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Its History And Romance
And so, with California known to all the world as it is known today, we see that the Land of Heart's Desire was equally as unmythical as were the other strange visions which have dreamed their way across the mist-hung pathways of the centuries.
When California Began
As far as can be known it was in this book that the name California was first coined. And from that hour the quest of the same island began—the goal of deep-sea wanderers and soldiers of fortune, conquistadores, proselytizers and the dreamers of dreams.
The Story Of The Missions
THE story of the conception, foundation, the rise and the fall of the Franciscan Mission establishments in California is at once one of the most unique, colorful and romantic stories in the annals of human history, and one of the most important.
Monterey - The First Capital
Time goes ever on and its soul is the soul of change, but it shall bring with the coming years the feet of countless thousands yet unborn, to climb the road that leads to Carmelo from Monterey.
The Spanish Era
The Spanish era in California had its tangible be-ginning in the year 1769 with the arrival of Junipero Serra and Gaspar de Portola at San Diego.
The Mexican Era
What may be properly termed the Mexican era in the history of California began with the fall of Spanish power on the North American continent in the year 1822, and ended with American domination in 1846—a period of twenty-five years.
The Bear Flag Republic
Unique in the history of the world is the true story of The Bear Flag Republic in California.
The Argonaut
Almost in the very footsteps of the first Franciscan missionaries, American white men began to drift into California. It is certain, at least, that they made their appearance there soon after the Revolutionary war.
The American Conquest
California came into the sisterhood of the States violently, at the mouth of the cannon, with the rattle of musketry and accompanied by unfortunate but, as it would seem, unavoidable bloodshed.
The Five Miracles
In the world's history of commercial and industrial progress California lays claim to five distinct miracles of achievement.
Counties In California
The following data concerning the names and the origin of the counties of California were prepared by Prentiss Maslin and published officially by direction of the State Legislature in accordance with an Act approved February 12, 1903.
Celebrated "Pious Fund"
In order to preserve a reliable and readable statement of the celebrated Pious Fund of California, the history and ultimate disposition of which has been the subject of such wide-spread discussion, the following narrative, deposited by John T. Doyle in the archives of the California Historical Society, is here reproduced.
Fremont's Famous Ride
The following narrative, vouched for by John Bigelow, Fremont's eminent biographer, was published in the National Intelligencer, Washington, D. C., Nov. 22, 1847. The journey was undertaken by Colonel Fremont to inform General Kearney of the outbreak of an insurrection at Los Angeles.
Junipero Serra's Most Famous Walk
One thing that cannot fail to strike the reader of California's history is the fact that Father Junipero Serra, the great founder and first President of the Missions, was a most extraordinary pedestrian.
The Great Seal Of The State
The following official statement has been published under authority of an Act of the State Legislature of California.
El Camino Real
The famous road called El Camino Real, or The King's Highway, which connected the twenty-one Franciscan Missions in California, has been the subject of song and story for many a year.
The Grave Of Junipero Serra
During the years in which the Mission Church at Carmel was in a state of decay and neglect, following secularization, the resting place of Junipero Serra, founder of the Franciscan Missions in California, was almost completely forgotten.
Departure From San Francisco
What was I to find in Tahiti? Certainly not what Loti had with Rarahu, for that was forty years ago, when the world was young at heart, and romance was a god who might be worshiped with uncensored tongue.
Discovery Of Tahiti
The gangway was let down. I was, after years of anticipation, in Tahiti.
Description Of Tahiti
TAHITI was a molten rock, fused in' a subterranean furnace, and cast in some frightful throe of the cooling sphere, high up above the surface of the sea, the seething mass forming into mountains and valleys, the valleys hemmed in except at their mouths by lofty barriers that stretch from thundering central ridges to the slanting shelf of alluvial soil which extends to the sand of the beach.
Tiara Hotel
THE Tiare Hotel was the center of English-speaking life in Papeete. Almost all tourists stayed there, and most of the white residents other than the French took meals there.
History Of Tahiti
They are brigands and weak governors. They have been in Tahiti four generations. Do you want to know how they got hold here? A monarchy, a foolish Louis, sent a marine savant and soldier named Dumont D'Urville to the South Seas with the casual orders...
My First Visit To The Bougainville
IN Papeete there were two social clubs, the Cercle Bougainville and the Cercle Militaire. Even in Papeete, which has not half as many people as work in a certain building in New York, there is a bureaucracy, and the Cercle Militaire, in a park near the executive mansion on the rue de Rivoli, is its arcanum.
Rare Scene At The Tiare Hotel
The Cholita had found the Saint Michel at the Marquesas Islands, whither she had drifted after losing her rudder on a rock. After a month lying inert at the Marquesas, the Cholita had taken hold and dragged the crippled Saint back to Papeete.
Papeete And Moorea
Tahitian women concealed nothing. If they won the favors of a white man, they announced it proudly, and held nothing sacred of the details.
The Return To Papeete
We had raw fish cut up, with bowls of cocoanut sauce. It was delicious in taste, but raw fish is tough and at first hard to chew until one becomes accustomed to the texture. Whites learn to crave it.
Storm On The Lagoon
The crew left on Easter Island were rescued sooner than they had expected. A British tramp, the Knight of the Garter, put into Easter Island for emergency repairs, having broken down.
The Tahitian Sky
The sea and the heavens are brothers to the Tahitian. The sky had two great tales for him—guidance for his craft and prophecies for his soul; but he did not inhabit it with his gods or his dead, as do Christians and other religionists, for the mountains, the valleys, and the caves were the abiding-places of spirits, and the Tahitian had named only those stars which blazed forth most vividly or served him as compass on the sea.
Interesting Facts About Food
There are many unhacknied facts on the subject of diet, some of which are assembled in this chapter.
New Light On Longevity
Those whose parents died before the age of 60 had an average life of 32.8 years. Where both parents lived beyond 80 the average of the children reached the maximum of 52.7 years.
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