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Furniture - The Brothers Adam
The Brothers Adam appear to have combined in them-selves the work of building speculators, architects, and designers of furniture. They were also mixed up with designs for house furnishings, including textiles.
Furniture - Robert Adam's Career
Robert Adam was born at Kirkcaldy on 3rd July 1728. He was educated at Edinburgh University, and seems to have possessed an attractive personality, for he was on friendly terms with such noted men as David Hume, Dr William Robertson, Adam Ferguson, and others.
Adam's Architectural Influence
The influence upon furniture exerted by the Brothers Adam came through their architectural works and the fame they won as designers and decorators.
Adams Furniture - The Style And Its Motif
To realise the true style founded by Robert Adam, it is advisable to examine carefully examples of that style to be seen in museums and private collections. Most of his furniture was made of mahogany, carved and sometimes gilded in French style.
The Chippendale Style
Hence it is that the style known to - day as Chippendale was the result of gradual although rapid development, and there are traces of what are now regarded as the characteristics of Chippendale noticeable in some of the earlier works of other makers.
The Chippendales - Furniture
For close upon a century the family of Chippendale exercised an influence on the furniture trade of this country in a marked degree, and the products of the Chippendales' workshops were looked upon as priceless treasures.
Chippendale - Furniture Of The Period
The advanced connoisseur is apt to become somewhat narrow in his views, in that as he gradually discards first one piece and then another in favour of finer specimens he loses interest in the pieces that delight a less advanced collector.
Chippendale - Materials Used
It should be noted that the finest old Spanish mahogany used in the later portion of the Chippendale period came from Cuba. The San Domingo curl and finely-figured mahogany was seldom used before 1775.
From Chippendale's Workshop
It would be very interesting indeed to trace the different hands through which genuine specimens of Chippendale furniture have passed.
Chippendale's Early Work
When the founder of the firm of Chippendale came to London with his son, and in the still earlier days when he worked in Worcester, and taught the carver's art to Thomas Chippendale, who was destined to become a great power in the furniture trade.
Chippendale - The Characteristics Of The Style
As it has been seen in the preceding paragraph, Chippendale's designs were suggestive, rather than drawn to scale or given in detail for the cabinet-maker to work to.
Chippendale - Chairs, Settees, And Tables
Thomas Chippendale was familiar with the craft, and as a wood-carver under-stood the necessity of using the right materials and designing chair backs so that he could adapt his new style to chair-making.
Chippendale - The Sideboard
The true Chippendale caddies were somewhat massive looking, and a favourite style appears to have been a French design showing Louis XV. influence.
Chippendale - Bookcases And Bureaus
Many old families are proud of their bookcases with Chippendale fronts ; and justly so.
Chippendale - Bedtsteads And Commodes
In Chippendale's day the massive four - poster of Jacobean and earlier times had been displaced in favour of the light and graceful four - poster, with its beautiful decorative columns or posts, handsomely carved back and foot rail, and often gorgeously decorated canopy and cornice.
Chippendale - In Smaller Things
The perfection of the Chippendale style is often observable in the smaller things of household requisites and furnishings.
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Insurance - Offer, Acceptance, And Inspection Risks
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