly they strolled about in the ruin of what was once the magnificent Abbey-Kirk of Halirude, always the church of the kings as St. Giles' was that of the people.
Edinburgh Odds And Ends
They entered the grounds of George Heriot's Hospital from the rear, passing by a new building to be used in connection with the original school, completed in 1659. Passing through an old gateway, they stepped into the great quadrangle.
In The Scott Country
They then carefully explored the ruins of Tantallon Castle, interesting enough in itself, even were it to be deprived of its associations with that favorite poem, Marmion.
Abbotsford And Dryburgh
Abbotsford is associated with some of the brightest as well as the darkest years of Scott's life.
Hawthornden And Roslin
Soon they came to the old garden, full of dainty, pale tea roses, and approached by the quaintest of gateways surmounted by two ancient urns.
Linlithgow, Stirling, And The Trossachs
So fast had the train gone through Linlithgow that only a very hurried glance could any of them snatch at the imposing old palace, birth-place of Mary Stuart.
The Clyde, Dumbarton, And Glasgow
The presence of Mrs. Pitt's cousin, an important member of the Clyde Navigation Trust, which has control of the entire river, had, in-deed, worked a miracle.
The Burns Country
The Countess, somewhat angry, ordered her men to surround the knight, and to take him a prisoner to Turnberry Castle.
Dumfries And Its Vicinity
The party had set off bright and early from the Station Hotel at Dumfries, and it had required considerable courage to start at all on such a morning.
Just Over The Border
Such was the quaint answer given by the old guide when Mrs. Pitt asked if he were a Maxwell, of the family to which the castle has always belonged. They had sought him out at his cottage, which stood close by the great building with its double moat.
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