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Canadian Water Power
Mostly all of the large industries of Canada are now carried on by water power. Electricity, so valued now for its varied uses, is most economically generated by this means.
Canadian Tourist Attractions
For big game, towering mountains and magnificent lakes Canada is without a peer. A quotation or two may serve to emphasize these statements.
Canada - Laurentia
As the more settled portions of Canada are fairly well known, let us turn our attention to some of the more remote and less familiar sections of our great Dominion, which may be located by means of the accompanying map.
Canada - Saguenay
The country containing the famous Lake St. John region, which, together with the County of Charlevoix, we have for description associated with the name of Saguenay, in recognition of the great river which forms one of its chief physical features.
Canada - Hudson Sea
We now approach for description a series of territories bordering on the great Hudson Bay, or sea, as it should more properly be called.
Canada - Ruperta, or North Quebec
The arable area of this wonderful country on the east side of James Bay is about twice as large as the Province of Prince Edward Island, and is, therefore, of great importance.
Canada - North Ontario
The climate of this section is all that could be desired, and better than one would expect. North Ontario is somewhat colder than South Ontario, but not any colder than some of the densely populated countries of Europe.
Canada - Algoma
The climate of this part of the country is similar to Northern Michigan, and the country, though rough, has many fine valleys affording opportunity for a considerable amount of agriculture.
Canada - Keewatin
Though the country on its extreme north and south has for over two hundred years been the highway for the Hudson's Bay Company's trade, yet so far as permanent settlement is concerned, absolutely no progress has been made.
Canada - Creesylvania
Not only is this territory magnificent in its proportions, but also in its resources and possibilities. Like other sections described, it abounds in many beautiful lakes and rivers.
Canada - Centralia
The country has a great commercial future and is capable of supporting thousands of happy homes. It is romantically situated in the midst of many still and running and falling waters, and historically it will always appeal to Canadians.
Border Provinces of Canada to the West
Westward from Centralia there is a chain of provinces touching the international boundary all the way to the Pacific coast. These are Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.
Canada - Saskatchewan
The valleys of the Saskatchewan and the Churchill Rivers run through the southern and central sections, while the north extends into the higher and wooded country in the Reindeer Lake region.
Canada - Chippewan
These sandstone cliffs recede from the lake and gradually increase in height and assume the form of round, sandy bluffs and hills. Towards the eastward they increase in height and are locally known as the Fish Mountains.
Athabasca Canada
Up to the present, on account of its inaccessibility, the territory of Athabasca has not attracted many permanent settlers, though there are some beginnings already made about Lesser Slave Lake and in other sections of the south.
Canada - British Columbia
British Columbia, like Ontario and Quebec, has its chief development and population in the southern section. The coal, gold, silver, iron and copper are in this section scattered about with lavish hand, while forests, soil and sea, hold riches not less abundant.
Canada - Queen Charlotte Islands
This interesting group of Canadian islands, forming a part of the province of British Columbia, now claims our attention. They were discovered about the year 1592, but they have made little or no progress towards development or settlement since that time.
Canada - Slavonia
It is generally admitted that the summer climate of the Mackenzie Basin is superior to the summer climate of any other region in the same latitude, while the winter climate does not greatly differ from similar latitudes in the old land.
Canada - Translavonia or Mackenzie
There seems no doubt that this section of Canada must yet take its place as an agricultural country. Its fisheries are quite equal to those of the Slave Lake district, with the addition of the Arctic whale and seal fisheries of the north.
Canada - Yukon
The Yukon territory may be described as including all the Canadian territory lying north of British Columbia's boundary, and west of the Rocky Mountains. Its area is about two hundred thousand square miles, classing it with the largest of Canadian territories.
Canada - Arctic Ocean
All along the coast, from eastern Labrador to the Mackenzie River, and on the islands of the north it may be regarded as the land of the Eskimo. These mysterious people are most intelligent and capable of easy civilization.
Possibilities of Inland Navigation in Canada
Great and advantageous as are the water systems of the United States, it may be said with all modesty that those of the Dominion are far more extensive and more far-reaching.
Railway Development Northward in Canada
Regarding Quebec City, for instance, as a central point, Canada's place on the North American continent west of Hudson Bay is, generally speaking, triangular, or like an extended fan.
Industrial and Commercial Centres of the Future in Canada
Some of the most progressive cities of Canada are still in their infancy. They have grown up as if by magic. This is especially so of Winnipeg and Vancouver, to say nothing of Dawson.
Immigration And Repatriation in Canada
It has already been pointed out that the great need of Canada at the present time is population. This emptiness of the land was the fact that made the deepest impression on the mind of the Duke of York while on his recent tour through the country.
Assimilation in Canada
Canada's atmosphere must have the quality which transforms every receptive man who comes into it, whatever his race or nationality, into a true born Canadian.
Fusion in Canada
There are in both races, no doubt, those who would intensify the distinctions between us. English-Canadians, who would have all to be English, and French-Canadians who may cherish the ambition for the dominance of that people.
Canada - The Native Races and Their Future
What a mistaken policy it would be if the Government compelled all foreign peoples coming into our country to live by themselves, denying them the privileges of citizenship, or hope of assimilation into the body politic.
Citizenship Canada
Speaking broadly, Canadians have much to learn in both these directions before they can fulfil the highest functions of citizenship or present the highest standards to those who are coming to us in increasing numbers from foreign lands.
Education for Citizenship in Canada
Ideal citizenship may never be reached, though an approach to it may, but it can only come through education. Already there are indications of improvement in this regard, especially as it pertains to patriotism and probably also with respect to loyalty.
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