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Colon Health - Why This Book
The important truth underlying the present book is the recognition of the fact that intestinal stasis, in one form or another (constipation), afflicts three fourths of the American people whether we want to believe it or not.
The Art Of Long Life
Health is that state of mind in which the body is not consciously present to us; the state in which work is easy and duty not too great a trial; the state in which it is a joy to see, to think, to feel, to be.
The Lazy Colon
In a late book that has attracted much attention a famous surgeon lays great stress on the fact that failure of the nearly twenty-eight feet of small and large human intestine to function properly is the primary cause not only of much ill health but of a very considerable number of organic diseases.
Digestion In The Stomach
The old idea of digestion was that it was largely a function of the stomach. This is not correct. Von Mering's experiments show that as soon as water is introduced into the stomach it begins to pass into the intestine by a series of spurts from the contractions of the stomach.
Putrefaction In The Colon
In the middle of the 19th century they were known only to a few experts and were looked upon as curiosities of the micro-scope, chiefly interesting for their large numbers, minuteness and activity.
Surprising Theories Of Water Drinking
Any large loss of fluid to the body, as by sweating, diarrhea, hemorrhage, gives rise to an intense thirst that has its natural reaction in increased intake of water by the mouth.
Drinking Water
In health when the amount of water supplied to the body is insufficient the condition of the body can be compared to a stagnant pool, while an abundance of liquid so encourages its activities that it may be compared to the flowing mountain stream.
Overlooked Facts In Water Drinking
Important facts in water drinking are overlooked in the foregoing somewhat contradictory observations.
Mysteries Of The Intestine
Hurst is of the opinion that unfortunately it is not possible to make a diagnosis of intestinal stasis (constipation) from symptoms alone.
Curious Causes Of Intestinal Stasis
It is not very rare, says Hurst, to find people in perfect health who defecate regularly two or three times a day, and others with more greedy colons who do not do so in two or three days, without apparently suffering ill effects.
Spastic Constipation
Spastic constipation is made worse rather than better unless any pressure is extremely gentle.
Commonest Form Of Stasis
Chevalier, was the first to describe this type of stasis and explained how enemata are the only proper treatment, as with purgatives - the whole intestinal canal is teased and pained for the defective action of that very part of it which is remote from their influence.
Greedy Colon
Hurst remarks the unusually complete digestion of food in some cases as being particularly noticeable when articles of diet containing large proportions of cellulose, such as raw vegetables, raw fruit and mushrooms are consumed.
Colon Health - Poor Appetite A Cause
A poor appetite is a common cause of constipation. It is an almost constant symptom of neurasthenia (a group of symptoms resulting from debility or exhaustion of nerve centers) so that an insufficient quantity of food is generally an important factor in the stasis which is so frequently present in this condition.
Colon Health - Startling Theories Of Self-Poisoning
The word auto-intoxication has come to mean in late popular sense a self-poisoning or infection of the body from a disease focus within the large intestine arising in putrefying material.
Story The Urine Tells
The average man, says Folin, with ordinary habits of diet consumes more food from animal sources than the body can possibly use. The excess is not stored because the need of nitrogen is so small that an excess is always present in food not rich in that element.
Indications Of Urine Going Wrong
The examination of the urine for uric acid (a significant end product of protein decomposition) and albumen, another protein product (frequently indicative of kidney inefficiency), should be entrusted to a physician who specializes in such examinations or to a physiological chemist.
Coarse Food And The Colon
Here we have one of the most important points in the physiology of digestion, that if food is capable of almost entire digestion and absorption the amount of residue is greatly lessened in bulk and largely limited to that produced within the intestine itself.
Hardening Of The Arteries And Blood Pressure
There can be no question that in many individuals the rise in blood pressure comes ahead of the appearance of the arterio-sclerosis.
Purgatives - Their Proper And Improper Use
Intestinal stasis coming on gradually after the age of 60, says Hurst, can at first be controlled by diet but sooner or later proper purgatives are frequently required.
Infection Of The Small Intestine From The Colon
The ileo-cecal valve, the organ of defense against infection of the small from the large intestine, stopping the back flow of the latter, has been carefully studied only within recent years and the principal honors in connection with such study belong to Case.
Mineral Oil As A Laxative
he Journal of the American Medical Association for Nov. 22, 1919, says through a staff writer that the rapidity with which mineral oil (petrolatum) has conquered the globe has been phenomenal.
Constipation - Agar Or Bran? Which?
The use of agar (a dried seaweed from the East) in constipation was first suggested as late as 1905 by Prof. Adolf Schmidt, of Dresden, Germany. Since then a wide experience has extended its use in every civilized country.
Vitamin Knowledge Incomplete But Important
What may be called the Vitamin theory as applied to food is based on one of the great discoveries of this century and is as yet far from being completed.
Colon Health - The Ounce Of Prevention
In the case of young women the element of good looks also enters into consideration because they are casting an anchor to windward against a pallid and unhealthy skin, with its occasional accompaniment of pimples and various other blemishes.
The Greatest Menace Of All
Field says he is continually surprised at the mistake people make as to the completeness of defecation. This error is frequently practiced regularly by persons who are very particular as to personal cleanliness in all other matters.
Intelligent Use Of The Enema
There is no dictum in medical literature more common than the advice that the enema is a device that should be resorted to as a temporary expedient only, and that the same rule applies to the use of any laxative medicine.
Abdominal Excercises A Requirement
Weak abdominal muscles are practically always associated with intestinal stasis. The reason is plain, as has been elsewhere several times pointed out.
The Coated Tongue - Its Cause And Meaning
The coated tongue is due to the blood being charged with toxins. The tongue's resistance and that of other fluids is thus lowered, the saliva loses its power to stop the growth of micro-organisms and the mouth becomes an incubating chamber in which molds and bacteria of various sorts grow luxuriantly.
Colon Health - Is Sugar of Milk The Long Sought Remedy?
What bids to be a true and long sought corrective for both uncomplicated, acute and chronic constipation is a result of very recent studies on the reactions of lactose (sugar of milk) and dextrine to conditions in the intestinal tract.
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