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Cape Cod - The Land - Pt. 1
Cape Cod had its Age of Romance in a half-century best placed, perhaps, in the years between 1790 and 1840. Then certainly the picture of it was charming, unblemished by the paper-box architecture of a later period, or the alien hotels, the villas, bungalows, and portable-houses of today.
Cape Cod - The Land - Pt. 2
Provincetown is a story in itself. The village, with its ingredients of old Cape Cod and a large proportion of handsome, gentle-mannered folk from the East Atlantic Islands, is curled comfortably about the edge of its harbor.
Cape Cod - The Land - Pt. 3
From the slender tip of Champlain's Cap Blanc to Wareham one is never out of sight of water. Salt here and salt there, ocean and inlet and bay, and the great ponds of the uplands.
Cape Cod - The Old Colony - Pt. 1
French, Dutch, Spanish, English, all had their names for the Cape, but in 1602, Bartholomew Gosnold, examining the coast of New England with a view to colonization, was to give it the predestined and only right name, Cape Cod.
Cape Cod - The Old Colony - Pt. 2
In the seventy years of their independence, the Pilgrims worked out, by sober and deliberate progression, a plan of government that was a model of statehood, and they had the advantage over other colonies that they were constrained by no formal royal patent.
Cape Cod - The Old Colony - Pt. 3
The first year of the little colony was difficult enough, and before the winter was over they might have starved had it not been for the fisheries and the kindness of their Indian neighbors.
Cape Cod - The Old Colony - Pt. 4
The Plymouth settlers seem to have encountered no great opposition from the natives who, although shy and suspicious as might be any creatures of the forest, were responsive to the just dealing that was the considered policy of the Pilgrims.
Cape Cod - The Towns - Pt. 1
As early as 1627, in order to facilitate communication to the southward with the Indians and with the Dutch settlement on the Hudson, the Pilgrims may be said to have made the first move toward a Cape Cod Canal.
Cape Cod - The Towns - Pt. 2
These early clergymen were usually Cambridge or Oxford men, the liberals of their time, sure to stand for the encouragement of learning among the simple people with whom they had cast their lot.
Cape Cod - The Towns - Pt. 3
At Eastham, the Reverend Samuel Treat was at pains to learn the language of his Indian neighbors, and translated the Confession of Faith into the Nauset dialect.
Cape Cod - The French Wars - Pt. 1
In 1727 the Precinct of Cape Cod was incorporated as Provincetown, with important reservation of rights to the Government in exchange for which the inhabitants were held exempt from all but local taxes and from military duty.
Cape Cod - The French Wars - Pt. 2
Throughout the French wars there was great apprehension, particularly by Cape Cod in its defenceless state, of French sea-raids on the New England coast.
Cape Cod - The English Wars - Pt. 1
At Cape Cod the feud between Tory and Whig took on a comedy aspect in comparison with the vindictive civil war which it presented in many counties of New York and in the southern colonies.
Cape Cod - The English Wars - Pt. 2
The Cape made a brave attempt to keep up its trade, and voyages were made with the permission of the General Court, always provided that the said fish &c., shall not be cleared out for any of his Britannic Majesty's dominions.
Cape Cod - The English Wars - Pt. 3
In 1814 Great Britain was ready to turn her full attention to America, Washington was burned, and again a British fleet rendezvoused in Provincetown Harbor and harried the coast of the Cape.
Cape Cod - Theology And Whaling - Pt. 1
In the meantime Truro, with the cooperation of Wellfleet, Provincetown, and Eastham, and a money outlay of only eight dollars for nails, had built the first church.
Cape Cod - Theology And Whaling - Pt. 2
From hunting the whale offshore in small boats, Cape seamen, when the prey grew more wary, pursued it to the farthest reaches of the ocean, and brought back prosperity to the home ports. Wellfleet was a great whaling town. Truro also, and Provincetown.
Cape Cod - Storms And Pirates - Pt. 1
All up and down the Cape, in every village and town, the sea took its toll of men. In 1828 some thirty of them, mostly from Sandwich and Yarmouth, small merchants and artisans who had spent the winter prosecuting their business in South Carolina, were lost on their homeward voyage.
Cape Cod - Storms And Pirates - Pt. 2
Cape Cod sailors were in like degree, and with varying success, using their wits to elude pirates of the farther seas, swift Chinese lorchas, and low-hung craft in the Malay Straits.
Cape Cod - Old Sea Ways - Pt. 1
Old Cape Cod was one with the illimitable seas and the spot most loved by men for whom the ocean was a workroom where fortunes might be made to spend at home.
Cape Cod - Old Sea Ways - Pt. 2
Yankee cruisers to the southward found profitable advice. For such as are bound for Virginia or Maryland will find many times on the coast of America various winds and weathers, and streams and currents also, therefore they must take the more care, and not trust with much confidence to dead reckoning.
Cape Cod - The Captains - Pt. 1
Stories of the Cape Cod captains would in themselves make a volume. One is tempted here and tempted there in choosing which should be typical of the brave old times, and fears to overlook the most significant.
Cape Cod - The Captains - Pt. 2
As captains grew toward middle age, and the children were old enough to be left at home with relatives or put into boarding-school, their wives not infrequently accompanied them on the long voyages to some port or ports in Europe at the discretion of the captain.
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